Review#2 – Unbox & First Impression – Husky Sawaj Camel 2
Review#2 – Unbox & First Impression – Husky Sawaj Camel 2

Now, we want to open and review. The tent that Ibought yesterday at Indofest 2018. Actually, I was a bit hesitant to buy this tent, because there hasn’t been a single review And now I will try the review. before I want to buy this tent. Actually I want to buy a tent from Merapi Mountain half moon 2. But why not just try this tent.
The name of this tent is Sawaj Camel 2, Husky Sawaj Camel 2. This tent, when viewed on their website seems to come from the Czech Republic. Eastern Europe if I’m not mistaken. Let’s open it. this is the specifications. This is inside. empty. Husky. Sawaj Camel 2. 2 Person tent. The weight of this tent, which is written, 1.35 kg. Based on the specifications is 1.35 kg. This is the tent, we open it. Looks small, not bad, Ultralight. This is ultralight writing. Sawaj Camel Green. The weight of the tent is between 1.35 to 1.5 kg. Packagingnya 45 x 21 cm. The height of the tent is 110 cm, the length is 285 cm. And the width is 140 cm. 2P tent. Taped Seams. there are taped seams. open it from here. Looks like the bag is waterproof. the tent. Let’s see what it contains. This is… Repair Kit, So in this tent package we get a repair kit. Which is contain of… tube to repair the frame. then.. material to patch. This is for outer of the tent. This material is for mesh inside the tent. This material is for the base of the tent. mesh material for tent. then, we got glue. we got brush for gluing. This is the Repair Kit. Not bad. I bought this tent for $75, on the second day of Indofest. This is the Repair Kit. This is the peg. (counting) got 13 pegs. Next. frame of the tent. Y-shaped tent frame. The frames is short type. and then… this is… outer of the tent, flysheet. This is the inner tent. This is all that is in the package. I bought this tent for $75, on the second day of Indofest. Initially I wanted to buy Merapi Mountain Halfmoon 2. But it seems like it’s worth a try. Due to consider the weight. The exact weight doesn’t know yet, because it hasn’t weighed. Later we weigh the actual weight. This tent does not have a foot print. maybe I’ll make a footprint later. use the finished footprint then fold it, or make a custom. We see the shape of the tent. this is the entrance. front side opening tent. only one entrance. It looks like it’s a 3 season tent, because it’s not all covered. there is a transparent section above. back view. now attach the outside of the tent. roughly like this. Something like this. For the whole test, try the next video. that’s all for now, thank you.

5 thoughts on “Review#2 – Unbox & First Impression – Husky Sawaj Camel 2”

  1. rizky iky says:

    Saya punya kakaknya tenda ini.yaitu huski falen 3. Di beli sekitar 3 tahun lalu. Sudah berkali2 di hajar badai. Ketika tenda lain rubuh dan patah akibat ganasnya terpaan angin badai, tenda saya tetap berdiri kokoh.hanya ada 2 patok yg tercerabut. Nah untuk tenda huski sawaj camel ini, ane blm pernah tau seperti apa rasanya klo di bawa muncak.klo di lihat dari jenis tendanya, huski rata2 tenda 3-4 season.cukup hangat dalam tendanya. Sayangnya tenda saya yg huski falen gak termasuk tenda ultralight.melainkan tenda ekspedisi yg beratnya agak lumayan.dibawah 3kg.trims atas review first imoressionnya.

  2. lolyaaaa says:

    English please!

  3. OBE Channel says:

    eh bro, kalo mau beli dmn yak, subcribe balik dong

  4. Dwi Cahyo Purnomo says:

    Ini inner nya menyempit ke dalam atau sama mas 140cm sampe kebelakang?

  5. Muchlis aja says:

    Info pembelinya di mana bang 🙏

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