Scottish RED DEER RUT Part 2: Roaring Monsters | Wildlife Photography | Nikon Z7 + 500mm PF
Scottish RED DEER RUT Part 2: Roaring Monsters | Wildlife Photography | Nikon Z7 + 500mm PF

oh this is utterly fantastic right good morning folks and welcome to
the second day of our adventure in the highlands looking for red deer to
photograph I’m here with the John Barrass who’s a guy I met through the
YouTube videos and Instagram and yesterday we were in the glen and
went for a walk and got absolutely soaking wet and then cruised around in
the car a little bit looking for stags and while we saw a few stags in the
distance really the stars of the show were the hinds and we managed to get
really quite close to them and get some really nice photos so at the end of
the day after our little ditch related disaster and if you wonder what I’m
talking about you should probably watch the the previous video I will put a link
up on the screen where they go up there and there yes watch that get a cup of
coffee and then watch this one afterwards anyway came back dried
everything off set up a tarp between two cars and yeah spent a evening under the
tarp hiding from the rain cooking our dinner and then spent a comfortable
night sleeping in our cars well as much of a comfortable night as you can spend
sleeping in a car anyway then got up nice and early this morning
packed up and we’ve just spent the last few hours driving up the glen and again
looking out for deer and now we’ve just come back to the cars and we gonna
finish packing up and we’re going to drive the other direction out of the
glen and the plan is to continue looking for deer and probably end up at the
Kingshouse Hotel which is on our way out and then either just head
home or if we still haven’t found any deer go round the corner to Bridge of Orchy along to the area that I’m far more familiar with and see if we can find
something there so that’s the general plan and yeah I will talk to you again
when and if we see something else so let’s keep going oh that was unbelievable oh not only
deer but pheasants as well and I mean yeah we’re right in the grounds of the
hotel but these are wild animals then of course they probably come here because
there’s food provided for them and indeed the deer was being fed by a guy
over the packet there well look like corn flakes I think actually but and the
song thrush and there was a robin as well it’s absolutely all go we pulled into
the car park and I literally haven’t had time
pick up the Osmo Pocket and talk to camera or describe what’s going on at
all because yeah it’s just been kicking off the wildlife here now the stag
came down into the car park but he’s a lot more skittish he didn’t stay in the
car park for more than a few seconds he sort of ran through but he sort of
come up onto a ridge line and there’s a track that goes roughly in that kind of
direction and they we’ll do now is walk that way and see if we can spot him and
obviously not try to approach too close because he’s a bit more worried
about people than this hind she clearly just doesn’t care she’s about ten meters
away from me now just grazing it’s looking up at me just now but I mean
yeah she doesn’t mind being here at all and yeah well just see if we can
approach him and get some more photos but I really think in the last 10
minutes I really think I probably got a few absolutely cracking shots so we’re
really really pleased and it’s been difficult to determine whether to take
video I could take take pictures it’s a good problem to have so we went up her the track a wee bit
up on to what would have been the horizon from down at the hotel and we didn’t see
that stag again we did see some people come up here after it and it was the
same people that had been feeding the hind in the carpark so I don’t know
whether they tried to maybe approach the stag and scared him off further across
the across the moor anyway there’s no sign of him but we’ve got some
absolutely brilliant pictures of him earlier really really nice to see him
it’s excellent really really good so the plan is now got a couple more hours
before John needs to hit the road to go back down to the northeast of England
where he lives and so we’re actually going to drive around on the the main
road round to near Bridge of Orchy I’m still hopeful of recording some audio of stags
roaring and I’ve managed to hear them they’re really well in the past so
that’s the rough plan and talk to you again when we get there ooh, this is utterly fantastic ah this is
what this is about absolutely what this is about yeah so we
came round to loch tulla and parked up and at first we couldn’t see any deer we
couldn’t hear any deer and we thought we may have made the wrong
decision but after little wonder around we noticed a group of deer a little bit
further away up on one of the hillsides and so we decided to
try and approach them and yeah there’s this little group with a stag and about five or
six hinds and the stags lying down at the moment and resting every now and
again he’s been standing up and bellowing roaring unfortunately I still
don’t think I’ve got a convincing recording of the the roaring of the stag
because the way the winds blowing it’s not really reaching here the sound but
absolutely brilliant they don’t seem to be bothered that we’re here at all and
yeah absolutely brilliant this is yeah it’s why we came right so John’s had to head home now
he’s got further to drive than I have to get home so he had to get going and
I’m still here on the hillside though and in front of me there’s still this
little group with the stag and there’s been another stag that’s been bellowing
sort of off to my left and he sounds like an absolute monster
it sounds really loud so I think before I go home of the day I’m probably going
to try and have a look into the next glen over see if I can record something
if this stag and see if I can get any pictures it’s getting a bit
gloomy and I’m worried it’s gonna rain again but actually in terms of the
weather forecast the weather has been so much better today than the forecast had
predicted today was forecast to be an absolute washout and I’m probably jinxing it
by saying this but we haven’t had a drop of rain all day since the early hours of
the morning I can hear stags in the next glen I’m just gonna have to go there and have
a look aren’t I right first though I need to back away from here from this group
and not disturb them because the stag’s having a nice rest lying down just now I
wouldn’t want to disturb that and then I’ll work my way around see if I can see
these other deer they’re certainly making a lot of noise so hopeful I can hear them all around me absolutely
incredible absolutely love that sound so I came over from the glen where I was
watching those those hinds with the one stag earlier and this next
glen is absolutely lovely I’ve never actually been in here before and it’s
partly wooded so in amongst the kind of the bog myrtle and heather and marshy
bits there are these stands of trees and there’s pine and there’s birch and the birch
trees are looking absolutely gorgeous now because the leaves are starting to
turn yellow so it’s really really nice in here so yeah I can hear these two or
three stags but I don’t seem to be able to see them they must be in amongst
these patches of trees half-hidden as well but the sound they’re making is
incredible surely if I keep walking through staying
in between the patches of woodland hopefully I will see them before they
see me and I’ll be able to take some pictures I
don’t have enough camouflage I’ve been cursing myself because I left the 3d
camouflage and my comouflage buff in the car I really should have brought them
because now would be a really good time to blend him better than I do at the
moment into the environment but it is what it is so I’m gonna creep along
through the woods with a bit of luck I’ll see some of these deer and even if
not it’s really nice in here and definitely somewhere I’ll come back to
and explore in the future as well so I finally caught up with him oh that was
incredible was really good I wasn’t able to get any closer than that because
I’d have had to come out from in amongst these birch trees and I’m pretty sure
that would have been the end of the story he’d have been away off at the
glen there are plenty of deer on the other side of glen from me just now I
can hear them roaring and it’s an absolute credit to their camouflage that
I haven’t been able to spot them they’re over there somewhere I mean they might
just be behind the trees but I suspect they just blend in so beautifully to the
hillside that I’m just not able to see them absolutely brilliant
yeah just listen to this this is what it sounds like on the other side of the glen from me just now turn the sound up it’s pretty impressive so I think it’s fair to say I was
successful finally in getting some pictures of stags roaring and recording
some audio of it I’m really really pleased about that absolutely amazing and yeah
it’s a shame John had to go home before this bit of the trip but the light’s
fading fast now and I’m gonna have to go home too and I’ve still got a good
distance to walk back to the car and rather not do it in the dark in this
terrain it’s been hard enough keeping upright on this lot as it is without it
being dark to add to it so yeah I’m gonna scurry off back towards the car now
in case you missed it in the last video from this trip I’m actually selling a
calendar this year it’s actually not a new thing I’ve been selling calendars
just to friends and family for many years but I thought this year I’d
actually promote it on the channel as well and yeah I’ve not got one with me
here in the glen but I will put picture on the screen now of me holding the
calendar and yeah it’s a compilation of my favourite photos from the last year
and yeah if you would like one they are ten pounds plus 3 pounds UK postage or
whatever it costs to post wherever you are in the world and the details are on
my website and it’s a pre-order and they’re going to go to the printers at
the end of November so if you want one let me know or place an order through my
website by then cheers yeah so I hope you’ve enjoyed joining us on our adventure
watching the deer I’m really looking forward to seeing what the pictures turn
out like they look good on the back of the screen from today and looking
forward to seeing John’s pictures as well he’ll probably put them on
Instagram so if you want to see them as well I’ll put a link to his Instagram on
the video description for this video so yeah thank you very very much for
watching I hope you’ve enjoyed it certainly have it’s been a really really
good trip and if you have please like and leave a comment maybe tell me about
what the deer are like in your part of the world and yeah if you enjoy what I’m
doing with the YouTube channel please consider subscribing and thank you very
much to those of you that are subscribers it means a lot to me it’s
really great that this channel’s growing I’m really really enjoying it and yeah
thank you very much for watching and good bye I will see you on the next one

18 thoughts on “Scottish RED DEER RUT Part 2: Roaring Monsters | Wildlife Photography | Nikon Z7 + 500mm PF”

  1. Ross Irving says:

    man Scotland is wild !!!! nice video !

  2. Elizabeth White says:

    Wonderful, wonderful! Great video! I enjoy seeing you wander around looking and listening! These Red Deer are absolutely beautiful, so beautiful! Great shots of the plants and the pheasants and other birds! Such a majestic countryside! Glad the weather held out for you this time! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wilson Nature Photography says:

    Hey Geoff, Very cool video! Great time lapse and images! I have been using my D500 and 500 PF for video . I haven't done vlogs as of yet, I just do videos of the birds I photograph for now…. Greg

  4. Zeppy says:

    Welcome to the 500 PF Club! Subscribed Brudah 🙂

  5. Zeppy says:

    Nice work Geoff! Gotta love the Nikon 500 PF! Amazingly sharp wide open 🙂

  6. Vladimir Kharuk says:

    Доброе утро, почему вы выбрали Nikon Z7 беззеркальный, а не зеркальный свой фотоаппарат для съёмок?

  7. Simon Watts WILD! Presentations says:

    Excellent upload Geoff, should audio ever fail you – and run and gun as you do will often create such dilemmas, then do try 'freesound'. Often find great audio on there for most every scenario – sometimes near the location I've filmed (which eases the ethics a little ;)). After all it's what the big boys do down in Bristol all the time. Congrats on your 1K – it can only get better! Just back from Abernethy and district yesterday and being from the industrial midlands I needed my Scottish 'medication'. Superb. Si.

  8. Kjell Gunnar Klaksvik says:

    Great video and brilliant photos, Geoff 😊 The deer are more afraid of people here Norway it seems… I’m really inspired to photograph some stags after warching these videos of yours.

  9. Clive Jepsen says:

    an exciting video, great work. Greetings from germany.

  10. Rino Hals says:

    I was looking forward for this video and I wasn't disappointed! It was worth the wait for sure.
    You ask about deer around my part of the world. The simple answer to your question is "absent "!

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    The roar of the stags is awesome. A most enjoyable video to watch. What a great adventure. Look forward to more.🙂

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    Nice video. ☺️ May I ask which brand is your jacket?

  13. Jon barrass says:

    I could kick myself for leaving early Geoff, unfortunately it had to be done. The wind and rain was definitely worth it to see what we saw and get the shots we achieved. Top weekend mate.

  14. Richard Birchett says:

    Great video Geoff, and loving the videos:-)

  15. Mik Swe says:

    Great video again Geoff. It is hard do get a really good and vibrant recording of the bellowing and even if one manage to get it, it is still nothing compared to the real deal 🙂 Where I go the red deer usually stay hidden during the day so it can be a bit tricky sometimes and often include going there and back during the dark hours.

  16. Andrew Elliott says:

    video editing skills are getting way better dude! these vids are great. excited to see what the future holds for this channel. Subscribed!!

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    Just by luck came across your channel after watching Thomas Heaton. Really good stuff. Will subscribe and look up the older ones as well. I live in western Canada and just got back from Jasper National Park for the second time these past weeks shooting the elk rut which was great and yesterday photophraphing the moose. It was a mite cold in the am ( minus 26) but had a great day shooting bulls, females and a calf or two in the snow. Love that new lens of yours, just hard to get. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  18. Adrian Moore says:

    Great video Geoff

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