Schnoodle – TOP 10 Interesting Facts
Schnoodle – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

The Schnoodle is an active, adorable and
affectionate crossbreed between Poodles and Schnauzers. There are top 10
interesting facts about Schnoodles Number one origin – Schnoodles are
so-called designer dog breeds or cross breeds if you want. They are crosses
between Poodles and Schnauzers and even though those mixes could be there for a
long time it was not until the 1980s when breeders started intentionally
cross them together. Number two size – just like with all cross
breeds the size can vary a lot but with the Schnoodles it’s even more
complicated. It’s because both Poodles and Schnauzers can be found in three
different size categories – ranging from the smallest dogs up to medium to large
sized dogs. But usually Schnoodles are developed from the smallest Schnauzers and
poodles. It’s important to know how the Schnoodle parents looked like because
you if you will cross the standard poodle with Giant Schnauzer, the dog can weigh
up to 80 pounds, which is 35 kilograms on the other hand the smallest crosses of
toy poodles and Miniature Schnauzers can have only 8 pounds which is 4
kilograms but again most Schnoodles are usually developed from the smaller dogs
Number 3 always happy – Schnoodles are happy dogs and their happy nature is quite
contagious and they will definitely make you smile. They’re also very cheerful,
playful and lively. Thanks to this positive personality they’re oftentimes
used as therapy dogs, because they can provide us comfort and relief stress
Number 4 loyalty – Most Schnoodles are very loyal, they inherit this personality
trait from the Schnauzers which is extremely loyal breed, they can be
sometimes a little bit overprotective which is why early socialization is a
must. It’s also important to say that Schnoodles like to bark which can be
good if you are looking for a watchdog Because they will definitely let you
know when something suspicious is going on around their home. Number 5
hypoallergenic – It’s not on 100% but Schnoodles can be non-shedding
hypoallergenic dogs if they inherit the Poodle type of a coat but even if they
inherited Schnauzers coat it’s nothing terrible and they still shed only a
little it’s true that there is no absolutely hypoallergenic dog and you
should always try to spend some time if your future dog to see if they trigger
your allergies. Number six Intelligence both poodles and
schnauzers are intelligent dogs especially the Poodle is ranked as one
of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, so it’s no wonder that Schnoodle is
extremely intelligent as well. They are also eager to please and if you
combine those two temperamental traits together you will always have highly
trainable dog. Number 7 color you can find Schnoodles in many colors most
commonly in black gray silver brown white apricot sable black and white and
black and tan. Their coat should be clipped and trimmed and the coat should
be very soft and wavy similar to Schnauzers puppy coat. Number eight exercise
Schnoodles are energetic and lively dogs and if you want them to stay healthy and
happy they need regular daily exercise you should take them on longer walk
every day and they will enjoy good task-oriented playtime or training
sessions which will exercise not only their body but mind as well. You can also
try some dog sport with them for example agility. Number nine good for novices
especially the smaller Schnoodles are great choice for novice or even first-time dog
owners Thanks to their small size they are
easily manageable it’s easier to deal with their energy and thanks to their
personality it’s not very hard to train them and socialize them. Number 10 health
Schnoodles are generally very healthy dogs with good life spent between 10 to 15
years. The largest noodles tend to have shorter life span than the smaller ones
The most common health issues of this crossbreed is progressive retinal
atrophy cataracts epilepsy gastric torsion and Addison’s disease. Tell me in
comments what do you like the most about Schnoodles and what is your experience
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