Présentation de notre projet
Présentation de notre projet

It’s PONG’s birthday I saw it this morning.
27th June is PONG’s birthday. It’s going to be the video intro !MOUAHAHA ! No it won’t ! So welcome everyone! We are the two co-founders of Mechanical Beer Software Mechanical Beer Software is made of two groups that have been merged together We are the founders of the first one We wanted to create a game (we’ll talk about it later) This game has codename: Skyscape The name’s going to change later but we don’t have a better one right now Here’s Pol at my side. He’s a developer No i’am an IT STUDENT I’m studying IT at HELMO We’re from Belgium *Bad jokes about belgian guys I study in Liège And I study computer graphics in Namur I already have a computer graphics certificate So I already know how to use graphic software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) Blender ?! I learn blender by myself. So I’m the graphic leader of the project In the beginning it was us and Skyscape (We will change the name later) So a graphic designer and a developer was a good starting point to develop a game Then at HELMO we were supposed to develop some tiny games as a homework. It gaves to some friend of mine the idea of making greater and bigger games At first I only wanted to give a little help We always loved to program little games (minecraft mods for example) There’s no living traces of this project (except a speedart done 6 years ago) *WIP*

4 thoughts on “Présentation de notre projet”

  1. Random Satsuki says:

    Faites un jeu pour mac ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Thomas Demoulin says:

    FAQ : Les 5 graphistes essayent-ils de garder un style commun ou chacun s'occupe d'une branche précise (décors, personnages, textures, etc) ?

  3. Hugo Adams says:

    FAQ :
    – En étant 8 membres, la communication entre ceux de Namur et ceux de Liège est-elle facile ? Par quel(s) moyen(s) communiquez-vous ?
    – Pensez-vous déjà développer d'autres jeux après la sortie de ces 2 premiers ? Ou se concentrer sur les 2 jeux existants, les poursuivre ?
    – Quels sont les avantages du statut "étudiant-entrepreneur" ?
    – Le jeu sera-t-il en anglais ou en français (ou autres) ?

  4. Xehanort358 says:

    Vends pano bouf arc bonta . mp no noob no arnac

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