Roger & Brian Eno – Mixing Colours (Trailer & Interview)
Roger & Brian Eno – Mixing Colours (Trailer & Interview)

The main title, “Mixing Colours”, was the title
of one of the pieces that Roger sent me, so that’s where that title
came from. It was then that we had the idea of giving
the pieces colour names as titles. And we chose to do that because those
colour names are impressionistic. When you have the name of a colour,
you have a kind of atmosphere, but it’s a non-specific
atmosphere. I think it was partly discovering
this way of working together which really depends on a particular set
of technological possibilities which didn’t really exist 30 years ago,
anyway, until 30 years ago. Some of these pieces started
in about 2005 or 2006. And quite a few of them I returned to
a few times over the years. I would find the MIDI file again and
try something different with it. My process was that I’d wake up,
go straight upstairs, put my equipment on
and improvise before you completely wake up,
it’s quite a good time for that. I’d just send things to Brian that I thought he might be interested in: “This is what I’m up to
at the moment.” And then he asked me, “Can you
send the MIDI file along as well?” – which allowed him
to alter it. Because of this way
of working, the sort of emotional landscape
of these things is very much dictated by the
original keyboard performance. It would have been possible to put howling
electric guitars on, but why? I liked these moods that he creates and I just felt
that I was “painting them in”, if you like. The more you listen to this, particularly with Brian’s,
these fabulous worlds that he’s created, you can really walk into this enormous
landscape and stay – I want to stay on holiday here
for a few years! That’s why I wanted this out, because
I think it’s substantial.

13 thoughts on “Roger & Brian Eno – Mixing Colours (Trailer & Interview)”

  1. TheComicalCanadian says:

    great content

  2. Live From Planet Earth says:


  3. AMBNTMAN says:

    ENO is GOD!

  4. Felix Sun says:

    Wonderful music and commentary. I find it so interesting the bit about going to improvise early before he “wakes up.“ I often make music right before bed when I’m almost no longer awake. So, the difference is night and day. My music is up on my channel if anyone is interested.

  5. Frank Remus says:

    Haunting and enchanting

  6. Time Less says:


  7. t42 Press says:

    Hi JC, I remember "Healthy Colors" cover art being green and burgundy…Hallelujah no ORange! "Vacay at home for a year with this album…", I hope you're wrong that cORona won't do this to us so long but okay and thanks for serenity message if needs be. PS* that last finn(Q) guy who'se right arm is longer than his left – whatamigonnadonow?A:61reason'swhy-this psycho killer is Fa Fa Fa Fa- Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Far better off if he'd never been with those guys….oh help.

  8. Westley West says:

    Underwater clouds with sharp angles and edges, hanging like cold cement blocks over a desolate cityscape. Lit from beneath at night by harsh blue street lamps.
    I for one looked up and noticed them. And, when I couldn’t believe it possible, one fell on me.

  9. Soft Pillow says:


  10. Johmathan .B. Swift says:

    be well Brian & Roger .

  11. Dias Luan says:

    The songs we needed for these dark days.

  12. Lafayette Gerlach says:

    Satie, Cage, Enos

  13. shawn weaver says:

    completely wonderful

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