Reacting to my old photographs – SO BAD! | Sorelle Amore
Reacting to my old photographs – SO BAD! | Sorelle Amore

100 thoughts on “Reacting to my old photographs – SO BAD! | Sorelle Amore”

  1. MΓ½lingstind says:

    I really can not say anything else than that I loooove your content!!!! You are such an inspirationβ™‘

  2. Edellea says:

    This is the first ever video i saw of yours a few months ago after it randomly popped in my suggestions. I'm SO GLAD it happened! I've spent probably the last few hours just going through all of your instagram photos again and seeing that evolution happen. I genuinely love your view of life and how you chose not to waste away like a lot of us do. Truly inspirational.

  3. Fred Cruz says:

    I get inspire from watching your videos, bUT WHEN THAT 5:01 BEGAN, OKAY… THIS LITERALLY INSPIRED ME MORE MORE MOREEEE πŸ“Έβœ¨

  4. PJ Dexter says:

    I don't think all your old photos are that bad, there are some great ones!! and there are definitely some that should never be viewed by any human, or animal.

  5. casey says:

    Only photographers know what she's talking about cause I love the photos

  6. Melina Suelzle says:

    This gives me so much hope for my photography and editing πŸ˜„. Thank you Sorelle!

  7. Lucy W says:

    Thanks for letting us learn for your mistakes. <3

  8. Emma Akpan says:

    imma start copying you lol

  9. Anisja Alena Mayer says:

    Sorell I would looove to meet you one day! As soon as I don't live at home anymore you and your husband can come and stay at mine (in Switzerland) and I can show you the old town πŸ™‚

  10. Rosie Incredible says:

    Watching this in December πŸ˜‹
    New Subbie x

  11. woo man says:

    YOU Look beautiful on the inside and out

  12. Max Stevens says:

    Everything but the spider was bad

  13. Vanessa Salina says:

    When her worst pictures are better than my best ones! Lol 😰

  14. Stephen C says:

    Do a part 2!

  15. The Braless Diaries says:

    I love your expressions!!! I need friends like you lol. I’ll have to try some shots like yours when I go to Iceland this summer!

  16. Steven Celi says:

    Amazing!! So awesome to see your progress thanks for sharing! Just found your channel such a lovely personality 😁 definitely makes it fun to watch

  17. luisqsk says:

    The shell is good! You have to insert a motivational quote in white letters and there you have it!

  18. Mona VC says:

    I swear Sorelle, your energy is absolutely contagious. you've made me so much more excited about photography and I thought I had died out of that ''phase''. but screw that, i'm ready to hop back on that boat. Thanks love! <3

  19. lexi wabel says:

    i now believe my photos suck looking at how AMAZING your "bad photos" are

  20. Rohit Prasad Shrestha says:

    You have the mouth of Steven Tyler

  21. Rachel Writes says:

    wow you've improved so much in such a short amount of time. completely inspiring. this video lifted my spirits. you're so funny too.

  22. Mali Myhren says:

    I'm so glad i found your account! I'm really new to YouTube, but I'm moving to Tanzania for a while and I want to start youtubeing, so your tips and tricks are awesome! Keep up, and thank you!

  23. tanvi solanki says:

    love every video, I am yet to come across an uninteresting, uninspiring video of yours. :)…. some day I will try & copy your work, not because I want to be pro at it but cos I love your photos & then may be post a comparison of how shitty my work is and get a good laugh out of it…

  24. Paul Lucas says:


  25. Ruben Aires says:

    Damm them theeth are perfect

  26. Maia Kipping says:

    I am trying to do more photography and your style is so inspiring, I am so happy you share your experiences of trying things and failing and your way of learning through others to improve. I also agree that having only an education in filmmaking means that my photography is often not as strong and I love using other people's work to help me hopefully I will have a style myself one day

  27. Ashley Goforth says:

    Definitely an inspiration! Thank you for this! I needed it!

  28. Milan Pintar says:

    great smile and energy

  29. soumik karmakar says:

    Keep coming back just for her smile. P.S: I dont even have a camera

  30. Mya annabelle says:

    When u said oh a shell how boring and I just wanna say that photography is always beautiful especially that shell!

  31. holohulolo says:

    I remember when I just started taking pictures, I had compact digital camera many years ago I'd get inspirations browsing flickr. There was a lot of those high saturation very vibrant outdoor landscape photographs. Honestly a lot of the picture she thought was bad, reminds me of that, and at the time, I thought those pictures were really cool too. I was aspiring to take photos like that too. That guitar picture too.

  32. Dream Tales says:

    The accent godly,luv everything and um….
    Think of something sweet.

  33. Jayson says:

    beware of a woman looking like ellen degeneres there

  34. Iwasthewalrus says:

    You said you're an influencer….EH…S'gone

  35. Peter Arnold says:

    Your smile and energy is infectious. I so wish I had your energy, Sorelle.
    Righto, I'm off to visit your Instagram, now.

  36. Mark Palmer says:

    No photo is bad if it brings you joy.

  37. Talon Lynch says:

    8:44 the photos are actually very good

  38. Fran Cho says:

    How long is old?

  39. Hannah Fajardo says:

    I am learning photgraphy now, and your videos have helped me a lot. Thank you.

  40. ameydunc says:

    I definitely lost my passion after studying photography but watching video's like this reminds me of how far i've come also. I have the same reaction to most of my earlier work and really hope to start shooting images that I can be proud of the same way you are. Thank you for this, definitely a push in the right direction!

  41. val says:

    man i love u so much sorelle <3

  42. Evelyn Xie says:

    Ugh her bad photos are my good photos

  43. nsbhater says:

    I wish you didn't put down every old photo…πŸ˜₯

  44. vj elliott says:

    Well maybe I have no talent , I liked all the photos you showed or at least explained what was wrong with the pics. l think your very talented

  45. КсСния Π–ΡƒΡ€Π°Π²Π»Ρ‘Π²Π° says:

    Thank you so much for inspiration! You are amazing, i just adore your lifestyle and minimalsm, and even highly recommend to see your instagram to everyone! Could you please share something that inspires you?

  46. Daniel Franzini says:

    omg First time Im watching ur videos and I just love it ! Im from Brazil and Im got inspired !! That was so funny to watch !! ur photos were and are amazing !! Im going to instagram now !! see ya !! S2

  47. Madeleine Eriksson says:

    if u ever rate other photografers instagrams make sure u check my ig account -> visualby_m, nice little happy face u got there, i smiled through the whole vid πŸ˜›

  48. Nathan Coffman says:

    s n a c k

  49. Peer says:

    you seem genuinlly happy! <3

  50. xristos xarizis says:

    Wow your eyes and teeths are amazing

  51. - jeonilyy says:

    E X A C T L Y
    I'm Australian and i have never seen snow in real life. E V E R .

  52. patrick rainey says:

    This is an inspiration because I'm just starting and I definitely think I suck lol. This was good to hear

  53. Antonio Marquez says:

    Yikes she looks scary when she smilesπŸ˜‚.
    It's like she some psycho straight outta slasher film or something.
    Actually when she smiles she reminds me a lot of Shinji HirakoπŸ˜‚
    So to summarize:
    Sorelle smiling = Shinji Hirako.

  54. Fairouz Fares says:

    i'm still using my phone to take pictures of myself , but my photographer friends reaction had me think about making it become my career , only still lost with my other passion fine art ,so lost and unfocused .

  55. lil wednesday says:

    they aint even bad tho ://

  56. Dharun sankar says:

    This video was truly inspiring, thanks for uploading:)

  57. Jingyi Teng says:

    She is sooooooooo cute ahhahaha

  58. Fotomagiskt says:

    Well, I do try to be a photographer… I occasionally succeed xD

  59. Ahan Bhattacharjee says:

    If you think unedited photos are plain, eww man.

  60. Taran Van Hemert says:

    She left her own face in the frame front and center as much as possible. I'm just here to see the photos, but they're so small…

  61. Steve Thomas says:

    Ur cute, 😍

  62. Madina Ishkibayeva says:

    you inspire me to keep going)))

  63. chillitzkarson says:

    this makes me want to delete my whole instagram account

  64. Rebecca Dahl says:

    definitely inspired

  65. Annabel Pemberton says:

    You are AMAZING and I love how much you have progressed. I can't believe I didn't think of doing photos like that when I was in Finland… but I'm now inspired to start photography again, so thank you!

  66. Sergio Ortega says:

    Awesome vid…beautiful smile.

  67. mibozova _mne says:

    If here are some travel bloggers, can you check my video i shot only on my phone and tell me what you think of my beginning.. Thanks in advance ☺

  68. Tessy Sins says:

    I would love to do much more in photography, and I'm purchasing it every single time … espacially because I felt like I am not good enough etc.

  69. Lusen Skin Care says:

    Could you correct my photos?, I bet you will give me E score. I myself don't know why my pics look like sh*t compared with your even old photos

  70. Nazaria Tooj says:

    oh gosh, I feel really bad at photodraphy when I look at your old shot… I imagine how you would react at the sight of one

  71. Winnie's Wonderland says:

    I love your personality!! You are so cute and pretty!! And your videos are so entertaining! Thanks for sharing!!

  72. Veronica Ruiz says:

    The watermark part. I felt that.

  73. Ocean Cleaner says:

    Had to pause it a dozen times to really enjoy all those snow swimsuit photos I ADORE THEM, they're all terrific πŸ’–πŸ’–

  74. Tali Travels says:

    Omg thank you so much for this! So good to see where you came from and WOW how much you've grown as a photographer!!

  75. Sazi Tshangana says:

    Waiting to get a new phone eventually so I can grow and explore my photographic interest β˜ΊπŸ’•

  76. Bobby Brady says:

    Iceland, again? Are photographers today sheep and just do the same things as each other, like visiting the same stupid and grossly hyped locations?

    This chick also needs to lay off the drugs.

  77. Batteristafoto says:

    video starts at 3:41 skip all the bla bla blaaaa…too much!

  78. fatima 211 says:

    I can not wait until the day i will look to my old photos and say " Aw and i thought it was a great pic , look at me now "

  79. Peter Mededa says:

    i really love this video πŸ™‚

  80. netty chow says:

    Your old fotos were awful? I thought they were beautiful… so fun seeing how you’ve evolved.

  81. lucia aurora says:


  82. S Ward says:

    Yes. Monsters Inc. First, why is it sped up? Second, why do I want to take a straight blade and cut myself?

  83. β€’strawberry pinkβ€’ says:

    i love your energy and smile. makes me also smile and feel hapoy after a very stressful day.

  84. maya mcgeary says:

    Are you using a particular camera?

  85. Hannah Eich says:

    I love you sorelle and this video I just wish you explained why these photos weren't exactly profesional and how to get past it

  86. Flores Cost says:

    Every one learn and copy from each other, that's how we get better at what we do.

  87. Madison Isaacs says:

    I literally always have to remind myself to trust the process. I'm still in full-time education (completely unrelated degree) so I really can't wait for the period in my life where I am able to fully devote my time to the creative process. I LOVE videos like this Sorelle, it helps people see that we really can do it – as long as we set our minds to it.

  88. Maria Molina says:

    After seeing those photos, now I have hope, hahahaha

  89. James Field says:

    πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ you have so much positivity great stuff

  90. Alex Pierantoni says:

    I have quit a year ago and now getting the itch again .

  91. ThaΓ­s Souto de Menezes says:

    thank you <3

  92. melkip says:

    Love the way your talk…

  93. Showman Guns says:

    I love her smile!! My my my!

  94. d r e a m h o u s e says:

    If I don't win The X Factor then I'll stick with photography

  95. Jason Wolfgang says:

    Just a theory but in my experience some photos I think you hold on to because you were a split second away from taking an amazing photo but just didn’t get there in time, for example that Icelandic horse photo with better exposure and taken a split second before could have been pretty good.

  96. Nambi Rachael says:

    Me start copying you

  97. megankaulitz says:

    Thanks for that! πŸ˜€ Observing the progress motivates me to work harder to finally GET THERE πŸ˜€

  98. Gizem Ince says:

    You always, ALWAYS inspire me. I love listening to you and see you improving. Thank you!

  99. unbiased loli says:

    3:50 is where the reaction starts

  100. Thed Arcenal says:

    Imagine if we give this girl some sugar… how fun would that be?! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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