Ritsurin Garden (栗林公園)
Ritsurin Garden (栗林公園)

The Ritsurin garden is considered to be one of the most beautiful traditional gardens in Japan. This splendid landscape garden is located near the center of Takamatsu, the largest city on Shikoku Island in western Japan. It has a received a prestigious three-star “highly recommended” rating from the Michelin Green Guide, the highest ranking given. It is a Daimyo garden or feudal lord garden, which was completed in 1745 over a period of 100 years. During the Edo period, Shogun (Head of the lords) or Daimyo (feudal loads) often constructed a landscape garden in the go around style within their castles and residences in Edo where they could walk around. The Ritsurin Garden one of them. It has taken over 200 years to grow to exquisite refinement in a spacious setting that once was part of the lords’ estate. As you enter Ritsurin garden, you can experience the atmosphere of the Edo era. The most popular vantage point is a hill or tsukiyama called hiraihou. From here, you can see a postcard-like vista of small hills, arbors and a bridge. The Ritsurin Garden is one of the largest in existence. Strolling around the garden can be done in one or two hours, but the park is worthy of spending much longer. You can also enjoy a ride on a Japanese boat. Touring the garden by boat gives an entirely new perspective from walking the park’s path, allowing you for a deeper appreciation of it. The spacious garden has six ponds and a 13 landscaped hills —part of the reason it is designated as a “special place of scenic beauty” by the Japanese government. The garden is set in front of the wooded mountain Shion Which serves as a wonderful background and a great example of borrowed of the scenery. One of the reasons why I love this garden is that it is so spacious and integrated with the surrounding nature. I’m able to understand that it is often suggested That Ritsurin Garden deserves a spot on the list of the “three most beautiful gardens of Japan” alongside Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen, Mito’s Kairakuen and Okayama’s Korakuen. Bitsurin is celebrated as Japan’s foremost pine tree garden. As many as 1,400 pine trees — an auspicious symbol in Japan — are cultivated here. It also offers a variety of traditional Japanese plants and structures, from bonsai to bridges, and there is a traditional tree house where you can take part in the tea ceremony. It is designed so that the scenery around you changes with each step you take. Along with scenic bridges and sea of green you’ll also find a waterfall and lotus pond. I have been to this garden only once in summer, But they say that bursting will be seasonal flowers, special Illumination events take place for viewing the trees after dark during the cherry blossom season. in fall, visitors are treated to the rich and vibrant hues of maple leaves and other autumnal foliage.

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