Romwe Vs. Shein! Investigating Cheap Companies with the Same Product Photos!
Romwe Vs. Shein! Investigating Cheap Companies with the Same Product Photos!

100 thoughts on “Romwe Vs. Shein! Investigating Cheap Companies with the Same Product Photos!”

  1. Abbey Luscombe says:

    One size does not mean one size fits all.

  2. F F says:

    Romwe and Shein and i guess a bunch of others like them all have the same shippingcentres, the same customer service (wich is surprisinglly good ime). Most likelly one company owns several websites with the same products. My guess is, it makes people feel like they got a good deal if they find a product cheeper on another website and makes them more likelly to buy it, even if they would not normally buy it. These companys exploit the fomo people have if they think they might miss out on a deal

  3. Aim Eexo says:

    You’re supposed to order an xl or a xxl

  4. Kate Malone says:

    I just found your channel and I have been binge watching your videos for 2 days now! 🤩 I love your positive attitude 😘

  5. Lo T says:

    They are wholesale products you order from China or places like AliExpress, etc. They just made themselves the middle man and order products, made a website and operate out of the US

  6. Brandy Cook says:

    A lot of the tags on Rome’s stuff says SHEIN

  7. Beth ASMR says:

    It's called dropshipping.

  8. Mari West says:

    4:52 there’s a hole in the romwe kimono when you’re inspecting it ><

  9. ThatGirlJD says:

    I laugh when she complains that thin cheap material feels like scrub material. Scrubs have come a long way! If you get the right ones it's like wearing your pajamas to work. We have a lot of soft comfortable options now and most cheap scrubs don't even feel like a two thread count sheet.

  10. Stacy Lindsey says:

    I got excited thinking you were “investigating” the manufacturing and cooperate ethics and the eco footprint… then you didn’t

  11. Missed Anne Angel says:

    I have shopped with both of those companies, and I found their quality to be so bad that I had to throw them out the clothes.

  12. Mellissa Ann says:

    I find it weird that on both of the rompers the patterns are identical, like it was made from the exact same place on the fabric bolt.

  13. Arielle Sharaga says:

    I got a shein add for this video

  14. Randi MacDonald says:

    We host 16yr old Chinese exchange students. They want to buy name brand clothes here. Not this crap from their own country.

  15. Monique Gates says:

    Beside the fact that these clothes are made by severely underpaid people, buying overly produced clothing like this is terrible for the environment. Shop locally or at thrift stores. Arrange clothing swaps with your friends. Don’t contribute to the damage of our planet or practical slave labor.

  16. Wallace Grimsby says:

    I had issues with Shein and fraud. I had to get a new card so I think their sites have security issues.

  17. Dat_Gay_Boi says:

    Shoutout to the time Safia ordered something off Romwe and got it in a bag that says Shein

  18. Meghansloth says:

    the ads every few minutes drive me nuuuts when i try to watch your vids.

  19. Kathleen Tatman says:

    They're threads…not strings…

  20. Jett Trix says:

    I like Shein, they tell you the measurements. For example with pants they tell you the measurement of the thigh or sleeves all the way round. Havent had a problem at all

  21. •lavendere• スキー• says:

    i’m so confused because i wear an xl also but im so much smaller than her-
    like i get told that i look 112-120 by doctors before they weighed me and family etc and idek how much i weigh but i wear an xl i’m i’m so much smaller-

  22. Courtney Reynolds says:

    I've had no issues with my SHEIN orders, I looked at the photo reviews beforehand to get others opinions but everything was good quality and I get compliments all the time! I think you just have to take your time and I shop through the curvy plus size because Chinese sizing is smaller than US!

  23. makayla Rae says:

    They are the same brand

  24. Milk and Honeydew says:

    I love the “questionable clothing sources” videos! I sometimes consider buying from these kind of websites. Luckily, I can sew but the real risk is low quality fabric. There is no saving that.

  25. Arya Dueck says:

    Even though it’s ill fitting the yellow romper looks real cute on you

  26. Ashley Palmisano says:

    I think the kimono from Shein looks like it’s a little bigger/longer

  27. Shanice Marie says:

    You got a fraud alert because multiple cards attached to your name were making online purchases, around the same amount, in very close timing. – A Banker

  28. Me Not you says:

    I actually thought the blue one looked really cute on you!

  29. Peipei Ji says:

    Thank you for captioning your videos! Unexpected but pleasant surprise as this is the first video of yours I’m watching x

  30. Monica Correa says:

    i will like to know if you have ever returned something in any of this companies and what was your experience.

  31. Lupita Lara says:

    So where do you shop? Cause I have the same body type and struggle to find cute youthful good fitting clothes at a fair price! $40 for a top is too much for this momma!

  32. Rosie Mango says:

    I’ve purchased items from AliExpress that were 1/3 the price of that was listed for the same item on Romwe

  33. purple unicorn says:

    shein and romwe r the same company because i bought something from romwe and the tag said shein

  34. Elaine Parr says:

    Just break the word down
    Like you were taught in school
    She In. You can do it girl.

  35. Mickey McDaniel says:

    I thrift almost all of my clothes.

  36. MyEmpireIsTheWorld says:

    I always pronounce Shein as “shine”

  37. *banana milk says:

    *Clicks to right*
    *Goes left xD*

  38. Debby Wilson says:

    Yes, do more. I stopped ordering online because I would order 2x and get extra small. It was such a hassle to keep shipping things back. Do you know of any plus size sites that are trustworthy with regard to size? Hello from Dallas.

  39. Jasmin Padilla says:

    I mean you want good quality clothes and your buying 1$ clothes what did you expect

  40. Kendall Joy says:

    How do they smell?

  41. victoria tweetybirdgirl says:

    They are the same site but I do love the jewelry

  42. crfierro99 says:

    The overalls did both have a zip she just opened it up backwards 🙄

  43. Mirbee says:

    i’m pretty sure that romwe and shein are owned by the same person bc i have bought stuff from romwe and it has shein tags

  44. Kaytlin Irwin says:

    My card does the fraud thing with targets website, I know these websites are still more sketchy than target but just sayinnnn

  45. pearsfears says:

    I'd love to see an update on what you think about shein!! I totally understand your thoughts on quality and the whole origin of the clothes etc, but in my personal opinion shein really stepped up their game and I shop there very very frequently!
    Also I think we're both roughly the same size and I'm always getting an 1XL in the plus size section and sometimes an L or XL from the "normal" section will fit and sometimes the same item has a difference of 20cm between the normal XL and the plus size 0/1XL
    They also have so many accessories and shoes and jackets! I can recommend so much! 😂

  46. Reshmi Rajkumari says:

    it maybe one size in asia but it doesn't mean that it'll be one size fits all in states…. ufff

  47. Sumedha Sharma says:

    They are sister brands… I think they have same manufactures..many times they have each other's tags

  48. Grace Rose says:

    Its pronounced she-in and Rome

  49. Annie Banana says:

    Shein and Romwe are owned by the same company.

  50. Ruby Darling says:

    My torso os short too, so I dont understand why so many rompers ride up on my so much

  51. Tijayy says:

    I don’t really care about the quality that much. I just wear it.

  52. ng jingxuan says:

    Your toddler is GIGANTIC

  53. Juzie Jones says:

    Oh you got money lol

  54. karen love says:

    I thought the toddler sweater was cute on you lol

  55. Fox Socks says:

    Romwe and shien is the same company basically
    They have a shared factory from what i can tell
    I order from romwe and often it comes in a shien bag

  56. Nadia Anne says:

    Shein in my opinion looks a lot better on than Romwe. You can always cut the loose thread to make it better.

  57. Leanna-marie Kostiuk says:

    Don’t buy from these brands anyways they contribute to nothing good. buy second hand as much as possible

  58. purplelily says:

    Should I go up one size when I purchase from these sites. Also am I fool for wanting to purchase from these sites? Lol

  59. Nya Bowman says:

    SHEIN AND ROMWE are the same

  60. Danielle Lanfair says:

    I'm like 5'5" and don't think I have a long torso but almost EVERY romper I've ever purchased they fit me the way the yellow romper fit you! They are always super weird fitting on my bottom half like they ride up way to far and almost gives me camel toe! 🤮☹🤢

  61. Nikki Moore says:

    I don’t think it’s fair that most of the clothes on these online websites have an XL but not a XS, coming from a thin girl, it’s honestly hard to shop online. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  62. armani vhj says:

    It’s no mystery they get it from the same warehouse

  63. Chetla Jackson says:

    So, a little over a year later here but I love Romwe. There is definitely a method to shopping the site. I always check the measurements that pop up when you click on the size and that's how I know what pieces are made larger or smaller. Maybe the site has changed over the year because I just started using it this year, since the summer. I've never had any issues with them. Also, I think its funny that I just recently ordered a dress from Romwe and the tag says Shein.

  64. Ericka Goodwin says:

    I miss sierras hair like this

  65. Gunner Gunn says:

    Voice super annoying I had to stop the video

  66. J S. says:

    Whether or not they're the same company or whether they just buy from the same wholesaler. You dont get shocked when macys and bloomingdales both sell Ralph lauren this is the same thing but from a wholesaler that's too cheap to even bother having a brand label.

  67. david prerostin says:

    Romwe is just cheaper

  68. Lina liu says:

    Who else is on a Sierra binge

  69. msshannypooable says:


  70. L. E. says:

    I read that Romwe, Shein, and several others are the same company

  71. klitter :D says:

    Shien is the best i already know. 🙂

  72. Lamabbie Steven says:

    Shein is my favorite website to shop from!! unless you know how to choose and if you see your measures with a measuring tape you won't get anything wrong .. read the fabric info also!!! Come on I hear a lot of compliments of how stylish my styles are and they're all from Shein!!

  73. Nina Abbel says:

    I think it’s called drop shipping. It’s reselling items on a different website. You order at their website and they order on Aliexpress, and Ali sends it to you.

  74. Mqe Hey says:

    God I wish I could just buy tons of clothes all the time 😭 lol 😂

  75. FitnessFoodie says:

    There's another one: ZAFUL that are the same as those two.

  76. Anime And Loneliness says:

    That is NOT a kimono (not even a kimono shirt, really). It’s clearly violating almost every culturally integral rule that kimonos have. The fabric (clear lace is such a yikes for such a covered type like kimonos), the style, the sleeves, the face that it doesn’t have a bigger waistband, the details. It’s all not kimono-like. I get the idea of experimenting, but if it’s so unlike the style and feel of kimonos it just seems like a cheap cash-grab to brand it as one :/ The only thing remotely Japanese about it is the possibility that it was made in a sweatshop in Japan.

  77. pamela harris says:

    You do realize both these clothes come from China or Hong Kong , they all about making money so they think dumb Americans can’t tell the difference

  78. Maria T. Herrera says:

    It's like Wayfair/AllModern/BirchLane – they all sell the same thing, but sometimes one website runs a promotion that the other doesn't 🤷🏼‍♀️

  79. _that_one_ girl_luna_ says:

    Did anyone else see that there was a zip bag for the romwe bag qnd she ripped open the bottom instead and then said, "shein has a zip bag, maybe itll be different" 😅

  80. Elly Chan says:

    actually they both the same company but in different name

  81. Kenlee Austin-Cooper says:

    I think a lot of the size problems are because the items don't have the same measurements for the sizes. on the sites they have the measurements in inches or centimeters and just because the shoulder of a sweater in 2xl is 22 in. doesn't mean that the next 2xl sweater will have a shoulder that's also 22 inches. You have to take your measurements and actually look at the measurements on the items.

  82. Marie Angelique says:

    I am sorry, but she is not a size ten. My sister who is considerably smaller than her is a size twelve. It is so unfair for her to buy clothes that are too small for her and complain about it.

  83. kittyyourock says:

    where did you get the top you're wearing in the intro?

  84. thatssosarah says:

    Honestly I love shein and yeah maybe shein and romwe have some of the same clothes, but I feel like romwe just doesn’t have nearly as much products as shein.

  85. Tawana Burke says:

    I think the reason why your bank flagged the transaction as “fraud” is because the payment was being sent to the same server. Just like how the packages came from the same location, chances are the payment was made to the same merchant/location.

  86. pxrson subs says:

    Romwe literally ships clothes with shein tags on them in shein bags

  87. Almost Famous Unicorn says:

    Drop shipping hun

  88. Sarah Langford says:

    When you picked up the Romwe kimono, I saw a HUGE hole in the seam between the bodice and the arm

  89. Dani Manj says:

    SHEIN caused me to get the fraud alert from my bank. I placed my first order so I’m waiting to see how good or bad the items I got are. Idk if I’ll shop from them again at all since I did get a fraud alert.

  90. Ony Ahmed says:

    It is the same company. Do you realise that?

  91. Karlei says:

    Romwe and shein are sister sites. Sometimes if you purchase shein clothes you get romwe bags

  92. aida sarr says:

    they are sister companies

  93. nihao kailan says:

    ..they’re the same company

  94. kay cee says:

    honestly go straight to aliexpress and order straight from china, lower prices and lots of pics from other purchasers.

  95. Brenna Olewinski says:

    I think the grey sweater looks so cute as a cropped sweater

  96. staci lynn says:

    And there will be hundreds more websites including eBay, wish and Amazon selling the same thing. They all use the stock photos from Alibaba which is where the factory’s that basically make everything are. Ali is a site where the factories who make each item sell wholesale. You used to have to buy large quantities Of everything because it was wholesale only. Now they made Ali express where you don’t have to have a min order.

  97. Maria Morales says:

    I don’t think she fits in a xl for something like that… a 1xl would be better or a 0xl because clearly it’s cheaper clothing!

  98. Ruby Medina says:

    Go check out my Shien Haul 🤗
    Hope you enjoy !💖

  99. Mommaonabudget Lia says:

    I actually really like SHEIN….. shee-in 😬🤪

  100. Alluring Agony says:

    Shein has really good products.

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