RE Topcor 58mm f1.4 – Vintage Lens Beast
RE Topcor 58mm f1.4 – Vintage Lens Beast

welcome today we’re gonna talk about one
of my favorite lenses that’s the our II Topcor 58mm 1.4 from Tokyo Kogaku now I’m only
really making this video because there is no other videos about it like this is
an old lens from like the 60s and like I said there’s like no not a single person
here on YouTube who’s ever talked about these lenses which just blows my mind
because these lenses are actually absolutely amazing at least I think
they’re amazing therefore they’re really beautiful I mean look at this this is
perfection you know it’s so good I think I even like this more than my Super
Takuma 50mm f1.4 actually ever since I got this lens I’ve
been shooting non-stop mostly with this lens but I really really love this
lens but I’m not here to do a review about this lens you know I’m not a
camera review person or lens review person I’m here to give you information
about it because there is almost no information out there and I think this
could help some people just a disclaimer just because I like this lens or just
because I use it please don’t go out and just buy it you know like the message of
my channel has always been gears not really important but please don’t buy
stuff just because someone on YouTube speaks well of it you know in the end
you’re the one with the creativity and the vision not the lens this is just
information for people looking for it so anyways the RE Topcor 58mm
1.4 let me start off by saying that this is one of the heaviest vintage lenses
I’ve ever used and this lens would probably cost around 3 hundred
dollars or something like that but I got this one for half off because when I
bought it the guy said that it had some some kind of film inside the lens which
happens because like over time some of the oil just like kind of evaporates and
it condenses on the lens but I was able to open this lens
cleaning it up just as good as new and I must say it has someone like the best
internal organs of any camera lens that I’ve ever opened you know like it just
wipes the floor with Nikon Canon Pentax just it’s an engineering marvel like
anyways let me tell you about this lens this is RE Topcon lens if you don’t know
re lenses or like Topcon like best top of the line lenses some people ask me
like which which Topcon lenses RE should I get and pretty much all of them
just to name a few like TopCor actually doesn’t have that much of a line lens
lineup because they use the Exakta mounts if you saw the previous video on
top con history the the exakta mounts has a very thin neck kind of limiting
the design of how many lenses they can come up with but the 35 the 50 the 55 to
58 I don’t really have an 85 probably the 105 the 135 there are good lenses
you know like if it’s an re top core it’s probably gonna be a good lens and
if you can get it for cheap I would definitely get them anyways back to this
lens this lens was so good so ahead of its time that uh in 2003 I believe
Cosina actually got I won’t say they got patent or they got permission they got
the blessings from Topcon to resell the lens you know so like so they got
permission from Topcon to like kinda remake the lens or redistribute it and
they did it with their Bessaflex SLR now just because Cosina made it an SS Topcon on there doesn’t actually mean it’s exactly the same I mean they made a few
changes their coatings better improvements but actually the original
Topcor’s came in an Exakta mount but Cosina released like 1600 of these
lenses like 800 were for the m42 mount and like 800 for
for the for the Nikon F mount like I forgot which one I think it was a Nikon f-mount
but those lenses made by Cosina with the Topcon level you might see them on eBay
for like two thousand dollars and you know what this lens is not worth two
thousand dollars the only reason that you see those lenses for like two grand
is because those are collector collectors items you know those were
Cosina Topcon lenses there was only 800 done for m42
and 800 made for the Nikon f-mount but the original Topcon lens you probably
find it for around 400 bucks you know and is there any difference
between them I think there is but I don’t think it’s buy too much to be
honest like I’ve seen pictures from both of them I can’t really tell much of a
difference now this lens was so good that even after Cosina made like we
distributed these with the best effects they I guess you can say they kept the
design and when they release the Voigtlander 58mm 1.4 they they
pretty much I’m not gonna say copy the design but they kept the original design
and they just tweaked a few things like they tweaked the the formula for the
glass you know made it more modern they added new coatings that kind of things
but if you own a Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 that’s basically I’m gonna say like 95%
a Topcon ends now what’s the actual difference between them I can’t really
tell you the people that I’ve talked to because I am part of like a vintage lens
collectors group their words are that the Voigtlander is sharper but like once
you reach like F 2.8 then the original Topcon lens is actually way better so
that’s that’s just really subjective I can’t really tell you but since I own
the Topcon you know I don’t really see any reason
for me to get the Voigtlander I do have the Voigtlander Nokon 50mm f1.2 which is a
beautiful lens let me just say of all the 50s I have that one is like amazing
but I don’t usually talk about it because my channel is all about old
vintage and affordable lenses but you know Voigtlander is pretty awesome as well
anyways back to the Topcon 58mm 1.4 I hope that information
was very useful for you and if you’re considering Topcon lens I will recommend
it these lenses are just sublime you know it’s like the coatings are
beautiful look at that huge front elements the only thing is this is not
an easy lens to use you might be wondering what what do you mean by it’s
not an easy lens to use I mean the focus ring okay the focus has a very very long
focus throw I don’t mean to sound technical but like one of the reasons I
like the Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 is that I can just turn the lens really
easily from infinity to like close up quite quickly you know they’re very
small lenses too and it makes it easy for me to focus like really fast but
like if I’m using the Topcon 58mm 1.4 the focus throw is very
very long here they’re like rolling moving the focus ring for long periods
of times and by the time you get to where you want to be the subject already
left or something or you could also say because it has such a long focus throw
you can get very precise focusing which is a plus so one of the things I like to
do especially with this lens is so one of the things I like to do with this
lens is uh I don’t want to I don’t want some poetic and stuff I like to pre
visualize the picture I’m going to take when I see it and as I’m walking to the
spot where I’m gonna take my photo I try to make sure I have the
the range execs on my lens so when I do take the picture just kind of change it
a little bit because that’s really the only way you can use it to be fair it’s
more like a portrait lens it is it’s it’s supposed to be more of a portrait
lens in my opinion but I just I love using it for Street you know it’s like
it’s really awesome lens and it’s a real shame no one here on YouTube has ever
even mentioned these Topcon lenses you know because they’re really awesome like
just beautiful like I first became interested in these top con lenses from
the Korean photo blogs because they’re always posting I follow a lot of photo
blogs you know and they’re always posting pictures of the lenses and the
pictures they take and when I first saw this lens I was really interested in the
name Tokyo Kohaku sounds really cool and it sounds like a very vain things to say
like oh I’m only interested in this lens because of the name Tokyo Kogaku for
like the more I started researching about them and the more pictures I saw
of them and just the lens themselves are very like very beautiful and well
crafted like super well crafted they make all the other lenses just they’re
like like poop I can definitely recommend these lens people and yeah I
hope that was enough information for you out there like I said it’s not a lens
review by any means it’s just a me sharing the information that I know
about these Tokyo Kogaku lenses for the people out there who don’t have any information
about these lenses and yeah they’re just beautiful lenses anyways I hope that was
helpful if it was helpful to you leave a comments I really appreciate it and now
see you around and checkout Tokyo Optical Company

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  2. Galaxy Stars says:

    Why didnt u show any photos with this lens

  3. lukykentucky says:

    in 2008/2009 i bought my first Voigtländer 58mm 1.4 with the rubber ring , I replaced the old version ( rubber ring ) with the newer version end 2016 . I own and tried many lenses I decided too keep only 2 lenses , 35mm Zeiss and 58mm 1.4 Voigt . now I reducing my gear and selling about 8 lenses ( modern and vintage ) the third lens that I keep only for fun 58mm f2 helios now I cleaned the lens elements tommorow cleaning the blades they have a lot of oil , one lens element has a bubble inside .

  4. lukykentucky says:

    by the way you have a underrated channel , keep it up 😎

  5. greysuit17 says:

    They are kinda pricey.

  6. Ishijah1 says:

    Where did you get your adapter from?

  7. manic magic lives says:

    hey there

  8. Casa de Chrisso says:

    This whole Topcon topic is totally new to me, never had or even heard of them, so thanks for firing up my GAS again! running out to get what Youtube guy has

  9. JayGrapher.Th says:

    very cool share on under rated or forgetten vintage lens
    sorry im a little confused on this lens mount or if they have the same lens for different mounts?
    currently using the PK and OM mounts which is kinda doubt that theres a Cosina lens for these mounts haha

  10. reptilespantoso says:

    Don't have money for it anyway. (about 450 euros here)
    Please also include some pictures of the lens, the inside (if you open them, please make pictures), of the lens formulation, and of course pictures that you took with it?
    It's then easier to visualize why you like them so much. Thanks again. Much apreciated.
    Edit: I found the pictures. What I'm asking is, that if you like the contrast or the rendering of the colours, as example, please just add a picture in this video? I don't mind seeing pictures twice.

  11. Cathy Coe Hernandez says:

    Really enjoyed theinteresting story behind your favorite lens!

  12. Tom Radford says:

    So stoked I found this!!! Looking to get one for about 3500 ZAR that looks super clean.

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