Seeing Through Photographs
Seeing Through Photographs

All photographers make choices, whether it’s how you frame
something on Instagram, what kind of camera you use,
what kind of print you make, how you share that picture. The power of photography
is way more complicated than people admit to. You have to learn to understand
how images are constructed. I got into photography
because I wanted to know something that other people didn’t know. What makes a single image
important anymore? How do you make that image that people are going
to run to museums for? What is it about me? What are we bringing
to this photograph? I think you have
to contend with a lot, and that is a very
worthwhile experience. When you think of photographs
as processes, not as products, you start really understanding
what they really mean. How is the process different? I want it to be not
about grabbing the moment, but about dancing with the moment,
collaborating with the moment. Can you see what I see? No, no one else can see it. You can stop something
and look at it in a way that you normally wouldn’t see it, and I think that’s part
of the real fascination with still photography. It lets you step outside yourself
to kind of look at the world in a different way. Okay, so it’s going
to be half a second.

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  1. Virginia Killmore says:

    Love this series so interesting to watch and my students are loving it. It adds a whole new level of understand to photography in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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