Sia – Snowman (Lyrics / Lyric Video)
Sia – Snowman (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

Don’t cry snowman right in front of me
Who will catch your tears if you can’t catch me
Darling If you can’t catch me
Darling Don’t cry snowman don’t leave me this way
A puddle of water can’t hold me close baby Can’t hold me close baby I want you to know that I’m never leaving
Cause I’ll miss the snow ’till death has me freezing
You are my home, my home for all seasons So come on let’s go
Let’s go below zero And hide from the sun
I love you forever And we’ll have some fun
Yes let’s hit the North Pole and live happily Please don’t cry no tears now it’s Christmas
baby My snowman and me
My snowman and me Baby Don’t cry snowman
Don’t you fear the sun Who’ll carry me without legs to run
Honey Without legs to run
Honey Don’t cry snowman
Don’t you shed a tear Who’ll hear my secrets if you don’t have ears
Baby If you don’t have ears
Baby I want you to know that I’m never leaving
Cause I’ll miss the snow ’till death I will be freezing
You are my home, my home for all seasons So come on let’s go
Let’s go below zero And hide from the sun
I love you forever And we’ll have some fun
Yes let’s hit the North Pole and live happily Please don’t cry no tears now it’s Christmas
baby My snowman and me
My snowman and me Baby

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  1. Royal Music says:

    2 videos in 2 hours.. This one definitely gets me in the mood for Christmas, what about you? ⛄❄
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  2. Mikeythephantrash is eww says:


  3. That_boi_bryant says:

    When the snowman hears about global warming 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Marcus Benson says:

    Grammar correction Sia it’s “My snowman and I”

  5. Jackaroni says:

    Summer but mood af

  6. iiClockwork_Fox says:

    just reAAliZed whAt thIs is meaNing xD

  7. Aimee Louise says:

    I suddenly want it to be December

  8. Bob Duncan says:

    Can y’all shut up with the Tik Tok comments no one asked where you came from

  9. Dream Big says:

    Who searched the lyrics from tiktok? 😂 I love the tune of this song

  10. lmao kate says:

    this song: exists

    tiktok: hippity hoppity you are now on my property

  11. Layan Mukhtar says:

    Some of the lyrics are wrong

  12. SopeCreekRider says:

    Tiktok: hippity hoppity this song is now my property

  13. Freddie Mercury says:

    though this song is too late or early to listen now, im always gonna listen to this beautiful music

  14. Skye says:

    What kind of accent does she even have? This song is beautiful but her voice ruins it

  15. xXPrincessXx says:

    I can’t unhear the earrapes so it’s so weird to hear the original song

  16. fries are just potato sticks says:

    tiktok has its advantages

    giving me good songs

  17. kcandtyrone best friends says:

    june 2019

  18. John Savell says:

    I love this song and when you have a snowman you should never let it go hide it from the sun

  19. Տօմɾ ԹɑԵςհ Ƙíժ says:

    I’m sorry but…

    I came from tik tok 😔

  20. Aries _ says:

    Came here from TikTok but not I just love this song

  21. Emm lynm says:

    my fav song

  22. silent says:

    I didn't come from Tik Tok or Insta edits

  23. ALL RISE says:

    This song is a bop at all seasons and idc who says otherwise

  24. Angelo Méndez. says:

    Like si la escuchas en verano :v

  25. Salty Bonsai says:

    Not even a snowflake:
    Tik tok: hIpItY hOpItY tHiS sOnG iS mY pRoPeRtY!

  26. Keita vilde says:

    i just came here cause i love this song. Who else?

  27. Barney's lil sis Barney says:

    0:46 OMG YESS

  28. ALEX says:

    I love that song , that song make me happy.

  29. Hey May says:

    Airpods Video ?

  30. bubbles dash says:

    i came here from a minecraft edit KSJSJSJSKKSKS

  31. Mιѕѕ Nιnтendo says:

    I was on an actual hunt for this song from tiktok seriously it's that good to me I'm sorry-

  32. Stephanie Alvrey says:

    Anyone from a ch edit?

  33. alexis Talarico says:

    middle of summer and I love this song

  34. Hemogoblin says:

    I will listen to this song no matter what temperature it is outside

  35. James Downes says:

    Dude I get emotional this song almost made me cry

  36. a s c e n d e d c h i l d says:

    this song has sparked a longing for love so im having gf tryouts
    a girl
    maybe likes anime idk
    and that's it please be my gf

  37. Jack HandsomePants says:


  38. Sean Briggs says:

    I spent the entire day using every fucking fibre in my body trying to remember enough lyrics to find this song jesus christ

  39. Phantom Fox says:

    no one:
    Tik Tok: hippity hoppety this is now my property

  40. Unique Rewired says:

    Dont care if its summer

  41. Callie Walt says:

    Here because of….
    Benji Krol 🍓🍌

  42. Ilovehedgies Ilovehedgies says:

    Anyone else here “friends with the narwhal” instead of hit up the North Pole?? Or is it just me

  43. Cheryl Fast says:

    This song's my home for all seasons :)))

    – Listening July 2019

  44. Raleigh Monroe says:

    It’s not even Christmas but I am still listing to this because it’s such a good song

  45. alice 4theroblox says:

    I came from Tik Tok and I'm in summer but I love this song

  46. That weird girl Jessica says:

    Why is this in the Christian music section 😂?

  47. skiddz stone says:

    this song is friken beautiful

  48. Absolute Zero says:

    Who came from instagram edits, and tik tok? Lol I did

  49. XxGacha.KenziexX UwU says:

    Tik tok:My property now…


  50. Kiki Pratley says:

    0:48 my fav✨

  51. braelynn steib says:

    whos from tik tok

  52. Steven909 says:

    Sounds like she's trying to sing it with a country accent on purpose, which in turn makes it sound like she has lock-jaw.

  53. Eijirou Kirishima says:

    the person who sent you this thinks your a total WEEB

  54. Kathy Perry says:

    Hi my name is kathy and a boy i love very much Ra'Hem mason drowned in lake Michigan on my moms birthday and it completely broke me … not asking for clout or nothing like that but i am asking yall to go to his gofundme page and donate any amount of money to help me and him mom have enough money to put him to rest peacefully thank you

  55. Leana 2007 says:

    It's beautiful song

  56. Soliana Hagos says:

    I knew this song before tik tok because I loveeeee SIA

  57. Szechuan Sauce says:

    This song just flashes memories I never remembered growing up it’s crazy.❤️

  58. Hi says:

    This song: *exists*
    TikTok: Hippity Hoppity, you are now my property!

    I know this is not original, please no hate.

  59. brynn the cat says:

    Who came off tik tok? 😂

  60. Bryans Makeup says:

    This calms my emotional breakdowns with my parents

  61. Angels life says:

    The I card said not now. I meant not ever

  62. ?Cါrြy်နt့ął クリスタル¿ says:


  63. oblivion 45 says:

    I came from tik tok

    I'm proud

    And it's summer

  64. Lavvender Productions says:

    sounds like amy winehouse

  65. cienna pittman says:

    tik tok 2019 who

  66. Destiny Williams says:

    How did I miss this song?

  67. Wh1spering says:

    Get shivers everytime I hear this song. Love it so much

  68. ermchu says:

    I cry…. poor Antartica and Greenland

    If you know you know….. 😭

  69. potato head says:

    i found this song with "hide from the sun" and "we'll have some fun." guys im telling you, YouTube is the best

  70. default official says:

    Tralasciando che sono italiano, Who here towards the end of summer?

  71. Kylee Hi says:


    Tik Tok: hippity hoppity this is now my property

  72. Beckzz Pachuau says:

    2019 August ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

  73. Madison Bennett says:


  74. Alexis Poole says:


  75. Taylor Manny says:


  76. ZumbaaFurz _ says:

    I’m 5 seconds in and I feel like I’m sitting by the Christmas tree. Surrounded by people with snow falling in the window. It gives you the cold feeling yet you know you’re warm.

  77. 2000 subs No vids says:

    So basicly to sum it up this is a song about a lady with a quite advanced relationship with snow in the form of a grown man
    Am i correct?

  78. •danaé doodles• says:


    thats deep

  79. Aubrey_ Fotouhi says:

    You don’t even know how many edits I made to this song

  80. Princess Black says:

    All this time I thought it was a man singing… never would have guessed it's Sia

  81. Der Lemurensohn says:

    Just a really nice song

  82. Taylor Pennebaker says:

    This one of those songs u play on a lop and sing along to without even realizing ur singing to it

  83. Elijah Ford says:

    Edit: 0:36

  84. bri :3 says:

    I love this song bro

  85. Maha says:

    Get not catch

  86. symoné okurtt says:

    This songs is so beautiful💞 oh btw how is everyones day going

  87. •mėmë gåchä• says:

    I came from a bangs edit…

  88. Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro says:

    Millie bobby brown in minecraft 😂

  89. Josh Williams says:

    I truly wish this Christmas beauty was longer 😢😢😭😭😭

  90. Gideon Gleeful says:

    wishing my voice is as good as this

  91. Juicy Me says:

    TikTok girls: “I ThInK iM bOuT tO StEaL”

  92. Iz zy says:

    i came from tik tok 😳

  93. Jimina Tanadi says:

    Who came here because of SIA

    And not because of TikTok???

  94. jackie dawn says:

    Let’s be honest, we all came here from tik tok😌

  95. Lora Ivanova says:

    This song is so peaceful

  96. Paige Wagner says:

    People: I don’t care if it’s October I’m watching this
    Me: I’ve been listening to this since last may

  97. Twootess :P says:

    Actually came from an instagram edit

  98. Cypherzz_ Kiki says:

    I came here to know the lyrics so that I can edit a video '_'

  99. Tornado of Trouble says:

    I didn't come from tik tok…
    I just found the song one day and fell in love with it

  100. therealbiggfoot says:

    This my favorite songg nowww😩❤️💯

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