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  1. Peter McKinnon says:

    Sorry for the false alarm! Uploaded the wrong video first LOL whoops! PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY is one of my favourite things to do and how I first started earning from this passion! Who's headed to an antique shop?!?

  2. Thed Arcenal says:

    seeing all those product photos got me like….
    ooooooohhhh yeaaaahhhhhh… that's the stuff

  3. Thed Arcenal says:

    how do you find inspiration for your shot? for a specific product…

  4. Julie Berghammer says:

    Dude, I've learned so much from your videos. Thank you for posting them.
    Loved this one and the advice for prop shopping is gold. My husband's cousin runs a rummage/antique shop 2 miles from my place. Shes got everything.
    Again thank you, I appreciate your work.

  5. Fernando Imperator says:

    Where did Matti go?

  6. Ali Zian Kazmi says:

    if you dont need lights or a spaciious studio but editing is everything that matters

  7. Quinten Verniers says:

    Wow those photographs look amazing! But I was wondering, have you ever had complaints about people thinking they would get some of the props when they purchase the item? For example the puzzel INSIDE the tin box or am I just overthinking this?

  8. Leigh Hilton says:

    Great content, love a bit of product photography, definitely something I would get into

  9. Beave says:

    Currently starting Amazon FBA and photography is actually a hobby of mine (mainly motorsport and landscapes though). It might be time to try and do some of my own product photography for my Amazon company

  10. An Nguyễn says:

    So helpful, thank you so much

  11. A. X says:

    You're epic. THANK YOU!

  12. Maddison Taylor says:

    I absolute product photography, branding photography. I'm stoked for a shoot I have with a catering company, I do a ton for my God-moms floral and decor company… there are so many areas you can get into for product photography! It's the niche I want to be in. Travel photography too obvi but I need money to travel first haha

  13. Hack3rPT says:

    7:27 "Texture" – raise the ISO.

  14. Inid Nalro says:

    Ok. That's cool and all, but what lens did you use? Full frame? Crop? I'm a noob, so this video is like 50% useful to me.

  15. Rick Sanchez says:

    Pete…love your honesty and exemplary work ethic. Your approach to the craft is inspiring and the art is top notch. Peace!

  16. Drew Mitchell says:

    Love the camera you picked up at the antique store. I have one very similar to that one on my bookshelf.

  17. Lionsayshey says:

    Who else didn't know about Command+W to close a tab????

  18. FuSiOn Born says:

    This is the kind of photography I want to get into

  19. Vintage Flicker says:

    I came for the “What’s up everybody” and so glad I stayed. I have an online shop selling vintage and loved your tips. Props are important for product photography. Thanks Peter !

  20. El Boogie says:

    I've been looking into getting into product photography. Thanks for this video.

  21. TimberGeek says:

    I'm fortunate that SWMBO has a high tolerance for me bringing home distressed wood and rusted metal. ;-D

  22. Joseph Jamandre says:

    You are inspiring bro

  23. mystikmeg says:

    This video is brilliant, and you have grown on me so I've subscribed. Great stuff sir

  24. Phil Fang says:

    you sir are super dope!

  25. Derek Williams says:

    Hey Peter, can you do more video's on product photography please?

  26. Robert L Hotaling says:

    You're amazing and genuine, thanks for your style and input.

  27. Y W says:

    Who else tried Ctrl+w

  28. airscrew1 says:

    4 minutes in and I got fed up waiting.

  29. Alex & Talia says:

    Are you a Freemason?

  30. Rambus Designs says:

    this is gold

  31. JODI GOODMAN says:

    Sooo obsessed with your channel. Been watching these videos over and over. Helpful and just so motivating to want to be creative and be a better photographer. Thank you🙏🏻

  32. serveTHATup says:

    One edit PM if I may be so bold, "Texture is everything product photography." Delete the last 2 words of that statement. BE well my friends!!

  33. Jakub Wiśniewski says:

    This. This is one of best video on this platform.

  34. Anirban Ghoshal says:

    Make a video on food photography.. people who wants same like my comment.. thanks

  35. SomeGuyInSandy says:


  36. Jelle Nilsson says:

    OMG!!! Did Peter work for Theory 11? 1:43!!!!!!!!! I am super stoked!!! I bought everything there!!

  37. Lineworks says:

    Dude you gotta make more product photohraphy videos

  38. Neophyte Pro says:

    A coffee Drive thru is genius, just as im thinking of Tim Hortons at the same time LOL

  39. Zaed says:

    How do you become a product photographer?

  40. R N says:

    was that company theory11 ???

  41. Zaky Firmawan El-Hakim says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

    I learn a lot from your videos 😉

  42. Awak Ring Awak says:

    "HAHAHA I just logan paul you"

  43. Edu Prudencio says:

    Gracias bro

  44. Gia B says:

    Thank you!

  45. OmgItzPoof says:

    June 2019 and still helping others who want to do PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY like my self! Super great content and super helpful. keep on with the great work! <3 Much love from Kentucky!

  46. Andrea Franchello says:

    LOL Matti was fatter back 1 year ago!!

  47. BTal2242 says:

    I've watched a lot of your videos and this was my favourite so far. It was extremely inspirational! I'm going to do some product photography!

  48. noman designs says:

    this tutorial was like a pop music video intro kind of feel to it pete

  49. Emmanuel Media Pro says:

    Great tips bro, I love it Peter. I’m build my own photo/video in my room. Love your tips..

  50. Emmanuel Media Pro says:

    Make some more video on this topic

  51. Kevin King says:

    Thank you man am new at product photography and thank you so much for the tips you are the best and I hope to become a great photographer as you

  52. Ezio assasin says:

    Can you make a video about how to edit product photos how you can make that color pop and be awesome because i take very good photos of products but i suck at editing i can make it good but i dont feel that i did the Best. So it would be very nice if you make a video about that, not only for me but for other people that strugle With the same think

  53. Pranay Gupta says:

    With a lot of ideas, I also learned that ctrl W is used for exiting playing video.

  54. TOP 13 says:

    me and my friend were watching your videos and every video you look different like a different person

  55. Sixties Seventies says:

    Heavily photoshopped images, yet no mention of it, let alone how to do it.

  56. Ken Raihan Gardia says:

    Yeah it looks great and all until someone opens that door, Peter

  57. Iuppiter Zeus says:

    i like it that you mention your family but don't put them in videos

    and good content

  58. Iam says:

    Whats the name of the soundtrack @11:41

  59. Tyler Pfaffenbach says:

    Man, I sub'd to you back in the DAYYY now you're up to 3.7m. Crazy.

  60. Rina Baroi says:

    Thx Peter

  61. Mavic Bo says:

    Pete, I have learned the manual settings of my Canon for video, how or where do I learn PHOTO settings? website?

  62. Marinallia says:

    Thanks for that video, It rocks !

  63. A S photography says:


  64. KENNY THE WHALE says:

    didn't know what command W did, so I tried it………. -_- thanks Pete

  65. TheTrollo43 says:

    I didn't know what Command-W did until I tried it during this video. Thanks, Peter…

  66. Muhammad Nauval Shalahuddin says:

    hey pete, do you calibrate your camera? if yes, could you please make a video about it, thanks a lot

  67. sumit ghoshal says:

    hey can you help with some product photography

  68. justin chatfield says:

    Again, these videos are gold!

  69. JK’s Outdoor Journal says:

    Great video.

  70. Abod Hawat says:

    No photography course needed !!
    Thanks , one of the best 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  71. Anca Prodan says:

  72. Axel Andru says:

    You are a beast !

  73. Gopro Hero Antics says:

    Awesome photography

  74. Krystal Bowen says:

    Thanks from Barbados

  75. Paul Carpenter says:

    Really helpful ideas, use of texture and random accent items is clutch. I'll have to send you a deck of my cards to shoot since you are such an experts on that subject matter. 😆

  76. SY says:

    Oh look Matti was like a bear at this time 😻

  77. Jeana Albert says:

    Loved this! Very helpful!

  78. Vertebrae 33 says:

    I see through you Pete.
    Say hi to Jackson at your next Lodge meeting.

  79. Aileen Ortega says:

    I'd love it if you added your exif!

  80. Logan Murray says:

    Anyone else click CMD+W and immediately regretted it?

  81. Joe Christie says:

    am i the only one who didn't know what CMD/CTRL + W was and tried it when PM said it, and then I regret it

  82. Vedant Pingle says:

    Which Lens?

  83. Dreamer52 UK says:

    Great video, very helpful, thank you !

  84. Andrew Elder says:

    Thanks for this! Love the framing examples and set ups. Could you post here what lens/settings you used? You said macro, and obvious it was window light, but would appreciate any extra details!

  85. Anju S says:

    “I know this videos like 45 minutes long”

    It’s 15

  86. Horo says:

    Awesome video! Definetely going to use some of these tips

  87. ول سايكو / All Psycho says:

    Can you take product photography without a macro lens ? I challenge you

  88. Douglas MacLaren says:

    Awesome info. Love it.

  89. bornunnusual says:

    who actually try to click cmd+W

  90. TimFromWales says:

    Can you do some more product and flat lay photo tutorials please!!!???

  91. Kilobyte selflearning says:

    Hey Peter, your video tutorials are very helpful, specially this one, being a amateur I am lil confused, can you please help me by giving some idea of shooting oxidised jewellery…

  92. SHia LeBoudsfgajygfyf says:


  93. Mitch Scott Johnson says:

    LOLLLL I am rolling at the Logan Paul comment

  94. ThumbzFPV says:

    I KNEW I recognized your shooting style from Theory11. Dope.

  95. Verdant Cafe says:

    Cool content!

  96. mejasond31 says:

    Two of my favorite things: Antiques and Photography!

  97. Toro says:

    what about fashion catalogues? does it need to be color accurate as the real items?

  98. smozzie24 says:

    Soooo inspiring, thank you

  99. ول سايكو / All Psycho says:

    yo pet do some more Product or food photography your tips and hacks all ways on point thanks

  100. Ayiam Diphrent says:

    God bless you and your kid. And the T-Shirt as well :P.

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