Shutterstock: Tips and tricks for quality and quantity keywords in seconds!
Shutterstock: Tips and tricks for quality and quantity keywords in seconds!

Okay let’s dive right into it I’ve got four
items on the agenda today. One is the traditional upload of your pictures
to Shutterstock. And that is just to get started. Then I will show you how you can add keywords
using your own lists for example written in word of some sort of word processor. On top of that you can actually add keywords
leveraging all the pictures that are available on Shutterstock. I think this is a really cool feature. And I will show how that is done and finally
I will show you the can actually edit your key words after if you have had your pictures
approved for submission and I think this is a really cool feature also by Shutterstock. And I wish actually that other providers had
this solution! So without further ado let’s dive right into
it. So let’s start out with the case where you
just simply have uploaded the picture to Shutterstock – you see to the left I’ve selected the
picture after uploading. It it’s the red amaryllis and I have zoomed
in a little bit just so you can even see a little bit better what it is that the that
it has done. So let me show you over here to the right
the keyword suggestions are here and this is sort of where I normally start – I have
eh… I use these key words that that Shutterstock
suggest so they say that we like the words flower, it’s red, it’s nature, a rose and
so on and so forth. I continue just select all of these and populate
my list of key words up here with meaningful words. So I think that’s that’s typical step number
one. Let’s then say that this runs out at some
point in time you can see I’ve only used 20 out of 50 of the key words. So the second thing you can do is if you have
a list of words and I just made a very simple list here in word you can simply copy that
list is a list of words separated by commas. And I think that most photographers would
probably claim that these words describe their pictures very well! So let’s just say that this is a list of what
you want to add and we go back to the the key words to Then if you paste this into the
key words list here – let me just do that. Notice the counter as it says 20 out of 50
and as I press enter – boom I got now 26 out of 50 and that’s because it’s simply just
adds the words in the list to the list of key words for this specific picture. So if you if you build… sort of some
strings of words that describe if you take it landscape pictures you may have a string
of words that describe that very well… If you take pictures of your pets that may
be another string of words and so on. So you can build a little library of words
that you want to use to describe your pictures. I think that’s a very efficient way of building
some very relevant tags for your picture. So the thirds thing you can do after you have
to use the initial key was list and have added your your own specific lists you can go to
the keyword suggestions tool and you find that here and in the bottom of the portfolio
menu just show you here I have a ready because I have I have cheated a little bit and started
so if you take and simply paste your description add that I took from the picture that I made
you can also just type it here and it’s “a red amaryllis close up black background”,
say search what then happens is that Shutterstock will find all those pictures that are similar
to the description that you gave that matched the description that you gave. And if you have done a good job of describing
the picture I then you can select one of more of these as you need to select at least 3
but let’s just say that you find that those that I’m selecting here… Maybe that was too close up – let me remove
that one again, but just basically the idea is you select those pictures that you find
are the most similar to yours and then you can down here at the bottoms it says get key
words you simply press that bottom and boom. Here you get a list of preselected key words
Shutterstock finds are relevant. And what this actually means is that now you
have the option to carpet to the keyboard or to the clipboard and this I think tshat
Shutterstock does is it selects all the words that are common to those pictures that you
have you have selected to you now you can copy this to the clipboard and simply press
control-C, I’m on a PC. If you want to see the list before you use
it and just maybe qualify you can simply go to your word processor and to and put it in
here like like like this I can also go now to. The screen where I work with this picture,
go to the key word section press control V. for paste and then press enter – notice I’m
at 26 out of 50. Boom now I have 40 out of 50. And this I think is a very efficient way provided
of course you have selected som good pictures and you agree to the wording. And that you can you can gear your key word
selection and you can quickly populate with a lot of relevant keywords so that’s my third
way of adding a key words quickly. The last thing I want to show you is that
after you have had your picture submitted to Shutterstock and they have approved it
you have actually the option to go in and continue to work with your key words and I
think this is really cool! So here you see I have a taking a picture
of this now already approved by Shutterstock and is up there. I have the option to actually simply go in
and add more key words. I can also use the keyword suggestion tool
say road sign travel …eh.. highway, direction, so on and so forth. I think this is all really cool because that
means if you in a hurry and you want to have your pictures quickly uploaded you can simply
do to an absolute minimum of key words and that means you can optimize your key words
and maybe even find out what he what works best for you. I think this is a really cool feature and
I haven’t seen any other stock photography provider giving this option. So I just wanted to mention this I think is
a really cool feature. Okay that’s it for me! If you found this video completely hopeless,
please let me know by giving it a thumbs down! If you found it useful give it a thumbs up
even consider subscribing! As always: happy shooting! Take care! Bye bye.

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