Sega DREAMCAST w/ $800 in Upgrades & Improvements – Did we go too far?
Sega DREAMCAST w/ $800 in Upgrades & Improvements – Did we go too far?

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now, today I have something very cool to share with you. And that is a heavily modified and completely pimped out Sega Dreamcast. This thing looks pretty crazy, right? Well, all the tweaks and
modifications done to it literally add up to over $800. So, what does it do, and is it worth it? Let’s take a look. (heavy metal music) Now, before we get started, I do want to mention that the whole idea of this video came because I was emailed by this guy named Matt Forrester, who is a console modder,
and he sent me a video of this up and running,
and asked me if I wanted to do a video on it,
and of course I saw it and I was blown away, and I said, yes. But in the interest of transparency, I wanna let you know that I paid for all of the hardware and parts in this video, and then he gave me a
break on all of the labor. The first thing we talked about is, what custom aftermarket
shell we should use? Now, he originally mentioned that we could do some LEDs, and
because he said that, I was like, “Oh, well then we should “definitely go for clear.” Something that was a nice surprise is this Metal Jesus custom badge here. This is a really nice little touch, I didn’t know he was gonna do this, and I guess he got inspired by my logo, and 3D printed this. Yeah, I though it was pretty cool. Let’s go ahead and pop it open, and check out the changes
done on the inside. It’s hard to believe that the
Dreamcast is now 20 Years old. And so, one of the first
things that he does is systematically go through
the printed circuit board and replace all the capacitors with brand new ones,
and higher quality ones. This is gonna insure
that this Dreamcast runs for, yet another 20 years. The Dreamcast is region locked, which is a total bummer,
because so many great games only came out in Japan. Now, previously I was
able to get past this by doing a disk swap method. But for this he actually pulled off the old BIOS, and then replaced it with a region-free BIOS. He removed the old power supply that’s in the Dreamcast,
and then replaced it with a new one. Now, the reason why he did that is because the new power supply is basically of a higher quality,
it does cleaner power, and also it should make everything run a little bit cooler. But that new power supply
has a new plug type, so he had to replace that. But a nice little touch is, is that he actually 3D printed the
notch that that attaches to, so that way you can
actually see through it with the LEDs. Another thing he did to
keep the system cooler, is replace the fan, which is
quieter than the original, but that introduced a new problem, because it’s a little bit taller than the original fan, and this new one actually interferes with
the, open mechanism, on the top of the case. So, if you look closely
on the top of the case, he actually had to use
a third party solution, I guess it’s a 3D printed piece that has a little notch right there in the, open button
mechanism, to allow that fan to basically have room to work. There’s an LED driver, and I guess this comes in two different varieties, you can get a touch version of it, that allow you to control
the LEDs with touch, or you can install a Bluetooth option, which is what he went for here. Now, what’s cool about this, is that you can use an iPhone, or Android device, and then an app, to have much greater control over how these
LEDs look, and feel, and some of the special presentations that they offer. He did something really cool here that I wanted to point out, see this wavy kinda 3D printed piece of plastic here on the front, well, he did that so he could basically line up the LEDs perfectly,
so that you could see them through the controller ports on the front. It’s little details like
that that are pretty cool. Notice that we do have the
original drive still here. Now, what’s cool, is that he regreased all the gears and moving
parts, as well as replaced all the capacitors in it. Now, the reason why we
did that is because, as you guys know, I am a game collector, and I have a pretty decent
Dreamcast game collection. So, for this one I actually wanted to be able to keep it old school and be able to play my actual CDs. But you can absolutely put in an optical drive emulator,
and that’s a service that he does provide, by the way, and that would allow you
to basically just put disc images on an SD card and put your whole entire collection on here, but like I mentioned, I wanna keep this somewhat old school,
so that’s why are using the actual physical media. Oh, and here’s something
I’m so happy he did, he removed that old soldered on battery, and then replaced it with a socket. So now, when the battery goes dead, I can either use a rechargeable one or just go to the store and buy a new one. This is so nice. He also replaced the
fuse that sits underneath the front of the unit,
which I guess sometimes can blow out, I guess it’s
a real pain in the butt. So, for this one he actually installed a resettable fuse, so if
it blows a fuse next time, all I have to do is just power it off and then turn it back on. As you follow my pointer you can see that he has the LED strips all throughout the inside here. They’re really gonna light up all angles of this thing and make
it look really cool. Looking underneath the lid you see that it’s just ringed with LEDs, and they go around the
outside and then also on the inside around the drive. He’s not holding back on those LEDs, this is meant to get people’s attention. And this is what it looks like when you first turn it on. It’s in a demo mode, and it’s running through random presets, I think there’s over 100 of them here. It’s going from blinking
to changing from one shade to another, it’ll go in circles, it just does all these crazy patterns, it’s mesmerizing to watch. And like I said previously, one of the neat little
touches is the front, and you can actually see
the LEDs changing colors and doing their patterns
through the controller ports. Now, if you want control
over the LEDs, no problem, there’s actually a QR code on the bottom of the device, you just scan
it with your smartphone, you download the app,
and then once in the app you basically connect to it via Bluetooth. And in there you can
change basically anything that you want, you can
make it solid colors, you can change the brightness, it’s pretty much endless as
to the possibilities here. You can even have the LEDs react to music that is on your phone, or if you’re brave, turn on the microphone
and maybe recreate one of your favorite YouTube theme songs. (Metal Jesus vocalizes) Now, the big feature of this device, and definitely the most
expensive part of it, is the installation of the DCHDMI kit. This is a dedicated FPGA solution that’s directly soldered
onto your Dreamcast, actually underneath the
main circuit board there. You can’t actually see it from this angle, because like I said, it’s underneath, but you can see its
flex cable, right there, and I’ll put, on the screen, some photos that he took while he was
actually installing it. It doesn’t look like it’s a job for someone who is an amateur
when it comes to soldering, but if you are comfortable
soldering yourself, then I do believe they
sell these kits separately, so, you can go that route. And then on the back of
the Dreamcast you’ll see that there is a micro-HDMI port there. And the thing with the DCHDMI solution, is that it is a 100% digital solution, both for the video, as well as the audio. That’s what makes it stand out from some of the other solutions out there. Kinda like the UltraHDMI solution that I talked about previously
with the Nintendo 64, this one is also tapping directly onto the Dreamcast motherboard, and grabbing that digital signal, and then outputting it in the best, highest quality possible. And you guys are watching
some footage here, and immediately, to me, it was just mind-blowing how crystal clear this was. Again, it really reminded me of the UltraHDMI mod I did with my N64, it just looks so clear, so perfect, on my big HD television. And all this particular
footage is outputting at 1080p at 60 frames per second, so I haven’t altered it in any way. But you can mess around with the settings, let me show you those. So, to bring up the menu, you hold down the left trigger, the right
trigger, X + A, and then start. On the main menu you
have Output Resolution, which we’re gonna
checkout here in a second, Advanced Video Settings, Scanlines, if you like to turn those on or off, I typically leave them
off, Video Mode Settings, which we’ll all soon checkout, Firmware Upgrade, WiFi
Setup, and then Test/Info. Under Output Resolution, you have VGA, because the Dreamcast supports that, and I believe that is 640×480, and then you have 480p,
960p, and then 1080p. So, I typically left this at 1080p, because my HD television just seems to work with that best. I mentioned that the
Dreamcast supports VGA output, and most of the time I actually leave it on this Force VGA option here, because 95% maybe 99% of the games actually support VGA, and look
fantastic with this device. But there are a couple of games that I really like to play that don’t work with that, and so, you can
use the second option here, called Cable Detect, to
allow you to run those. And then here is Bangai-O running with that Cable Detect turned on. So, that’s a nice option
to have if you happen to have a few of those games that just don’t work with VGA. Also, here is Gunbird 2,
also with that as well. So, both of these games by default wouldn’t support VGA output, but again, it’s nice to have the option to force them to start. Here are the options under the, Advanced Video Settings, and you have, Deinterlacer there,
and some of the things, that honestly, I just
don’t really mess with, but you can come in
here and play with them if you’re looking for a little
bit more nuance settings. A cool feature of the DCHDMI kit, is that it allows you
to upgrade the firmware over a WiFi connection. This is actually super cool, and something that, honestly, I wish
all of these systems did. So, basically, yeah, you just connect it to your WiFi, then you
can, every once in a while, just check to see if there’s
a new firmware version, they are still working on it and adding new features all the time. Now, I know that these
internal DCHDMI solutions are not cheap. So, let’s go ahead and compare it to something that is cheap,
like the Pound solution. These Pound cables I believe are $30, and they are a quick
plug-and-play solution for people who want to get HDMI out of their Dreamcast, and play
it on their HD television. But as you can see by this footage, there is no contest, I mean the DCHDMI is just night and day better
than the Pound cables, and I know that’s not a fair comparison, because obviously the
Pound cables are cheap and some people just don’t
like the quality of ’em, I totally get it, but I do wanted to do this comparison. I also have the Retro-Bit
VGA adaptor as well, and so we can look at that
footage and compare it. And it looks pretty good, but again, I would lean more towards
the DCHDMI solution, I mean, it just looks that much better, that much cleaner. Now, I have heard that if you happen to have the Framemeister or
Open Source Scan Converter, that those solutions
actually do a very good job, but I don’t know, I tend to lean to this all-in-one
solution, it’s just easier. That said, I do happen to have the new mClassic video processor, which does a bunch of upscaling, as well as anti-aliasing
and other video effects. So, I put that on the output of the HDMI. So, here is Soulcalibur, running with the mClassic attached, and as you can see, it’s doing a bit of anti-aliasing, and yeah, I think it looks pretty good. And then here is Star
Wars Episode I: Podracer, also with the mClassic. Now, I did this because there
are some people out there that have these devices
in their game room, and in their video setup,
so I want to show you what that would be like. If you wanna go more in-depth with the DCHDMI solutions, there are actually really
good video reviews out there, specifically from Digital Foundry and also My Life in
Gaming, and I’ll put a link up in the corner there. Alright guys, well that is a quick look at, well, probably one of the craziest and coolest, pimped out, retro consoles in my game collection so far. And obviously in this video we went a little overboard with
the different options that you can do on your Dreamcast. But we wanted to show
people what is possible, and Matt will do as few, or as many of these as you want. So definitely check out his website, it is And if you have any questions for Matt, go ahead and post down below, and Matt’s gonna be
monitoring those comments. All right guys, well thank you very much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and take care.

99 thoughts on “Sega DREAMCAST w/ $800 in Upgrades & Improvements – Did we go too far?”

  1. Dragons Hoard Gaming says:

    Couple things I would like to add…

    First thanks to Jason for letting me put this together for him! I'm a big fan of his show and glad he now has a DCHDMI modded DreamCast in his collection! I've been super busy with installs and it was fun trying to squeeze this custom console in between all my other customers console mod installs and refurbishing work!

    This was just something cool and fun I wanted to do to try and get the DCHDMI kit out there and get it the attention it deserves! All these mods/services are completely optional but upgrades that I do offer my customers via my website and eBay store. Is $800 a lot? You bet your ass! Is this for everybody? Absolutely not! But if you've got the money to burn and want a full on custom console with custom designed parts and logo's it can be done!

    The DCHDMI kit was designed and developed by both Dan Kunz "@Citrus3000PSI" & Christof Harnischmacher "@Chriz2600"
    The DCHDMI mod kit can be purchased through Dan Kunz's "@Citrus3000PSI" website here….

    at the bottom of that page is a list of Dan's recommend installers. I as well as any others on that list would do a great job installing the DCHDMI kits in your consoles!

    The 3d printed pieces for the Noctua Fan Mod and the Pico DreamCast V1.1 were courtesy of Greg Collin's "@Collingall" designs! You can find the files to print them yourselves free if you have the means or purchase his own 3d printed pieces/kits at his website here….

    Most of the parts and components were purchased from Luke "@Console5dotCOM" who does a great job for the gaming community in providing cap kits, capacitor maps, and tons of great information on the wiki side of his page for DIY'ers and professionals alike.

    The custom "Metal Jesus" badge/logo and the custom LED holder for behind the cutout controller ports were both designed/remixed by me.

    My Contact Info

    Matt Forrester
    Dragon’s Hoard Gaming
    Twitter: @DragonsHoardMod (I have tons of pictures of my work)
    Email: [email protected]
    eBay: (tons of feedback from Happy Customers!)

    Thanks and Happy Gaming!

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