ProductHunt Review E7 (Unsplash 4.0, Angle 2, DIY Dog) by Cleveroad Inc.
ProductHunt Review E7 (Unsplash 4.0, Angle 2, DIY Dog) by Cleveroad Inc.

Hello and welcome to today’s Video Product
review from Cleveroad. We pick three of the most up voted offerings
and highlight why they made it onto the front page of the ratings charts. We start today with an old favourite, Unsplash.
It is now up to version 4, and it just keeps on getting better and better.
What started as a Tumblr blog, with 10 photos has grown into an amazing resource. The makers
are saying that there are over 50,000 super high quality photos in their collection now,
and that over 600 million photos are viewed every month.
New features include, a user collection facility, where you can store your own personal favourites,
photo likes, and an Unsplash API. Unsplash have built not only a fine collection
of photos, but also a community of people, who have contributed in various ways. This
could be photo submission, helping with tag writing, plus the countless other tasks that
makes a collection like this so popular. Lots of positive comments, especially about
how despite the growing size, it still remains one of the simplest to use. My next pick is is an iPhone and web-based
App called Angle. The idea behind this one is that even though
your developers have done a wonderful job with the code, presenting an outstanding visualisation
is sometimes less than successful. Angle has 140 devices and mock-ups in vector
form, to really wow your clients or potential customers.
Every vector is layered, which means that using sketch, you can edit them to your hearts
content. Device colours, shadows, backgrounds and features
are fully editable. You can scale infinitely, and export to any resolution.
Using the Magic Mirror plug-in, your beautifully designed App screens can be placed directly
into your photo-quality vectored device, to really show off your work to its best effect.
The package comes with 60 sketch files, with iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and Watches, plus
140 different mock-ups and 128 different shadows. At the moment, there is a 50% launch discount,
with 20% off Sketch and 80% off Design+Code. Upgrades are free and there are plans to add
iPhone 7 and Android devices in the future. My last review of the day is for a book, actually
a recipe book – with a difference. This one is all about beer. Yes, that’s right.
215 brewing recipes from a company in the UK called Brewdog.
The book is called DIY Dog and it’s essentially the brewers history of all the beers they
have ever created. The pdf book, starts with a forward by one
of the authors, explaining briefly how the 2 owners, (and their dog) got started, and
then the motivation behind why they have given-away the secrets to their success.
Next follows 4 sections including an equipment list, the basics of brewing, How to brew like
a Pro, and the ever useful glossary of terms. Each of the recipes tells you a bit about
what you are going to make. It then goes into great detail about the basics, method and
timings, as well as the exact ingredients themselves.
One nice feature is the food pairing section, which suggests what meals goes with each beer.
The company seems to have gone from strength to strength, and I’m not talking about the
ABV of the beer. Starting with there first showcase bar in Aberdeen, they have gone on
to open 29 bars across the UK, plus a further 14 world-wide and a further 6 planned.
Craft beers brewed and served by caring, professional staff. Check-out the web-site to see how they
turned a passion into a real business. Well, that’s all we have time for today. Thanks
for watching and have a good weekend wherever you are, and please – don’t forget to subscribe!

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