Relaxing In-Depth Bible Study on Psalms 23 | Study the Bible with Me
Relaxing In-Depth Bible Study on Psalms 23 | Study the Bible with Me

Relaxing In-Depth Bible Study on Psalms 23 | Study the Bible with Me so today’s video will be an in-depth
Bible study on Psalm 23 and it’s just six verses in the book of Psalm but it’s
such a beautiful beautiful book in the book of Psalm that I really want to just
dive in deeper first and foremost I just want to write who the author of the book
of Song is so the author is David in the version we’re gonna be reading off of
today is NIV so it says the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing
I mean right out the gate is just so powerful at the time that I’m filming this is in
the midst of the corona virus and everything that’s going on with that I
know a lot of people are out of work and you know if you’re out of work prior it
must be extremely difficult to now find you know continued finding work but we
have to remember that the Lord is our Shepherd and when you think about it
what is a shepherd so let’s break it down so a shepherd is one who tends to
sheeps obviously and one thing that is important to note are the type of
animals that sheep are so a sheep I’m gonna Google characteristics of a sheep
so sheep are known to be meek and it says that they tend to listen to their
shepherds and that makes me think to myself if the
Lord is my shepherd then he is my guidance he is my strength and because he guides us he also
provides for us but also is equally important is the listening portion we
often want the blessings from God without having to have the obedience to
God but you know a lot of times God will bless anyways especially let me
backtrack so God will bless us regardless but sometimes blessings are
as a result of obedience so if you find that you’re waiting on God and you’re
waiting on God but what was the last thing that God told you to do are you
listening to that are you heating to his word are you following that instruction
and the guidance of our Shepherd because if you’re feeling like you’re lacking
something then go back to what the last thing that God told you to do okay
first number two he makes me lie down in green pastures he leads me beside quiet
waters and this when I think of so first of all
I think it’s I don’t know if this is significant or not but I guess this is
just my take on it the word makes like it almost makes me think like we’re
being forced to lie down beside green pastures and bleeds let beside quiet
waters so this has me kind of on the thought process of peace and peace is
something that we’re all striving for we’re all working towards that peace and
the word makes if you’re anything like me sometimes I just want to go go go go
go and a lot of time but most of the time God will kind of check me and say
you know what you need to slow down or your body’s gonna shut down and
sometimes I listen sometimes I don’t and you know God is always right my body
does shut down and I end up not feeling well so he makes us slow down and just
give us that peace not only just I know I was talking about physically just now
but also spiritually especially in a time like now he makes me lie down
besides green pastures and leaves me beside quiet waters and that’s just that
peace and knowing God that he will take care of it whatever that problem is he refreshes my soul and this goes along
with the same thing that we were just talking about that piece that knowing I think sometimes we get caught up in
God being there for our own comfort and making sure that our lives are the way
that we want it to be and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting
certain things or wanting God to bless you but we have to remember at the end
of the day that he is guiding us through life for his glory not for our comfort
not for what we want but for his namesake to bring glory to him I make
mistakes all the time I forgot to eat in Valley oh no that’s okay I don’t care
there you go so even though I walk through the
darkest Valley you even though I walk through the darkest
Valley I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they
comfort me so what does that really mean so even though I walk through the
darkest Valley so when you are up your lowest moments think about those hard
places in life the places that we don’t like to be in that are uncomfortable in
those places we will not fear we will fear no evil for God is with us his rod
and his staff they comfort us so what is his rod and his stuff
I actually just googled what is the rod and took your stuff and this is what it
came up with so rod is used for correction discipline and guidance while
staff is for defense protection so following God like I’ve been saying is
not always being comfortable it’s not always having every single need met it
can will will include correction discipline guidance but he loves us so
he will protect us he will defend us he will fight for us he sent his son to die
for us He loves us so much so you prepare a table before me in the
presence of my enemies so God prepares ahead of time so ahead
of time prepare that’s what I think of before it happens
this is pre-emptive this is before God has already prepared a table before me
in the presence of my enemies I kind of just think of before we even fight the
battle God has prepared the table when I think of a table I think of like a a big
table and kind of like a dinner a feast guys prepared the victory before you
even fought the battle in the presence of my enemies so we have victory before the battle you
anoint my head with oil my cup overflows and I think of the story in the Bible of
the woman who broke open her jar her last jar of oil she had nothing left but
all she had was oil and oil at that time was very precious and expensive it was a
you know expensive oil and she wanted to give that sacrifice to Jesus and she
poured it on his head and somebody the story somebody said why would you waste
all that oil and Jesus quieted them he said she knows the value she knows my
worth I’m sure I’m retelling the story
horribly and I will put on the screen where for what from the Bible the story
is coming from but that’s what I think of God is anointing us
he’s anointing our head with oil he we are special we are set apart my cup
overflows and this I just think of blessings and
who doesn’t love blessing it’s overflowing it’s not just enough it’s
overflowing in abundance surely Your goodness and love will
follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
forever this verse is pretty self-explanatory
God’s goodness and love will always be with us it’ll never leave us all the
days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever
we will live with God forever I’m gonna look up some cinemas synonyms for the
word dwell so some synonyms that I really like for the word dwell was rest
and have it live abide I’m gonna live in abide in house of the Lord forever I
want to rest in his presence always so yeah that is it that is the entire book
of Psalm 23 it’s only six verses long it’s a very popular scripture but I love
it so much let me know if you like this style of video I will definitely do more
of them thank you so much for watching I appreciate each and every one of you and
I will talk to you next time

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