Scotland: Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Scotland: Where the Earth Meets the Sky

[soundtrack: 02 – Seven Days Ago] [low rumbling, the sound of rockfall] My name is Marcus Warner. And seven days
ago I set off on a journey across the country with my friend Eva to record some
musicians in the city of Glasgow. Along the way we saw some amazing scenery,
perhaps some of the best in the UK, and met some incredible people and now, we’re here: on the Isle of Skye. Voiceover Marcus: Our journey would begin in Leeds; heading first to the Yorkshire coast, before making our way north to Edinburgh,
Glasgow and finally the Isle of Skye. We had ten days to see as much of the north
as we could, as well as recording five musicians over two recording sessions in
Glasgow, and making a movie in the process. But first, I had to get to Leeds
from my home on the Isle of Wight. [music intensifies] [ocean, seagulls, wind noise] I’m on the ferry from the Isle of Wight to
the mainland, it’s about an hour crossing from here and we’re going to be arriving
around 8 a.m. From there it’s about five or six hours to Leeds where I’m picking up
Eva and it’s there that the road trip is officially starting. [rain] [distant thunder] [loud city noises] (incoherent) … now you’re going to get arrested. [city noises, shouting, club music, police siren] That may or may not work. So we’re in Leeds, in the car… Eva: I’m ready. Marcus: Yeah, we’re about to head off. Do you want to
explain what happened last night and why we’re heading off a little bit later
than we normally would be. What did we say? We said we’re gonna go out for
one drink. …Turned into multiple drinks. Had dinner, which was good.
– Dinner was good, mac and cheese. Setting the map direction for Spurn Point. [loud cracking noise] … Setting the map direction for Spurn Point. Voiceover Marcus: So, we headed off. First taking the motorway south and east, Passing alongside the Humber estuary before winding through the East Yorkshire countryside. The roads became narrower, and the traffic sparser, until eventually we found ourselves on a rutted lane that led to the tidal island. Spurn Point itself is about an hour and a half from the car park, so we decided to walk just
as far as we felt, once we’d had some lunch. How are you completely crumb-free, and I’ve got literally half a loaf on my lap? Because you were holding the sandwich for me. Eva: Look at that… … it’s just the perfect time, isn’t it. Marcus: I just can’t stop laughing at how much this reminds me of what I do with my grandparents. [soundtrack: 03 – Baby Seal]
[wind noise] Marcus: What happened when we were walking up
here then, we bumped into a man. Eva: Very friendly man. He told us there’s a baby
seal. Marcus: Wouldn’t have known it was there had he not told us. Eva: Yeah, exactly. Got to see a baby seal and take some nice shots. [music swells] [birds, background hum of traffic and people] [elderly rambling] [wailing] Marcus: So where are we, we’re in Scarborough now.
– We’re in good old Scarborough. [northern accent impressions] – Scarborough.
Eva: Scarborough. Fish and chips! … It looks kind of closed… [seagulls, traffic] Eva: Fish and chips! [quiet background chatter] Voiceover Marcus: Our plan after Spurn Point was to get
fish and chips in Scarborough. But somehow we couldn’t find any. We
agreed it was a decent enough place regardless, and had an Italian instead. Okay fish and chips in Scarborough… And then got some footage of the castle. – Fish and chips?
– Oh yeah. We didn’t really do fish and chips did we. [laughing] I was going to say ‘what’?! Now it’s quite late and it’s quite dark, but what we’re going to try and do is go to Whitby, where there’s an abbey. Hamish and George, my friends from Australia we went there last year, it was really cool and it’d be nice to go there again but the thing is it’s now completely dark so it’s just, like, it might be a complete waste of
time, but we should go anyway and see what we can see. So we’re in Whitby Abbey… or going into the
entrance. It’s actually better than we thought it would be because it’s all lit
up and so we can actually see it, but, we’re trying to work out whether or not
like… it’s probably not open, but we’re trying to see if we can get like a
better view of it, at least. Oomph!
[Eva laughing] Marcus: Also I don’t want to alarm you, but like between
here and the abbey there’s a pond somewhere. Marcus: What? Marcus: Um yeah, or frogs, I think there’s frogs in it. Check out that, that’s so cool! Marcus: I mean if you’re happy seeing it from here this is
Eva: – No, I am. Eva: More than happy, because it’s like when I hear sounds, and I don’t know what’s… Marcus: Well, I mean I was okay and now you’ve pointed it out to me, I’m now freaking out too, so let’s go! Marcus: Ow. I whacked my tooth on it, can you take it please? Eva: I just pretended I’m just going on walk! Marcus: Okay, cool! …So we went- oh fuck We’ve been… to the abbey. We saw… nothing. Actually to be fair, it was good going in there because you see so much more of it. And also like there’s a pond
and you’ve got these amazing reflections off the pond of the abbey… beautiful. The
only thing is we stopped for too long, and then we started hearing noises
coming from the pond of things moving. And Eva got freaked out, and then I got
freaked out, and so we called it a day. We definitely got more than we would
have got had we not gone in through this… slightly… unconventional gate… it doesn’t
say you can’t enter, it just says to keep it clear at all times. Okay let’s go! Argh I can’t see where I’m going! Marcus: Just a night-time stroll officer, nothing
to see here… [laughter] Eva: I was just walking along the wall like, “I’m just going for a walk”. Marcus: Going through like this… there’s a building there that looks kind of nice… actually it looks really cosy. But you’re driving along somewhere like this and then Eva says: “God, imagine if you turned round the corner and you just saw a clown, just standing in the road.” [laughter] SatNav: In 1000 feet, turn right. Alright we’re here, this is Stonebeck Gate Farm. This is like, this is our first official night of the road trip. SatNav: Your destination is on the left. There’s a dog! This is our first official accommodation, courtesy of Airbnb as ever… There’s our host. Eva: Oh he’s going, oh – where are you going? Wait! [door creak] [fire crackling] Marcus: Act like this is all in the first take. This is our Airbnb. Our host lit the fire for us… and it’s just
perfect. It’s what I need right now.
-Mm. [laughter] [birds, wind noise] Eva: Ooh that last shot though. Airbnb host: All sorted?
Eva: Yeah, all sorted. Oh well, enjoy your stay up in… where are you tonight again? Scot – oh, the Borders? Marcus: Yeah, literally on the borders. Whereabouts are you? Berwick? Marcus: Oh… no, it’s very much centre, maybe slightly to the west… there’s a place called Ettrick which I know isn’t too far. Oh right okay, well enjoy.
Marcus: Thank you so much. Yes, it just gets nicer as you get further north.
Eva: Nicer than that? Yes, it is nice, it is lovely up there, you’ll have a lovely time. Host: Thank you, bye bye!
Eva and Marcus: Bye bye! Marcus: Camera’s like, “Focusing? What’s all that about?” [gentle wind, birds, occasional sheep] Marcus: There’s something about the pace of life here. Just looking at how quiet it is. Eva: Yeah I was going to say, you’re so far away from everything that you don’t think about everything else that’s going on. Like we were in Leeds just yesterday, and I already forgot about work and everything. And then there’s sheep. [soundtrack: 04 – Forget About Everything]
[birds, wind noise, sheep] Marcus: Goodbye, Jill and Andrew. It was nice to meet you. Bye puppies. Yeah bye puppies, oh Treacle as well, don’t forget Treacle. And what was the one she didn’t like very much? The one that was her dad’s? Eva: Do you have something to say? No, no. This is.. we’re just in Yorkshire, and it’s really beautiful at the moment. What we’re doing is, we’re making our way up north, because tonight we’re staying kind of on the border of Scotland. And we’re just sort of looking round, and enjoying the scenery as we go. [gentle breeze, birds] Oh okay, so we wanted to go to Hadrian’s
Wall; there’s a Roman fort over there it’s called Housteads. And we get there
and it’s like £7.80 each to get in plus £3.00 parking. There’s literally
another one over there in the distance, Not the same one that we just went to…
but yeah. It just seemed like a bit of a ripoff. Sorry National Trust. I don’t even know why… I do this sometimes and it’s like, what’s the point. It’s like hoping we’ll say something interesting.
Eva: You really think that’s going to happen? I’m not going to put… every single minute on the YouTube video for everyone to watch. But on the other hand, sometimes…
these little moments… Of you just biting into your chocolate bar? … makes it all the more relatable. Eva: [laughing] … yes. [soundtrack: 05 – Kielder Forest]
[wind noise, heavy rain] [birdsong] Marcus: Okay we’re just leaving Kielder Forest. We
came here because it was just… the scenery is absolutely insane, and there’s
also weird sort of artwork in the forest… sculptures that have been made and put up. But… it gets dark so quickly that we’ve just kind of run out of time again. So we’re making our way north, and this evening we’re sleeping on the Scottish Borders… in a little house in the middle of nowhere. So we’re gonna try and find that
now. Are you filming? You’re very close. [laughter]
Eva: I am! Okay – yeah. We have… how long is it saying it’s going to take us to get to this place? …night’s falling, we haven’t got any
bloody water, we’ve got peach water, but both of us
are absolutely sick of peach now so… we’re just sort of holding off drinking water.
Eva: So that’s why… is it focusing? Marcus: I’m sure they’ll get the gist of it. Well, we have an hour and a half, but it’s
okay because we have alcohol. And alcohol is important. Marcus: SatNav’s telling us to go to this post
code which is apparently up this road. Err… Marcus: My friend and I are looking for Southern
Upland Way… Woman: Right. Marcus: And our SatNav has brought us to that track going up there. Woman: It’s that bottom track.
Marcus: Is it really? Okay… Woman: So if you just go back down the end of the drive here and turn right and then right again, just at the gateway there’s a rough track. Marcus: I’m so sorry to disturb you.
Woman: No that’s absolutely fine. [engine noise] That right there is our track that we need
to follow; she says there’s two more gates. Marcus: Oh! Marcus: No! I couldn’t see it, look!
Eva: I know, I’ve just seen, yeah. Marcus: Oh what an idiot, sorry about that… hang on. Eva: Fuck, I just stepped in the biggest muddy puddle… look at my shoes. Marcus: Oh… [laughs] sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. Marcus: So she said we’ll go over two cattle grids, and then we come to a fork, and we can see that there’s like a little cottage. And the cottage is basically… that’s the road we need to take. Eva: Hmm. … oh but – ah! Oh for fuck’s sake, I just want to take one… bloody picture!
Marcus: [laughs] Marcus: Cattle grid… number one. Marcus: Oh, it’s getting rough. Nice new tyres. Probably aren’t going to be very nice by the end of this. Eva: Okay, I’m a bit… … creeped out. Marcus: I’m a little bit creeped out too. I guess go and say hi, make ourselves known. Hope this is the right place. Look at that tool shed. That ain’t the creepiest thing I ain’t seen all day. What do you want me to say?! [laughs] Man: Hello! Marcus: Good evening! Andy? Andy: Yes. Marcus: Oh hi Andy, how do you do.
Andy: Hi, good to meet you. Marcus: And you. Marcus.
Andy: Marcus, hello Marcus. [laughs] Good, and well done for finding it.
Marcus: Oh… thank you so much. Eva: Hiya, I’m Eva, nice to meet you…
Andy: Eva, hello Eva, excellent, brilliant. Marcus: Yeah it was a bit of an interesting… we did have to go and bother your neighbours down at the very end – Man: Bit of a risk sometimes driving down this road, you never know if it’s actually going to go anywhere. [laughs] Marcus: Er, yeah a little bit. Andy: Where have you come from? [dog whining]
Eva: Aww. Marcus: Oh wow. Eva: Have to get my shoes off because they’re so muddy… Marcus: Yeah we have got quite dirty feet. Eva: …Wow. Marcus: I love your house, it’s really
really interesting. I mean I’ve only just seen a very tiny portion of it but already…
Eva: Yeah, it’s lovely. It’s totally off-grid. If the weather gets bad you can’t drive down here at all. Our wind turbine’s broken at the moment actually so we’re a bit stretched for power. But we don’t have fridges or anything like that so we don’t use a lot of power. In the last eight years we’ve used the same amount of power that the average family would use in less than a year. Marcus: I like the cat too… very big cat. This is honestly, maybe one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been in.
Andy: [laughs] Marcus: Are you a guitarist as well, or Sara? Andy: I like to waffle on the guitar, yeah. [tin whistle, quiet fire sounds] [guitar sort of joins in] It’s a very out of tune guitar, but almost had something.
– It’s a really out of tune guitar. Marcus: So…
Eva: [laughing] … it’s just me. Marcus: What are your thoughts? I’m freezing. Marcus: [laughing] other than that, what are your thoughts?
– My th-[laughing] My thoughts are: apparently, the shower’s outside in a
polytunnel. And I don’t know what to think of that. Um, really quirky… I feel like I’m… camping, in a weird way? That makes me sound really spoilt. Like, I’m in bed. And I’m like, ‘I feel like I’m camping’, but… But it’s kind of like, got that feel… Telling stories, playing music and… … just yeah. Just being really far away from everything else. Marcus: Yeah. [acoustic guitar] Something… … see, I get stuck, on that little riff… You came to me, the morning sun
You gave me the night [fire crackling] [chuckles] …yeah. Yeah. That’s the problem, I think I drive Sara insane though because I just play er… … I get riffs and just can’t let them go. [laughs] [water flowing, birds, wind noise] [distant wind chimes] [purring] Marcus: So, quick: one sentence summary of the Airbnb. One sentence? Um… an experience that I’ve never had before, basically. That sums it up. It’s very vague, but… It’s kind of difficult to describe it actually, in one sentence.
– It’s very difficult. …something different. [soundtrack: 06 – Something Different] Voiceover Marcus: So this was day three of our road trip, and our destination that night was Edinburgh. Now, normally when I travel long distance there’s usually something that goes wrong mechanically on the car that I’m driving. So far on this trip we had been pretty fortunate. Our luck however was about to run out, as I pulled over to let someone pass, and hit a pot-hole. [loud wind noise and heavy rain] We could have been unluckier I suppose, it was just a punctured tyre. But the next challenge was finding somewhere we could get a replacement, as the spare was about 10 years old. We decided to head to the nearest time to find a tyre shop, but, being the middle of nowhere in Scotland, there were none to be found. …and one the other ones.
– You’re going to have three? – No, I’m going to have those two. – So you’re going to have three apples?
– No, I said I’m just going to have those two. – Yeah, but you’ve had one already.
– Yeah, why not? [laughing] Why not?! – Why not? It’s alot of apples! If I start driving to the apartment… Do you want to sort of… if you take the apartment address, do you want to sort of look and find a place that’s near them? – Yeah, I could do that.
– Yeah. Alright. Voiceover Marcus: In the end, we made it all the way to Edinburgh on the spare. But at this point, morale was pretty low as we had wasted so much time that morning. Later on we stopped off at Rosslyn
Chapel, which I think cheered us up quite a bit. [birdsong, gravel footsteps] [echoing voices] [distant birdsong] Marcus: It’s certainly less touristy than when we were here with Hamish and George. It just feels like you’re actually really experiencing the place more than just sort of looking at it with a bunch of other tourists… I know exactly what you mean, that describes it quite well actually. Not just looking at it, but really taking it in. [birdsong, crickets, wind noise] Voiceover Marcus: Though I’m not a religious or spiritual person, there was something about the place that day. Whilst we were there we felt… an overwhelming sense of calm. And after leaving, we felt refreshed. [waterfall] Marcus: Heading into Edinburgh, we’ve hit traffic for the first time, in… – SCOTLAND! [laughter] Marcus: We’re going to be the only two people that find that funny. Eva: We’ve still got sausage rolls left as well. … I think I could do with a sausage roll. [laughter] Marcus: I mean fair enough, if we’re going to meet up with Debbie to eat, get a sausage roll out, I’ll have one too please, thank you! [laughter] Eva: I’ll have one too please, thank you, you’re welcome! Let me just crawl to the back and get you a sausage roll! Marcus: Have you seen that video that’s, like, it’s that Japanese cartoon, it’s like one of the characters is- SatNav: In 1000 feet, at the roundabout, take the second exit onto Straiton Road, A701. Marcus: One of the- Eva: Oh there’s pork pies everywhere, they’re all going all over the place! I just want a sausage roll… Marcus: One of the characters in this anime tries speaking English… It’s like this cat… Marcus: Okay so it’s-
Eva: – Wait! … Yep. [incoherent stuttering] It’s 20 past four, we’re coming into Edinburgh- SatNav: In 1000 feet, turn left onto Causewayside. Shut the f- It’s twenty past four, we’re coming into Edinburgh. Our plan for tonight is, we’re actually going to see a friend of mine, Debbie, who I stayed with last time I was in Edinburgh with my friends from Australia, and… we’ll stop off at our apartment, have a shower, which I’m really looking forward to… SatNav: Turn left onto Causewayside. You just really don’t want me to do this vlog, do you. So we don’t really have any other plan than seeing Debbie this evening and then tomorrow we’ve got the whole day to explore Edinburgh, so that’s what we’re going to do. Um, anything you particularly would like to add? – No, I’m just really looking forward to washing my hair.
– Yeah, same. [folk music, bar chatter] [Scottish accent impersonation] one mini pork pie that’s definitely been submerged in water! [normal accent] Oh my God, I’ll give you, like I’ll give you ten quid if you eat that.
[laughter] Marcus: Disgusting looking.
Eva: What is that, ew! [bag rustling, city background noise] Eva: [laughs] Marcus: So… we’re here in our Airbnb…. just went out, had some dinner with Debbie, which is an experience in itself… and then live music in a traditional Scottish bar with some ale and whiskey. It’s like, not even 11, and I’m already ready for bed. Eva: Oh he’s going to jump at me now… [squeals] [laughter] Scared! Because I moved around alot, to like, tease him, and now he’s looking at me like – You know like getting ready to jump. Oh no, he’s more scared of the pillow. [laughter] Marcus: Why is it so noisy?
Eva: Because there’s cars outside. Marcus: Whole bloody world outside. [sighs] [soundtrack: 07 – An Toll Dubh (arr. Marcus Warner) [wind noise, traffic] Okay we’re in Edinburgh. This is our
first full day in Edinburgh and we’ve only got one… we’ve got one full… We’ve got one full day in Edinburgh, so we’re going to make the most of it and… see the city. We’re going to the Holyrood Castle and then doing the Royal Mile up to the… Edinburgh Castle which is just behind me. So that’s pretty fun. Other than that we don’t really have a plan. Sorry I’m really stressing out Eva by making her walk backwards. Okay, you’re good! You’re good. [music intensifies] Marcus: I think we’ve reached a turning point in my career because up until this point, I’ve never really been a fan of whiskey, I always just find it a bit kind of… [weird gag/cough noise] But now… In this bar? I’m really enjoying this. It’s
really nice. So who knows. This could be the start of a new path for me. [accordion and banjo, background chatter] [birdsong, city background noise] Marcus: Reference to A Matter of Time there, with the clock-
Eva: Drinking that’s out of this world, I love that. We got our car back! Only cost… £108.00 for one tyre, because they decided to get the most expensive Michelin tyre they possibly could, but… – Oh, it was you being passive-aggressive, like, to Liam, just like… “Oh you went ALL OUT on the tyre” I was like, “are you being passive aggressive?” Marcus: We’re going to Glasgow today to meet the first musician who I’m recording: Kaitlin, who’s doing the vocals for the piece; so we’re seeing her today we’re gonna be meeting her about 1 p.m. which is about hour and a
half from now so we’d best… best… best get a shifty on! SatNav: In a quarter of a mile, continue straight to stay on Gorggy Road. [music] Marcus: Glasgow… mate. Voiceover Marcus: We arrived about mid-afternoon and headed straight to Kaitlin’s for the first recording session. I hadn’t the means to book any studios or anything like that, so the entire process was to take place using one microphone, a mini audio interface, and my dad’s laptop. [singing] Stay… in my shelter… is that it? Marcus: Ready?!
– Ahh! Yes. [laughter] Marcus: No pressure!! [singing] Marcus: Yeah that was it, that was good. We’ve got so many “never go”s [laughter] so do you know, the funny thing as well is like, is probably if you sang it once I could, like, copy and paste it for like the next two bars as well, so it’s just like… we have so much
choice. I count… I count at least… Kaitlin: [laughs] A thousand. Marcus: Um, at the moment we’re at 20.
Kaitlin: Oh my God. [laughing] Marcus: Shall we do… if you fancy it,
do you fancy doing the whisper track? [whispering lyrics] It’s like we’re doing like a weird creepy cult thing… [laughter] [city background noise] So Eva and I have already bought our
suitcases up here… and that was a fun experience. The photos of this Airbnb
weren’t that good… and we weren’t really sure what to expect. Woman: Are you okay?
Marcus: Yeah sorry, I just bumped into the door, thank you. [guitar music] Marcus: It’s not quite what we expected, is it? It’s like, when I walk up the stairs, this place has the feeling of like it was once really an amazing place. These days it just…
– It’s a bit run down. – It just hasn’t been looked after.
Eva: Yeah, I guess that’s it. Marcus: I’m just trying to find the Wi-Fi code… I think… [laughter] [distant flute playing] [loud city and construction noise] Marcus: So, did you know our Airbnb was in an active warzone? [laughs] No I didn’t. That was not in the description. This is our kind of full day in Glasgow, so
we’ve been here for one night. And we’re here at Ross’s place we’re recording
Tom on the flute and Ross on the fiddle. So later on we’re going to be having Megan coming
around and doing accordion and Ali doing bagpipes and maybe tin whistle as well.
So we’re just setting up now, I’m going to record the fiddle first and then do
some flutes; these guys have made this incredible melody to go over the top of
the main sections of the piece, so… I think we’ll go and do that first, and
then after that do some more improvisational stuff and see how that sounds, basically. [violin tuning] Cool. Is there a way to see the timestamps
as I play? Ahh! Sorry man. [laughter] Ali: Oh, I see. [can’t make out the rest of the sentence, too Scottish] [singing the tune] Oh I see, yeah. Okay sorry. Marcus: Mine doesn’t even have a pipe, like, I bought it at a charity shop.
[feigned interest] Voicover Marcus: After a spot of lunch provided by Ross, and some fresh air, The last recording to get was Megan on the accordion. I’d never really heard one of these properly in person before, and it made me realize
just how much I’d been missing out on. We had to record the left and right hand
separately as the sound for each comes out in different directions… but it was
worth the extra effort. Tom: Nice.
Ross: Oh, that sounds so nice… [laughter] [soundtrack: 08 – The Highlands] Voiceover Marcus: We had dinner and drinks that evening. But with only two days left of the trip, Eva and I had to be up early the next
morning to head to our final destination. [birdsong, windnoise] Marcus: 120 miles to the Isle of Skye… it’s 20 past ten in the morning… it’s telling us it’s gonna take us five hours to get there. [wind noise, the sigh of the waves] [birdsong] [wind noise increases] Kaitlin: Stay, in my shelter Beneath, a bed of stone Though tides, pull me under I’ll be carried, carried home Grey shorelines, break the silence With songs, of rivers flow And I see you, cross the ocean But I will never go, I will never go But I will never go, I will never go [wind noise] Marcus: Sheeeeep! We’re on the Isle of Skye, and we just
arrived at our Airbnb. This is quite nice, isn’t it. Marcus: Whiskey spread, that’s insane. Okay, so our first choice of food for tonight didn’t go very well, as they were like: “Yeah you can only get three
courses, and that will be 50 quid, please, Um, and also we don’t serve anything but
seafood.” I guess seafood counts as vegetarian
options, when you think about it, but yeah so… we kind of gave that a miss, and luckily when we came back to the apartment the host had just arrived home. So we were able to
chat with them and they gave us a suggestion for this place… in, Dunvergan. Eva: Dunvegan, I think? Dumb vegan. [laughs] Yeah, so we’re going to go get some food. [background chatter]
Eva: Nice. Marcus: Nice indeed. This place is just really cool. So hopefully the food’s good. It looks really good. Don’t film the guy, because I think he doesn’t like me very much. Okay, I think you just swapped them over, but…
– Do you want this one instead? Marcus: Yeah, actually I really like that one more.
Eva: Because there’s a bit more in that one! [crickets, gentle wind] [birdsong, wind noise] Voiceover Marcus: The sun rose clear and bright on our last day in Scotland. Determined to make the most of the little time we had left, we set out… fairly early, to explore. [soundtrack: 09 – Pack Yourself a Toothbrush Dear] Marcus: Goodbye, apartment! Eva: Goodbye, Donald.
Marcus: Goodbye, Donald! [unison] PACK YOURSELF A TOOTHBRUSH DEAAAR My name is Marcus Warner. And seven days ago I set off on a journey across the country with my friend Eva, to record some musicians in the city of Glasgow. [wind noise, engine, ocean] [wind noise intensifies] Marcus: This is the Isle of Skye and it’s just,
absolutely… incredible. Voiceover Marcus: One day just simply isn’t enough time to fully experience this amazing place. But, with the light fading, and a long journey ahead of us, we began the drive back to Leeds as night fell. We’re back in Leeds.
– Oh my God. It’s like half 12, and we set off at half four, so that’s… what is that, eight hours exactly. Yeah, so…. What do you think?
[laughter] Eva: I’m just delirious.
– Same here. But, I thought it was good.
– Yep. Same. Okay! Thanks for watching!
– “I thought it was good!” “Yeah!” “Alright!” [laughter] It’s time for bed. Maybe I’ll do a proper outro tomorrow, but, if not… – Goodbye.
– Hope you enjoyed this video, yeah… goodbye. [laughter] [soundtrack: Marcus Warner – Carried Home] Kaitlin: Taken, through the open To faceless, disarray Crowded hallways, filled with colours And rooftops, where giants play In streets, we heard a calling A house where, summers show Burnt feet, and cities sprawling, But I will never go, I will never go But I will never go, I will never go Stay, in my shelter Beneath, a bed of stone Though tides, pull me under I’ll be carried, carried home Grey shorelines, break the silence With songs, of rivers flow And I see you, cross the ocean But I will never go, I will never go

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  1. Marcus Warner says:

    The background story for those who are interested: I wrote the main melody for 'Carried Home' way back in 2014, after I had just joined university. I tried making it into a full piece but couldn't ever get the style right and eventually abandoned the idea altogether, and so it sat for nearly four years. That is of course until last year when making 39 Seconds . I had stumbled across Tom, Kaitlin and Megan on a YouTube video and realised the potential for the piece if I got other musicians involved; so after speaking to Tom at some length (who kindly got in contact with me after seeing a comment I wrote), finally got the ideas together, wrote the lyrics, and arranged a recording session.

    Eva and I had been discussing doing a road trip for a while, and so I suggested we make this journey to Scotland not just a trip for the recordings, but for the opportunity of seeing the north of England and Scotland in all of its beauty. The idea for making it into a film came pretty much simultaneously. Whilst it's been hard work and very time consuming to edit, colour grade, design both the sound and write the music, it has been a hugely enjoyable experience, one that I hope to have again. I know there's a lot I could have done better with this film and I'll look forward to having the opportunity to improve in the future.

    Let me know what you think of it, I would be glad of constructive criticism, and I hope you enjoy Where the Earth Meets the Sky!

  2. Jake Richardson says:

    Absolutely incredibly!! Music and footage are just breath-taking. Thanks for sharing part of your world with us.

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    Marcus, I'd be listening "Where the Earth Meets the Sky" on my very first trip to Scotland. Thank you for all of this.

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