Save Major Design Time with this Awesome InDesign Tip
Save Major Design Time with this Awesome InDesign Tip

Hi everyone this is Nicki here with Design Like a Pro I’m here today with a quick tip this is actually inspired by a recent project I was just working on where I needed to do this and essentially what I was doing was I was creating labels but they are smaller than any label template that you would go buy and print on and therefore be able to open in InDesign and create. This is a case where I needed to repeat the same element across the page as many times as possible to the size that I needed. So, this feature in InDesign is perfect for that. It’s going to save you a ton of copy/paste and it’s going to save you from having to position all of these across the page by hand. What I’m talking about is the Step&Repeat feature in InDesign. How this works is you already have the element on the page, so in my case it was an 8.5×11 letter document and I’m just creating a product label here that you can see Let’s go ahead and size that to about like that, so this is what I needed to create all the way across the page and in my project it’s going to be a sticker. In order to do that we have our text box and the text formatted to the size that we want the style that we want Now we are ready to just duplicate it across the page. To do that we make sure that we have it selected and then we go to EDIT->STEP & REPEAT and this little dialog box pops open with some features for you to look at. In my case I have a grid that I want to stick to. and it allows me to set my rows and columns that will fit my specific size element. So in this case we have 3 columns and we can add several more rows here to fit across the page. and I can turn preview on and off to see what I’m doing. and in order to get our labels to fit in the spacing, that’s where we can set our offset. Our vertical offset is going to allow us to add or subtract space between each label So if you’re like me and you’re not the best at cutting things out, I may want to add extra cushion between my labels just to make sure I have room. and the same is true for horizontal space. So the more space we add the less columns we can put across our document We can close that space in as well and maybe get another column out of it depending on the length of your labels. In this case I’m just looking to keep everything in the margin lines because I’m going to print this myself. We don’t want things to close to the edge. Let’s go ahead and see what we’ve got. We can probably get two more rows out of this space. If we go back into Step & Repeat we can get another row or two. We can get twos and three more columns out of that I just selected the bottommost label to create those additional rows and it retains the same spacing I had in my previous setting. If I preview this I have really quickly been able to duplicate the same content across the page really really quickly and now I can go ahead and print these out my own, cut them and do what I want. So, that’s a perfect case for something like that Now, you don’t have to use this to fill the page all with the same content. As you saw, I was able to select on the fly. If you wanted to mix things up and have half the page be one thing and half the page be the other you can do that and if I were to… if I were to just delete this row here and let’s say we create another and now it’s going to be $19.99 for our product, again I have this selected, I can come in here to Step & Repeat I can add as many rows as I want to with now this item. And the same thing with my columns but you can see that need to reset my horizontal offset. a little bit We wanted that to be 3 if I remember right…eh a little less than 3 actually Line that guy up I’m doing this all visually but you can go back and look, there we go! So that’s where we were. So now you can see that we can also bring this a little bit in. Now we have some of it $9.99, some of it $19.99 These are all freely available to edit and delete, so I can close this up manually if I want to I can add a little extra space so I can physically see what my breaking point is with my labels. It’s super flexible, but the bottom line is that it prevents me from having to do all of this manually which would not be fun and would take a lot of time. Just remember if you want to be able to create an item across a page in multiple columns and rows save yourself some time by using Step & Repeat. Please leave a comment below, I love hearing feedback from you guys to see what you’re working on If you haven’t already, please subscribe to stay up to date with the latest and greatest here at Design Like a Pro I look forward to seeing you in the next episode!

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  1. Otávio L. Leite says:

    Cool! Thanks!

  2. Anil Kushwaha says:

    I was searching this tips from many days

  3. Gopal Shrestha says:

    Thanks! Really helped.

  4. HERO says:

    nice work

  5. James Oldman says:

    Trying to do something similar. I know there is a way that I can set it up so that I can go in and say change the price in the first one and then have it automatically update in all the others. How do you do this? Thanks James

  6. Anshu Aspirant says:

    What if we have to repeat an action… Like we've drawn 2 circles and we want to draw 10 circles around one circle, but there must be equal spacing between each circle which are drawn around… could you explain that?

    Another situation is, suppose we have 10 boxes and now we want to reduce/increase the size of all the boxes a bit which if we do manually won't be equal, neither we have time to copy paste the height and width from one box to another… How do we repeat the action after minimizing the size of one box and to apply that same action to other? Please explain if you could…

  7. Susie Schell says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!

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