hey guys oh no no no no no wait wait wait nope I came prepared for this one hey guys with news on us and welcome like Jen so what I’m doing today is recreating stock images photos as a designer for a lot of times I had to search for images to use on my personal projects on college know when you find that perfect photo and then you click on the photo and oh my god watermark on your face and then you need to pay to use them oh my so I asked you guys on Twitter and Facebook to give me some words so that I could search on these stock images websites and recreate them for you you no longer have to waste money searching for perfectly images you can use mine that will probably not be perfect but I’m gonna try so let’s let’s do this yes this is the only banana I have so don’t fuck it up okay that’s small okay these are non tomatoes i don’t have tomatoes but okay don’t my toe supposed to do this huh the fuck does this girl grabbed the unicorn okay imagine this is a pineapple okay because I don’t have one okay okay i think it was better wait okay i know where you’re thinking okay this was a really weird video what is wrong with him huh but if you like this you don’t forget to touch this video up and if this video gets to 300 lights i will do a sequel of this I don’t know how this video will go well yeah I’m you don’t learn in the comments some random words that i can use on maybe the next one and i’ll see you guys Amit Sood okay bye


  1. Iara Ribeiro says:

    Love ittt 😂😂😂 and love you too ❤

  2. Cristiana Ralph says:

    Adoro ai o que! És sempre tao original 😂😂😂

  3. Miriam Santos says:

    como assim??😂😂😂 adoroooo💞 btw tu com estes vídeos é para matar as pessoas de tanto rir não é??😂 bjinhos😙

  4. Catarina Mirão says:


  5. Andreia Branco says:

    Ahah So cool!! 😄 tens muito jeito para recriar fotos xD

  6. Marta Pereira says:

    nunca tinha visto um vídeo do mesmo tipo e tenho a dizer que gostei bastante xd omg obrigada por me fazeres rir ahhaha

  7. Carolina Trigo says:

    Adoreiiii 😍😂💕

  8. Ariana Gomes says:

    hahahaha fabuloso 😀😀😍😍

  9. Daniel Mariano says:

    Melhor Vídeo <3
    In banana recreating you said "that's small" AI MEU DEUS :DD

  10. Ana Carolina Simões says:


  11. ItsDavez says:

    o ass e o fabuloud estavam a acabar comigo ate q vi xaroca.. puta do caralho o destaque para a foto!!! [email protected]! #starbitch

  12. Urban Crown says:

    Lembra-te para sempre que disseste a frase "I don't have tomatoes".

  13. Will William says:

    Haha..thanks for the laugh Jonas 🙂

  14. Alexandra Filipa says:

    Ahah, este vídeo está tão bom 💕💪Como tdos que fazes 😊😍 Love you so much 💜

  15. Matilde Morais says:

    Super original ❤️ e como sempre adoreiii.

  16. Marly says:

    so funny AHAHAHAH !

  17. Vitória Azevedo says:

    😂😂😂 Love u <3

  18. David Jacobs Gouveia says:

    Wierd but awesome. Hilarious

  19. Dark Master says:

    Now I know when you need images for my projects I know that model ask xD

  20. Anaa Sofiaa says:

    “bitch i'm fabulous" AHAHAHAHA, Jonas adorei o vídeo😂 e lembra-te sempre q disses-te “i don't have tomatos" 😂😂

  21. Manny blue says:

    HAHAAH LOVE THESE TYPE OF VIDEOS i make youtube videos I'm about to hit 200 subs please come check it out !

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