hello and welcome I’m painting lovely
wild poppies today I found this little photo and I love the idea of the poppies
against the wall but of course I’m not painting the photo exactly as it is I
never really like to do that I like to take inspiration from the photo and then
do something else with it it’s kind of like being queen of the world and really
who doesn’t want to do that ?so what I did get from the photos was that idea
of having a bit of a stone wall in the background because I rather liked that
and I’m going to put in some sort of brick suggestions and then I’ve got a variety
of poppies in different sorts of heights and poses I guess so I’m just picking
and choosing and kind of making them up and arranging them where it suits me and
there’s so much to love about painting poppies because there are not just those
lovely papery petaled blooms but also those seed heads which are
delightful as they start as those curly buds but also the finished seed heads
are rather lovely shapes to draw too so I’m adding in some of those as well and
you can’t go past a poppy leaf they’re a rather fascinating wild and ragged shape
so those are going to be a lot of fun to paint
so I know I’m going to have the background and I want to start with a little bit of
a suggestion of that so I’m going to do that bit first and then I’m also
thinking about a bit of shadow I guess so I want to add some variety to the
colors for the background and also I’m going to add in a blue to give some
depth and sort of feeling of shadows to the base of the wall where those plants
are kind of touching and where the page is wet it’s going to run by itself and if it’s
not I’m going to encourage it to do that because I’m in that sort of a mood today
I’m in the mood to paint that bloom I love splashing in the red but I think
the red is more lively with a little bit of orange with it too so I’m going
in with all the reds and oranges that please me in the palette and as you can
see there’s some red and orange paint that’s wooshing off there into the wall
now if you’re a bit of a control freak or you are a realistic painter where you
prefer the realistic style of painting… well first of all you’re probably not
watching this video 🙂 but if you’re that way inclined that could be bothering you
a little but really I love that it gives me the sense of sunshine streaks and the
way when those poppies bend in the wind they kind of become one with their
environment of it and I think that’s what the watercolor is kind of showing
all on its own in fact I like that so much I was a little bit disappointed
later on that it’s quite a hot day and the paper has dried quite quickly so
that only happened naturally with that one tall bloom at the back there so I
went ahead and did some intentional runs yes
that’s just the way I roll! I loved those wooshes across the page of the color
spilling out from the subject so if you stay till the end you’ll see me creating
a few more of those happy accidents on purpose so I think I’ll
leave you now to watch the rest of these different poppies come together while
you listen to some lovely music thanks for watching if you enjoyed what you saw
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you next time


  1. Dixit Koteshwar says:

    Flowers looks very beautiful. Lovely painting

  2. Rubia Family says:

    Nice painting friend

  3. Adil Draws says:

    Wow! They look beautiful. Keep up the great work.

  4. Joni Young Art says:

    Really pretty Kerrie! I love poppies

  5. Pencil Connoisseur says:

    Nice painting!😁

  6. Sandy West says:

    Fabulous 🌸

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