Pundits call Bloomberg’s first Dem debate a ‘disaster’
Pundits call Bloomberg’s first Dem debate a ‘disaster’

100 thoughts on “Pundits call Bloomberg’s first Dem debate a ‘disaster’”

  1. Sissy Christ says:

    The only thing I hear from the Democrats is " we just have to beat Trump." Nothing else matters to them not even their voters. Trump 2020!

  2. Ivan Shivolski says:

    Trump said he was a lightweight, but he wasn't the only loser.

  3. hereitis again says:

    Shows us that 50 billion doesn't buy a personality nor an internal eye.

  4. Derrick Miree says:

    Doomberg Sucks 😭😱😈!

  5. Gary says:

    Van Jones is a racist and is allowed by CNN to get away with racist remarks each and every day. He's boring and just another moronic talking head. Bloomberg supported stop and frisk and there should be a law passed allowing stop and frisk because we all know that stop and frisk works and Bloomberg was correct in using it to arrest the criminals in their neighborhoods. When you have 12% of the population causing more than 50% of the crime and stop and frisk works, then why is that a problem ? Bloomberg should never have apologized. New York crime rate has gone up again because that left wing mayor there doesn't want the criminals in New York City arrested. Who the hell is voting for these sleaze bags anyway?
    Bring stop and frisk to CNN and throw that van jones racist on to the junk pile where he belongs.

  6. Brave Sir Robin says:

    Bloomberg couldn't run as an Independent. To divide the anti Trump vote would guarantee losing. They are unlikely to win without a split.

  7. Sissy Christ says:

    Democrats begging for the Latino and African American voters so they can get their votes, and then dump them after election is over is sickening to me. Then when Dems get in they do nothing but sit on their butts collecting the check. 5 of the people on that stage has been in our government for centuries, and didn't do a thing for any citizen. Now…they think they can beat Trump? Not a chance in hell! Trump has been in office 3 1/2 years & worked his butt off getting so many things done in a week they can't keep up with him. Trump is the man for me in 2020!

  8. Tudorinc says:

    Is Biden still running ? Bernie is steam-rolling the field

  9. Mick D says:

    Train Wreck … Pass the popcorn

  10. whutzat says:

    The ONLY way we are going to REALLY turn the future of this country around is to FLUSH OUT THE LEFTY TEACHERS from pre-school to college that are INDOCTRINATING and training our KIDS!!!

  11. Michael Swenor says:

    Hey Doomburg, stop complaining about farmers with your mouth full…….

  12. Pro Baller says:

    Bloomberg is a billionaire . He could never be a loser any night !!! I wish I could be a loser like him !!!

  13. John Milton says:


  14. HighBredEmperor says:

    Maybe Warren hasn’t attacked Bernie because she’s going to be his running mate.

  15. fangarbangar says:

    Bloomberg probably thought they weren't going to attack him because he has been donating to others campaign's for years.

  16. Darlene DeVegan says:

    I didn't watch the whole debate, but I don't think Mike was as bad as everybody says. Not that I want him to win, but he showed so much more grace and dignity than the other demon rats we never even started a business

  17. SAVE TRUMP says:

    Nobody likes you doomberg.

  18. Tony Biancofiore says:

    Bernie is gonna ask tulsi to be his vp

  19. Jackye Ferreira says:

    The Census data contradicts Trump's claim Wednesday that inequality is declining under his administration after he pushed tax cuts and other policies that disproportionately rewarded the wealthiest Americans.

    "Wages are up, and inequality is down," Trump said during a press conference following the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. "Something that people don't like writing about."

    Wages have increased slightly in recent years. But, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), "nominal wage growth has been far below target in the recovery."

    Donna Ginther, an economist at the University of Kansas, echoed that point in response to the new Census data.

    "We've had a period of sustained economic growth, and there are winners and losers. The winners tend to be at the top," Ginther told USA Today. "Even though we are at full employment, wages really haven’t gone up much in the recovery."

  20. Debra Gouchenour says:

    You people are so oblivious. All of the Democrat runners want higher taxes and socialist programs, which makes every one of them a Socialist. Mike Bloomberg is a globalist deep stater. There is no doubt about it. He has been financing states to take away 2nd Amendment rights. Then he thought it would be neat to have HRC as a VP, that would make him even more of a globalist Luciferian. His whole family is involved with GS activities. There are certainly enough rumors going around. It makes me laugh when you try to make it sound like some of them aren't Socialists.

  21. The British Engineer says:

    Bumper Stickers… "54 Million dead Russians worked for Socialism"… "What's mine is mine, whats yours we share…socialism 101"… "Rob the rich, steal from the poor give it to the socialists"… "smile bernie, your making 10% of the $40M+ you spent on TV ads"… "How can you tell if a democrat is lying, their lips move"… "Do'in a warren, yes officer I was under 55"… "How competent is the democrat party, maxine waters…nuff said" Yes ok, they are a bit long, but I thought you Yanks had big cars… oh sorry I forgot the democrats outlawed them.

  22. SP King says:

    I don’t know about anybody else…but I don’t want that crazy fool from GA abrams anywhere near the White House…not even on a tour…..

  23. justjustgord says:

    Bloomberg is really a Republican – we just wanted to troll him on live TV, but you guys can have him back now. Sanders/Warren ticket will wipe the smile off those billionaire faces.

  24. dizzy dex77 says:

    😂😂😂😂😂 BUM SQUAD this lot.

  25. dizzy dex77 says:

    😂😂😂😂😂 BUM SQUAD this lot.

  26. Feroste says:

    The new bumper sticker is "Eat the Rich, Feed the poor"
    That's why they're tearing into Bloomberg.

  27. renegade_ace says:

    Who won the debate? Trump did.

  28. Tim Briggs says:

    I'd rather vote for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck then Mike !!!!!!!!!!

  29. No Weapon Formed says:

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Dolla Dolla Bill y'all!

  30. susan aiken says:

    I can't stand anybody who buys their way into anything. So hell ya, I'm stoked they went after him. Hahaha

  31. William Keys says:

    The Democrat Party and Mini Mike, two peas in a pod. What a diabolical billionaire of entirely self-serving motives and a corrupt declining and criminal Democrat Party? What a devils brew of poisonous, evil and anti-Judeu-Christian values? So-called Democrats who support Mini Mike are nothing more than empty vessels with corrupt souls.

  32. Tavuzzi Pust says:

    Is Bloomberg offering anything positive to the American people? He seems to be doing no more than waging a personal vendetta against Trump. He comes across totally uninspired and uninspiring, a very poor speaker and frankly bored with himself — watch him fade rapidly no matter how much he spends.

  33. Daniel L Chase Jr says:


  34. Chris says:

    I don't believe that Bloomberg will win this election. All those millions he is spending on it could have been better spent on the
    poor and homeless or some other good humanitarian cause.

  35. gareth jordan says:

    Julian Assange Says Trump Promised Him A Pardon If He Lied About Russia

  36. Truth Tuber says:

    wasting time covering a process which is never going to produce a president for the democrats.. nothing changes

  37. snoop alert says:

    I disagree it shows how many rabid communist there are in the Democrat party

  38. Ed James says:

    Bloomberg is actually a parody of Democrats' past and present talking points. Seems like every time he opens his mouth he slanders one protected or respected group or another, or praises authoritarian Communists. He needs to do a better job of lying about his true beliefs, like all the other Dems.

  39. Seventh Adam says:

    Money cant buy everything can it? His campaign manager should be fired. Michael needs to take acting lessons from Mr. Obama.

  40. Skalla Grimm says:

    dem bumper sticker Socialism is the new democracy.

  41. JackFrost says:

    Major Pete should be honnest about running for FLOTUS…

  42. camel toe says:

    Mini Mike the Loser – his new name

  43. crib cat says:

    That's why Hillary Clinton is going to swap spots with Blunderberg.

  44. Heidi Rucki says:

    You should never ever be permitted to BUY yourself into the presidency. Go home with your billions rich boy. Glad to see the gloves come off.

  45. JackFrost says:

    After this DEBACLE they have 5 Years to get their Act together…TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE

  46. Azfun6 says:

    Pundits????? The idiots of the propaganda machine…..really? Here is a news flash….everyone on the planet with a third grade education thinks the dumbascraps are a disaster……because they prove the point daily.

  47. Amazing Koala says:

    who cares – bloomberg will just pour in $500 million more into advertisements, and idiotic leftist civilians will just be brainwashed by them.

  48. K B says:

    The media is taking out Sanders and bloomnerd

  49. malik malik says:

    Bernie sanders is going to win and he is going to defeat Donald Trump easy

  50. dsbmwhacker says:

    Strange watching a 6 person debate and the obviously clear winner wasn't even there….😂

  51. wendyw says:

    the only thing bloomberg represents is the lollipop guild………………..

  52. Anthony Richmond says:

    Bloomberg is a freakin joke just like the rest of the Democratic Party!

  53. K P says:

    Bloomberg got stopped and frisked at the debate. Lol

  54. Glenn Goins says:

    None of them are Democrats

  55. johnppg says:

    What a disgrace he is…

  56. TheLegendInYou says:

    The fall of satan is near. Trump 2020 the godsend we didn't ask for but all need!

  57. Shawn Walker says:

    Bloomberg was a loser before the debate!! He just proved it 😂😂😂😂

  58. SBn49 AJC says:

    Bloomberg's legacy is cutting the soda ounces down. That's right – taking rights away from citizens.

  59. Ron O'Connor says:

    I did not hear the name Joe during that whole session.

  60. NOVA RACER says:


  61. M.S. says:

    It was painful to watch Bloomberg fail to defend himself. He is such a poor debater. How the heck did he amass $60 billion? The only dignified thing for him to do is to suspend his presidential campaign.

  62. Charles Magee says:

    Trump sucks. Thank you.

  63. FlowergirlDeb says:

    Pocahontas Warren was fired up in last night's debate and consistently tore into Midget Mikey (rightfully so), but she seemed too reluctant to go after Bolshevik Bernie and Creepy Joe.

  64. Julian Des Marais says:

    How am I supposed to take this guy seriously, he's wearing a three piece suit with sneakers on…

  65. dante loving says:

    As a New Yorker I can tell you Bloomberg is only for the rich! He let rent prices get so high that a black person cant afford to live in Harlem! smh

  66. Sandra Walch says:

    Well that was $60 million well spent

  67. Jeff Rasberry says:

    Can you imagine the disaster if he or one of the other morons gets elected

  68. boiling16 says:

    Best 2 lines of the night went to Bloomberg.
    Mayor of NYC and Potus are admirable achievements.
    And billionaire stuff.
    He's a schrewd ,cognitive mother effer.
    He knows the world players as much as Trump DID when he took office.
    He'll slice em and dice em from here on out.
    I want 16 more years of Trump but if it has to be a dem, I take Bloomberg.

  69. Kurt Homan says:

    Bloomberg knows he will be the party's nominee so just he showed up, endured the tongue lashing that he got, and expect each one of the losers to publicly declare their support for him after he wins.

  70. Derek Tomlinson says:

    Running out of good puppets ??

  71. boiling16 says:

    Bloomberg was the only sane one on stage besides Amy.
    She just has too much of a big mouth.
    No , literally.
    Talks like she has syrup in her mouth.
    And rayon blue 1970s crap was NEVER a good look.

  72. boiling16 says:

    Who watches prime time tv anymore.
    I really enjoyed the debate this time.
    Can't wait till they bring in the fast money round and isolation booth.

  73. Sandra Walch says:

    He/ds,dnc, are trying to control people's thoughts through subliminal messaging. ALL the commercials were about bloomberg. Did it work my fellow patriots?
    Did the commercials negate the fact that he is a racist, classist?

  74. Byron Cole says:

    Idk I think Bloomberg let them show their hands..

  75. Big block stang says:

    He is a loser automatically when you are a democrat.

  76. Lindemberg Leite says:

    Please people, just go back in time. Bloomberg did the same thing. Advertise, advertise. That was his way to Nyc Mayor. He never change, because he thinks money is only thing he needs.

  77. Bethebest 1 says:

    As a centrist, this is the best assessment of the debate.

  78. Salt life s S says:

    Mini Mike, Since your wasteing your money I'll take a million off your hands!

  79. Fredric Bethune says:

    Everyone on that stage acted like petulant children. They don’t have a message. They only thing they each said of any intelligence was , We need to beat Trump. Hate never won an election.

  80. Sherry Wimpee says:

    I’ve got the democrat sticker “Crash & Burn”!

  81. Cheryl Brown says:

    Tiny Mike is a disgrace!!!

  82. Brian Burket says:

    Oddly…I watch you tube alot. Yesterday I couldn't watch a video for 4 minutes without Blumbergs mug interfering my Beverly Hillbillies show at least twice…and today nothing? One debate? Come on Mike…couple more 100 millions of wasted money wont hurt? Lol

  83. harold wilkes says:

    Democrats and optimism don't belong in the same sentence. Doom and gloom (and now, Bloom) are more appropriate.

  84. vernon king jr says:

    Van Jones is nothing but a race baiting Anti American trash

  85. Fredric Bethune says:

    A debate is suppose to enlighten the audience to what the candidate will do to help the voting public make their lives better.
    This crowd of lunatics just threw insults at each other. Not a word of helping us succeed. GOODBYE Democrats. You’ve lost America.

  86. Captain Tor says:

    This had no conclusion, or opinion.

  87. xZANZIBARZx says:

    The Left is Eating Itself
    pass the popcorn bois

  88. Vivian Kershaw says:

    every debate all candidates are disasters..

  89. LostXProphet23 says:

    Like the Red Wedding 😂😂😂

  90. Michael LeSage says:

    Bloomberg went BOOMberg.

  91. Gene Tomczak says:

    He’s a disaster….

  92. Dennis Sullivan says:

    Putting Mikey and Pocahontas next to each other was brilliant. It would have been perfect if Mikey had burst into the National anthem of Munchkinland,,,,,,,,,,DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD

  93. Owen3 says:

    And Warren wasn't a Democrat before she thought it would help her politically.

  94. Carl Jensen says:

    This is not rust. He is done. He spent nearly 1/2 billion to get slapped around on stage and he showed he is A HUGELY WEAK CANDIDATE. His ads now look like false advertising.

  95. inga robinson says:

    Doomberg is like a dead fish that stinks with money in his mouth and his message is a climate scam and hate for Trump !

  96. Carl Jensen says:

    The new definition of Democrat is a billionaire hack. That being the case, we need someone who IS NOT A DEMOCRAT, just not Doomsberg.

  97. viva crown says:

    One failed debate cannot be made as the yardstick to sum up Bloomberg's qualities for the presidency. Similarly, the old cases targetted to his firm cannot reflect his true character as a person. It is unfair that the 5 other candidates took turns to hammer him left and right. All for no reasons, envious of Bloomberg for being so successful. He does not brag about his riches. America is still a land of promise to anyone willing to work and subscribe to the American dream.

  98. Isabella Schnittger says:

    We have to be fair and objective because of who wants to be a part of a debate where you are not welcome from the beginning. Also, the candidates started to discuss themes that were unprofessional because they were only chosen to degrade the candidate Mr. Mayor Blomberg during the debate. However, America needs to solve serious issues in this time, and the public execution of the former Mayor Blomberg was only a sad example more how America and its politicians have changed their course. Also, to use a political debate to inform against a person in public is a sign of weakness and is only evidence of how broken it is its view of objectivity. There were too many personal problems that were projected on the former Major Bloomberg during the debate. The debate lacked how to solve problems that were created by former Presidents of America. Therefore, America needs a leader who is willing to go with the time, and who is listening to its people. Also, the leader will never be tiered to protect the right of integrity and self-determination of its people. And, the leader is aware of the protection of the environment because the earth is the home. So, is there a real leader from the democratic party and the republican party who will protect the home and its people?
    The party we chose, is the life we want to live in!
    God Bless America

  99. Artur H says:

    Democrats have no one.

  100. Edward Wallace says:

    Bloomberg 2020 🤖Free Schaeffer Cox

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