Ribbon Pour with Fluid Acrylics #MayPouringChallenge
Ribbon Pour with Fluid Acrylics #MayPouringChallenge

This challenge is dedicated to Sarah Bakerboo’s grandmother who recently passed away.

6 thoughts on “Ribbon Pour with Fluid Acrylics #MayPouringChallenge”

  1. Meghan Dawson Ethereal Orb Art says:

    I really like the last little addition of purple, there can never be too much purple.

  2. Bakerboo Paints says:

    I love the colour combination – you have a great eye for colours! You did ALL the ribbons on this pour and it's so busy, but it works. I really like it ☺ x

  3. Deby at Mixed Media Arts says:

    Wow that is stunning. So much activity and action going on that its the sort of painting you can find something new every day. And that yellow worked so well with the purple and green. Wish I'd used a yellow now I see yours.

  4. Jane McKenzie says:

    Does anyone know what color the dark green is? I love it and I don't generally like green!

  5. Tracey Henry - Creative says:

    So vibrant and great cellular ribbons. Looks like you had a lot of fun, thank you 🙂

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