Can I ask you, to do the introduction honors for us? Sure! Welcome to the wonderful world of aquascaping! Beautiful world! [Balazs] Yeah! [Laughter] He likes me! Shake hands! This was 50th, this was 46th. On photo it looks dangerous. The drawing came first? Yeah, the drawing came first, and then I did the tank based on that. Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Guys, I’m really excited today, because we’re gonna have probably the most exciting event, or one of the most exciting events at Green Aqua. We’re gonna have the Aquascaping Legends Series, to continue today. And our main guest today is non other, than probably the most successful aquascaper alive. He has 7 Grand Prizes, 2 of them are IAPLC Grand Prizes. He has numerous one-digit winnings. His name… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Josh Sim! Welcome to Green Aqua! [Josh] Hello everyone! Very glad to be here today. Setting up a tank at Green Aqua is a dream of every aquascaper. I’m very honored today, I’m invited today here, to fulfil my dream. Today, we’re going to recreate my 2017 Grand Champion tank, Congo. Framing a tank is a technique. So I’m gonna place too big woods on the two sides. They will guide the audience’s attention to the places I want them to see. First. Secondly, I want to get rid off all the distractions at the sides. This cutting, this surface is not nice. So we have to camouflage it a little bit. [Balazs] How much liquid superglue do you use there? As much as I need. I managed to cover the flat cutting surface. This wood is gonna be here. This will be our first frame. [Balazs] Aren’t you afraid that there’s not enough gap between the glass and the wood, so we are not able to… [maintain it] That is not my problem! It’s my problem from now. Yeah okay, I give you 1 centimeter. [Balazs] Thank you so much! [Josh] The Congo tank is a tree composition – left, right and center. This piece… I’m going to put it slightly towards the back. These two pieces will be in the front. The end point, or my focus point will be roughly here. And when we say Golden Ratio, it is normally a two and three division – at that line. But you never need to measure it. Just don’t do it too centered and don’t do it too much to one side. I like your scissors. [Balazs] – Trading scissors.
[Josh] – Yeah okay. Oh, this one is so much better! [Laughter] We really like to use the ADA curved scissors and they are really nice . You should always trim all these tangling bits. They do nothing to your scape! So we’re gonna tie this one and this one. Wet the wood a little bit, so the moss can stay on it easier. Try to tie it as thin as possible. In fact, I want to say, gluing is fine actually. I’m just a very old-school guy and I don’t like gluing so much. [Audience] Is there any concern at all, that the first layer of moss might rot? Where I put on the second layer, I’m not having a first layer. I’m just putting the second layer on the spots that I did not cover during the first layer. Don’t mind the sound! [Laughter] Nice sound! [Laughter] Remember, only 1 centimeter for him, not more. If it floats, that is on you! [Laughter] You failed! [Laughter] Has to be lower, because we will have one more layer of soil on top and remember that we don’t want to cover this thing. [Balazs] Maybe you want this. I’m a dirty guy! I like to feel the material. [Audience] I’m just wondering, what could be a substitution for the bottom layer of a substrate? The substitution is not for the nutrients, but for the airy parts. [Audience] Yes. Use lava rocks, to provide some air to the soil. And then you save some soil. Soil is expensive. [Balazs] You are covering the background. [Laughter] I will find a piece of wood, to camouflage this surface. [Balazs] Josh, do you believe in the odd and even numbers in the tanks? This rule, to use the odd numbers is more important for Iwagumis. I told Tommy, that I want it to be leant forward, because I want this place to be dark. And this will be bright. So it is having a good contrast. [Balazs] You do not have the end though, cause you just covered it with a… [Josh] Eeh… [Laughter] Congo has two paths. One to the right, one to the left. Two paths are okay, but we should not have two open areas at the end. So I will leave this one open, totally open. On this side, I’ll try to cover it with something else. I give you one more chance! [Laughter] I’m just putting in some smaller woods, to make the woods look like “this is another dimension”. Can you tell us, what is your relationship with Fukada San and Dave Chow? Fukada yes, I’m very close to him. He is still a Master to me. But of course we don’t show each other our tanks. [Balazs] Why not? Emm.. He doesn’t want to show it to me, so I don’t show him. [Laughter] With Dave, it’s not so much about scaping. We talk about other stuff. [Balazs] Like girls. [Josh] No! I can’t say that on camera, so no! [Balazs] So what is your purpose with these small rocks? These rocks will help to stabilize the woods. What I’m doing now is that I’m trying to shape the path now. [Balazs] What kind of sand would you like to use? I’ve chosen the La Plata, because I think the grain size is nice. I don’t like to use a type of sand that is too fine. [Balazs] Basically, if you’re looking at the tank now, it looks like it’s covered all in sand. I cannot even see – maybe one or two spots of Amazonia in the background. I like to use the sand to fill out all the gaps. And the sand is free. Today. What I’ve done during this lunch break, is that I added the roots. This is to add some more details. And what I’ve done also, is that I added these few woods. So I want this portion to be a little bit more compact. I brought this from Malaysia. This has some vines. Rongsu is the name. The skin is not very lasting. It will start to peel. But it doesn’t matter. I think once it starts to peel, it adds a little more detail to your tank. So normally I like to twist it aroud the main root. Just like what I did here. At home, I just put on a cable tie, because I know that it will be above my water level. But in Green Aqua, we cannot show cable ties. So I will glue it. Along the rock, there will be hairgrass. Above the hairgrass, there will be moss. The Anubias will mostly be covering the head of all these trees. [Balazs] How densely do you want to plant in the beginning? [Josh] I think it’s always good to plant as dense as possible. In the beginning, the algae problem will be easier to control, if you have more plants, because they help the water to to get cycled very fast. [Balazs] Why do you use weeping moss on the top and Christmas at the bottom? At the bottom, I wanted a cover. The weeping moss, cannot make a cover. It cannot cover a large area, it is just growing straight down. One string. And when we are putting the moss inn, we try to cluster them. The first layer is always the white sand in front. The second layer is the rock layer. And then this tree, the big chunk of wood, is the third layer. Some plants here, as the fourth layer. And of course the endpoint is the fifth layer. These plants, you can just slot them into all the cracks that you find. Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green’ It will grow this tall. So I’m gonna plant it slightly towards the back. The planting has to be balanced. Mr. Amano told me, whatever plant you have on the left, you must have it on the right too. For example, on the right side you can plant more of it. On the left side, you can plant just a little bit. Hairgrass, I will plant a little bit along the rocks. And if you noticed the way I planted the hairgrass, I never plant them in a line, a straight line. And if you check my IAPLC tank, if you count, or if you see the IAPLC booklet about how many plants I use. It is always thirteen. [Balazs] Thirteen? Thirteen. [Balazs] That is your lucky number?! Yes. [Audience] Why did you use so much Amazonia, if you plant in the sand. Amazonia – even if you don’t plant it -, it releases nutrients. And Amazonia soil is also a very good buffer, it keeps the water acidic. It looks like Vallisneria to me. They are different. [Balazs] We have made a mistake and you have to take it out, because we don’t want… [Josh] Yeah! [Balazs] …and you spotted that it’s not Cyperus helferi. It was a test for Josh. You passed the test! You are going to test us on the next week, when you will have the IAPLC seminar. And we are testing you today before that. Okay, fair! [Balazs] And also guys, you have to know, that next week, Josh is going to help us on the YouTube channel. He is going to have the best tutorial in the Green Aqua history so far. So stay with us next week, contest tank seminar coming up from Josh. Done! Master Josh Sim! Congratulations again for your 2109 IAPLC prize, it’s great! So we’ll see you next week! Subscribe to the Green Aqua YouTube channel, if you didn’t do so yet! And until next week, goodbye! Bye! [Applause]


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