Senate fails to advance ‘phase 3’ of coronavirus stimulus package
Senate fails to advance ‘phase 3’ of coronavirus stimulus package

100 thoughts on “Senate fails to advance ‘phase 3’ of coronavirus stimulus package”

  1. mountainskys says:

    YOU SCUMBAG DEMOCRATS… line your pockets during a global emergency?!

  2. kelaarin says:

    No one Blue works for you!

  3. Ragtop Chevy says:

    Democratic party is killing it's self . There making sure there all voted out . They don't care about Americans . Power hungry Dems need to be hung or shot .😷

  4. YahshuaLovesMe says:

    Shut Up Old Shoe, we all know what you are, and it's not an American.

  5. Richard White says:

    It doesn't allow for them to steal billions out of it some how . Save America shoot a Democrook

  6. Driver 1967 says:

    There should be a law that whatever a bill is about that there will be nothing else added in that bill that has nothing to do with that subject.

  7. K. West says:

    Pelosi got back from paid vacation to cancel the bill for Americans. I wonder how much taxpayers spent on her booze field vacation??

  8. Vapor HTrail says:

    A vote needs to be put in place to give the president command over this crisis so the package could get out of the swamp. I am suffering, our people are suffering, and the Democrats are sitting up on ivory towers sipping wine and laughing about the pain they are bringing to others. They have shown time and time again they are AGAINST THE PEOPLE. PLEASE can we have the government step up. Tell these anti American fucks to step off. And get what needs to be done. Done.

  9. PA Mountains says:

    Get rid of them all

  10. Dianna Bass says:

    When are the blue collar people? Going to wake up, we are one race. We are not Republicans nor Democrats. I am sick of not understanding it's about food shelter basic needs. We need to think about us instead of being sucked in politics.

  11. Goth Witch Girl says:

    Democrats want power and they don't care who DIES in the process 2 years ago the wanted something like this to happen so they could use it to take down Trump and seize power

  12. Aman Sandhu says:

    Democrats trying to block a 2 trillion dollar plan for a reason, trump the idiot already wasted 1.5 trillion in the market which disappeared over night. This 2 trillion isnt for the citizens even if you gave 1000 to every citizen that leaves hundreds of billions that republicans will throw at corporations to bail them out. I see democrats denying this bill because they want to see more regulations on money handed out to corporations

  13. patrick beishir says:

    While they are authorizing the use of the National Guard maybe send a platoon to DC and have them storm the castle. Pelosi and Schumer need to be removed from office. Until such time they will have no problem playing with our lives.

  14. Gina Zehnacker says:

    Schummer your place is on the gallows take nacy with you.

  15. Osani Eslana says:

    The shere gaul of democrats to sit there and claim to be in support of a bipartisan agreement when they are refusing to make any compromise in negotiations with Republicans is infuriating.

  16. Michael Brown says:

    They need to put out line by line what’s in that bill. After we find out how the left hijacked another crisis to get funding for their activists donors. It’s sad that in most cases Republican voters are paying for endless abortion funds and other projects they would never vote for. Liberals know how to hold Republicans hostage and force them to cave while acting like they want to help everyone but it’s really themselves every time.

  17. Young Snuggle says:

    Rip Stimulus package 2⚰️

  18. Furrybaby says:

    I just hope the dems don't get what they want. You can see who are concerned about the Average People. It's not the democrats. Sneaking in their projects knowing the seriousness shows how corrupt and dirty Pelosi and her team are. The American people need to get them out. They will not be suffering with job loss-paying bills, food, etc. We have allowed them to get super rich and they don't care about us poor folks.

  19. I'm gone says:

    "Hey Feinstein, how's that stock doing for you today?"


  20. Biscuit Head says:

    Nancy Pelosi tried to sneak in millions for abortion. I thought we were trying to save lives. I guess Nancy Pelosi is almost dead so she needs dead babies to eat to try and add years to her life.

  21. Night King says:

    People are sick and dying and folks on capital hill playing politics. People still need money out here…

  22. pugger 8 says:

    up your nose schummer

  23. David Valin says:

    Pelosi and Shumer Have to Go… They are not Helping the American People, they are Selfish and Do Not Care about the American People… Their Own Democrat Party American Citizens this time, are being Hurt Severely by their usual Self Centered Disruption Tactics, Utilizing Distructive Non Performance… They are Hurting their own People that Elected them… Really? What are They There For? Why are our Tax Payer Dollars Funding These Leaders? Wake Up America.

  24. Biscuit Head says:

    Everyone knows all they are trying to do is steal from the American people. Just like always.

  25. S Boloshis says:

    You Washington cats better wise up and start paying people for making them miss work or it’s going to hurt them and the we’re going to hurt you. I’m not talking voting. You are a C hair away from violent looting and the like. You want that?!

  26. andre styles says:

    Fire everyone the American people need help. Pay yourselves after

  27. doug Tredy says:

    Schumar is sleazy! Lets keep it simple, because the more debt we have, the more our kids will have to pay!

  28. Bob Wiest says:

    Only worried about themselves & other countries… Not Americans that are in America

  29. Donna McDonald says:

    Rand Paul knew that he has the virus and still when around peoples ? he was briefing on the dead disease and didn't care he figure somebody gave it to him and he gone give it to somebody peoples with health problem lung will died.

  30. Jessie Haislet says:

    Democrats stuffing the bill, holding Americans hostage during a crisis that we’ve never faced as a nation before. Vote those people out!

  31. Undisputed says:

    The Republicans are worthless!

  32. Look Up says:

    Have the repubes do online chat to get this done!!

  33. coyotewarchild says:

    Worthless democrat libturds

  34. David Holderbee says:

    Democrats are in with China on this deal

  35. william nicholson says:

    Dems want power not to help americans.

  36. Alex McGregor says:

    They both want money for their rich buddies.

  37. John Kimm says:


  38. Abel Jimenez says:

    Call 777 cash now, 777 cash now

  39. Billy Clemons says:

    Mr. President shut down the house send them home with no pay immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. guitawrizt says:

    Let's 'hope' Democrats come to the table ?

  41. mrmichaelmw says:

    crony capitalism this is how republicunts and demorats work .
    USA is dead RIP

  42. Randall Dixon says:

    Remember this when you vote.

  43. Michael Kim says:

    Dems are evil and corrupt!

  44. Alvin Gabriel says:

    Wow one can see the smerk on schemers face?

  45. Gerald's Videos says:

    Aaaaaaaaah ferrrrrchrisssakes!
    WE have bills to pay! You're screwing people who vote! Boy are we going to remember you Democrats come November!

  46. B uppy says:

    Third time Dems have delayed funding.

  47. Take II says:

    The Democrats huh? Wow!!!! REALLY? But, I notice that whenever Republicans lie, which is whenever they speak, the market goes down.
    "Guuuurl, please keep talking"

  48. Baldi Locks says:

    Lol, the Democrats! It’s a fact that republicans are more interested in screwing everyone except the rich, surprise, surprise!

  49. Denise FreeBird says:

    Let’s help the everyone one on to the life boat tell it’s sinks

  50. 3 hundred years ago says:

    ar#2 coming to a street near you

  51. mariah s says:

    My husband and i lost our jobs (untill the public is safe) i should not have to try to find another job while i have one waiting for me, i just cant massage until its safe, unemployment is a joke, id get more help if i was a heroin addict

  52. Carolyn Lyford Sullivan says:

    The Democratic party is extremely annoying. They're holding back passing a bill that would directly affect people and help people for some unknown reason. I know they've got something in the works and I heard someone talk about it and it sounds totally ridiculous

  53. Jason Aiken says:

    4 trillion to who ?? Give each citizen a million dollars each. Most debt to the banks would be paid off. Then with that they show books and where this money needs to go. No foreign countries.

  54. John Nash says:

    McConnell IS the problem, he refuses to implement the Nuclear Option 51% floor vote to make the Pelosi-Schumer obstruction cabal irrelevant.

  55. Doomsday Clock says:

    Why dont they separate the bill and make phase 3 for the working people first? Let them argue about the rest after.

  56. Go Blues says:

    Not one single fact on what the dems don't like in the bill. Why is that fox news? What things are being thrown in? How about some actual facts being reported!

  57. matineerocks says:

    And why can't those Senators PHONE IN THEIR VOTE, EMAIL IT, DRIVE TO THE SENATE AND SHOUT IT OUT A WINDOW? What is this…8th grade debate club? TERM LIMITS……NOW!

  58. t.c 802 says:

    Stop paying rent and shop at local co ops

  59. Aidan Fisher says:

    egah, is there no end to their corruption & dishonesty? d Dems r all criminals. try'n to fleece d American ppl all d time. d gov't bailed out companies in d 80's, & d eff'n @$$holes gave themselves bonuses for bankrupting their own companies! no more of this crap.

  60. Jamie Raymond says:

    These Dems are literally Chinese agents. They hate the constitution they hate America and love Chinese money . People are going to die because of them and they don't care. How much damage are we going to let them do? The Giant needs to wake up. This is a matter of national security the Dems are weakening the country. This is treason . The Giant is not Democrat or Republican, he is the U.S.A !

  61. t.c 802 says:

    Me where in the money you promised us.??the government. I said maby …!! Keep your filthy money.

  62. We The People says:

    Well see if Phase 2 is successful. In not you won’t need Phase 3 Dead Pool of Society.

  63. Stargonenova* *** says:

    The Senate has forgotten who "We the people " are, let's remind them!

  64. Michael Antoniotti says:

    🖕 Chuck!

  65. Steven Craig says:

    It's very scary reading these comments…. Please just hear me out. Democrats want to help the American people, but they want rules as to how this money is used. For example the airline industry: the current piece of legislation practically gives airlines a blank check to do whatever they want with it. Meaning they can buy their own stocks back and give their executive multimillion dollar bonuses while at the same time laying off tens of thousands of workers. That's not fair to do when the taxpayer was the one that helped keep them alive!! That money isn't supposed to be for executives or shareholders in massive corporations. It's supposed to be for your average worker who works hard every day just to make rent, keep the lights on and keep food on the table!! That's why the bill was blocked! There aren't enough worker protections in the current version of the bill! Don't listen to what fox news or republican leadership is telling you! They are lying!

  66. Daniel Joseph says:

    It's a scam!

  67. markusb38 says:

    do a Presidential order!

  68. Icare says:

    We the people control the purse strings in this country if we ever stick together, it's time for America to go on strike and not fill these jobs when this is over to show the companies and politicians we are tired of the bs. You better bet the only thing they listen to is money… this virus is a lesson learned about how little these politicians think of us and the medical fields and law. They will be eager to refill these positions…Stand up America and take control for once and stop accepting what they think is best for you! Why add this pork belly spending to this bill Mitch knowing it would hold up approval!

  69. Annie potts says:

    They better pass it. It's OUR money, and we need it. Period.

  70. Light Dancing says:

    Pelosi is a criminal who needs to be arrested and prosecuted for High Treason! NOW!

  71. Montgomery Green says:

    Why cant the 5 at home vote from home supreme court justices do

  72. Josefina Munguia says:

    They should get laid off like everybody else is, we are paying them to protect us!

  73. Matt Patterson says:

    The Dems are idiots

  74. Matt Patterson says:

    Dems do not care about the American people

  75. Masacre Mitch says:

    Do not practice

  76. Masacre Mitch says:

    for CV infection.

  77. Masacre Mitch says:

    monitored quarantine

  78. Masacre Mitch says:

    Who is under State Police

  79. Masacre Mitch says:

    congress like Mat Gaetz.

  80. Joanne Butcher says:

    I have been saying this for years the Democratics party need to be destroyed get rid of all the old corrupted people.

  81. Cheryl Cooper says:

    The fools following the Pelosi Schumer rules need to face their constituents that they are denying help. Get some balls and vote your heart not politics.

  82. Mike Celsi says:

    Low life democrats 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  83. David weaver says:

    Romney wouldnt vote with republicans anyhow hopefully he is one of the casualties I mean karma. the others should be able to vote from home since we are all told to work from home

  84. S S says:

    There are a LOT of places they can cut money in the Billions.

  85. Paul Schuyler says:

    Republican-leaning independent here. Reject any package that contains ANY funds for ANY corporation that (in the last 10 years), purchased back its own stock. Let it go on for another year. Let those companies fall, and let Capitalism work! NO MORE TOO BIG TO FAIL! DEMs or REPUBs, CHOOSE MAIN STREET OVER WALL STREET!

  86. Evan Michael Hardin says:

    It’s not a stimulus package it’s a survival package. Millions of Americans need it now.

  87. Self Destination says:

    Trump is the Anti Christ and conservatives are the false Christians the Bible warns us about.
    Wake up traitors!

  88. Nerds Logic says:

    I think we should stop paying their salaries until they can sort out how to help their people.

  89. Shad Greenup says:

    Ok Congress you're pay is now done just like millions of Americans

  90. J Holcomb says:

    My business is down and drowning -you don’t want me to lay-off employees but I need help or relief paying the payroll. stop bull shitting around!

  91. Kenny Oboy says:

    What a disgrace to the American people. Democrats should be charged with Treason.

  92. Deborah Madruga says:

    Schumer Pelosi all Democrats😈👎Mr. President step in and Trump Dems! 🤬Let the Impeachment begin!,Pelosi Should be ashamed of herself! Pass the bill American people Come first😷🤒

  93. Get Real says:

    The Democrats want money for the working man not to bail out rich corporations who already got big tax cuts thanks to the GOP

  94. IT'S ME FROM 713 says:

    Just a short while ago Faux News was being called a "hoax" by the moron pundits. "You know, the more I hear about it the less I'm worried about it." – John Watters.
    What changed I wonder?

  95. James Vengren says:

    I have had it with demarcates they are disgusting animals that only care about there agenda if you don’t help company’s there will be no jobs to return to when your 1000 dollar check is gone I say we should march on congress and demand dems resign from congress traitors. Trump 20/20

  96. Get Real says:

    Hold out for big money for us Schumer

  97. James Vengren says:

    Chuck and Nancy should be prosecuted for treason they disgust me

  98. ML Nags says:

    This will be remembered by American citizens when anything democrats want anything from citizens.

  99. Get Real says:


  100. Get Real says:

    Trump disbanded the CDC

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