Quitting a side hustle: September income report, Stock Photography, Blog, Affiliate

It’s October, there’s a chill in the air
we’re fully in the fall now winters around the corner. If you’re like me you
may be putting on a hoodie or a coat you’ve not had on for a long time and find
some money in the pocket. I love that feeling! I look forward to it every fall
to see if I have that surprise and creating an active passive income
through like stock photographer fees the same. Thing you never know when you’re
gonna log in see that you made maybe a quarter maybe five dollars it’s a great
feeling. You should start thinking about building that passive active
income with your free time. Welcome back if you’re new thank you for stopping by
I’m Dustin Hall it’s the second week of the month which means it’s a hustle
report episode where I talk about the effort that I put in over the last month
to build a passive income stream and the income that I’m now generating from it. I
look at September quite a bit stands out too
overall it was an exciting month personally a couple hard decisions had
to be made the first big decision was where do I want to take the future of my
passive income and this YouTube channel and while I see some big things going on
for this channel with a lot of regret I’m no longer gonna be pursuing my
travel blog by out-of-office net for a source of passive income with reflecting
of what time I’ve really put in especially after the birth of my
daughter it’s just not to the level that it needs to be true I did write 30 or 40
different articles during the course of the year which is great got some
traction did get some income to start to come in so it was nice but I’m just not
dedicating the time I need so moving forward yes I’ll still write a post here
or there I’m not gonna set out part of the 20 to
25 hours that I dedicate a month to building an income stream to that
instead what I’m gonna do is I’m going to double down on stock assets stock
photography stop videography in this YouTube channel I’ve really enjoyed
making these videos and sharing them with you it’s made me a better it’s made
me better with the camera capturing video and thinking about what I’m doing
so moving forward gonna double down on that side speaking of YouTube over the
last month I did release two videos would like to get this to at least a
weekly YouTube channel with the two videos I did a collaboration with Alex
from brutally honest stock you can see that here a great episode because it’s
gonna play into what all I’m doing in October to profit I’ll talk about that a
little bit later on the stock side I uploaded eight videos to black box to
distribute those for me was pretty happy about it it did take me a while to get a
good edit caller grade and keywording key warnings a lot harder when it comes
to video but it’s a learning process and then also I did complete about 17 or so
stock photos and got those uploaded to about seven different sites so exciting
from that side so let’s slide into the numbers and talk
about what they actually look like for the month the blog
yes discontinuing it but it’s still creating income for me generated two
dollars and one seven happy about that because I didn’t release any new content
whatsoever but not worrying about it affiliate marketing still Rocksteady it
gives me ten dollars or so a month this month was no exception twelve dollars
and thirteen cents I’m gonna be excited to see if that does
pick up over the holidays especially because some of that is Amazon sales
such as someone clicks a link in the description to Amazon and then buy
something within 24 hours I get a small commission so hopefully we do see that
increase as we get into the holidays and then what you’re waiting for
stop my stock those assets this month generated $11.75 if you’ve been watching
since the beginning I think the first episode I don’t maybe
1/4 50 Cent’s maybe a dollar but it’s steadily been building up like a
marathon each month I upload more assets it grows and I’m looking forward to
seeing where that goes especially after October as we look forward I’m going to
Jamaica I’m gonna create a lot of new in assets both video and photo to get
uploaded so I do think that that’s really gonna drive things moving forward
and I’m looking forward to it so all in 25 dollars and 89 cents for
the month definitely seen a big pick up there month over month very excited
about it and I do think with more work and more effort another six months that
that’s gonna easily be doubled maybe even tripled in that timeframe so that
there’s some serious income coming in thank you for watching if you enjoy
watching watching this kind of material go ahead and hit the like button if you
don’t like watching the journey there’s another one for that – give me some
feedback to let me know how to continue to build this content for you and if you
do want to watch on a regular basis hit that subscribe button again a lot of
good things going on as we look forward and some of the content that I’m gonna
be putting out and revamping this channel thank you remember if it’s worth
doing it’s worth doing for money

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