Product Release 19.10 – LMN Time
Product Release 19.10 – LMN Time

With the new LMN Time mobile app, it’s
never been so easy to view job information and track employee hours for
payroll. With the new impactful design and layout it’s simple to train all of
your employees to punch in and out of timesheets. We have increased the speed
of the app and added notifications for daily use. You can also give your foremen
access to more job information while working in the field and enable crew
motivation and incentive through the new job gamification feature. With the new
schedule feature, your crews will have the ability to see scheduled jobs from
the field. They can review notes, job planners, and files before even punching
into a timesheet. With the new LMN Time mobile app your crews will have
more information at their fingertips and be able to track their time more
accurately for payroll.

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