Saving Animals Through Photography | Nat Geo Live
Saving Animals Through Photography | Nat Geo Live

( intro music ) We’re about 5,000 species
into a 12,000 species quest.Let’s just get people to look
these animals in the eye
on black and white backgrounds,We’re not trying to
get everything
on the face of the Earth,
there’s millions.
We’re trying to get
everything in captivity.
Instead of thislet’s do this.Instead of this animal just
going to become stew that night
in a bush meat market
in Equatorial Guinea,
lets take black velvet and
make him immortal.
So we have. He’s run all
over the world now.
Sydney Opera House, Empire
State Building, you name it.
Up to half of all species
of amphibian could be lost
in the next 20 years, say.I went to a lab in Ecuador,
the guy, he’s got this frog
he puts it down in front of
me at this breeding center.
Take a picture of this,
nine left.
Take a picture of this,
five left.
Take a picture of this,
four left.
And in the ten years that
I’ve been doing this project
this has gone extinct,
this has gone extinct
and this, and this, and this.Or the Northern White Rhino
named Nabiré at the Dvur Králové Zoo, this
summer in the Czech Republic.She was really old.
And she had cysts.
And they knew those cysts
we’re going to be a problem
but she was too old
to anaesthetize
and put under to work on.So, we got there this summer,
rolled out the black velvet
photographed her,
sweetest rhino ever.
And at the end of the shoot,
she was tired
and she laid down
and went to sleep.
And she died seven days later. And now the world has four. And they’re all too old
to breed. And that’s it.Why the black and
white backgrounds?
Well, they’re the
great equalizer.
This tiger is no more important
that the Tiger Beetle.
Probably a little less
complicated actually.
And this bison is no
more important than
a Bog Turtle or a Bat-eared Fox.We have to cover,
snakes we have to–
cover things that
crawl on the ground.
It ain’t all grizzly bears,
it ain’t all koalas
as much as we’d like it to be.
We run these pictures
up the Geographic NG Instagram
flagpole routinely. There’s about 33-34 million
people see these pictures.You know what people
respond to the most?
Mammals and animals
that look like us.
The more they stand up,
the more people like them.
Insects, snakes,
turtles not so much.
Zoos actually are the ark.Zoos are the ones
that really take care
to make sure we have assurance
colonies of animals
until we get smart
enough as a species to set land aside that
these animals need. And we need it too,
believe me.We work with these
zoos months in advance
to make sure that we’re
working with animals that
will tolerate the process fine.We haven’t heard
anything yet in
many, many, many species.and it may be that the
true value of Photo Ark
doesn’t happen for
another hundred years when people go back and
they see what we have. Maybe they’ll save
what they have left.Here in North America,
the Whooping Crane
the California Condor,
the Mexican Gray Wolf
Black-footed Ferret, even the
Vancouver Island Marmot.
All these animals got down
to fewer than two dozen.
And they are not out of
the woods completely but they are in
the hundreds now. They are stable.
How ’bout that? Because people cared.
People cared. That’s it. All you have to do
is pay attention.

6 thoughts on “Saving Animals Through Photography | Nat Geo Live”

  1. Mojokuku says:

    Been a ton of failed prediction by environmentalists over the years so I don't put much stock in such things.

  2. Elaine Warren says:

    Well done and very worth watching!

  3. fцику мцику says:

    How about saving animals by not eating them, people?

  4. reenatai75 says:

    we must do something first be vegan . solve the over population crisis .

  5. sweetcore says:

    As much as I want people to be vegan or vegetarian, this isn't about that. We've taken so much land that these creatures are struggling to adapt. I am not even going to start on climate change. But I will say, I'm happy to live in California where the majority of people care a lot of about these environmental issues.

  6. 콩쥐TV says:

    저는 한국인입니다. 서울에서 정말 영광스럽게 조엘 사토리 작가님의 포토아크 특별전을 보았습니다. 대지보다 넓은 작가님의 동물 환경 사랑에 박수를 보내고 싶습니다. 건강하시고 꼭 프로젝트 성공하시길 바랍니다.

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