Photography Tips Techniques and Tutorials
Photography Tips Techniques and Tutorials

Can you see that lovely kind of soft little droplets of light, they’re just kind of wrapping themselves around Lorna, we need to use a shutter speed at least as fast as the lens is long. Excellent. Make sure everything lines up, you don’t want a wonky horizon, don’t just whip your camera up and snap, look around the view finder and line things up and squeeze the shutter and bingo. what was a totally forgettable picture has now become something much more
interesting, remember the f number gets bigger as the aperture gets smaller, I’ve gone from eleven to nineteen. Now my row of dots are in the middle, take the picture, fantastic. During that time the clouds will move through the sky and I’m hoping that movement will kind of de cord. See how those clouds have become a blur, did you know that there is a brilliant
little piece of magic that lives inside Photoshop that will allow you to do some very complex things to an image or many images with just one or possibly two clicks, like that. Awesome, that’s a really lonely up in the sky kind of a shot, maybe your crane driver feels like that, I don’t know Use a long-ish lens and a wide aperture and you can start to pin point your depth of field and make a blurry background, so if I focus on the cappuccino and take a picture, it looks like that, and that’s a really cool looking shot. So theses are all the things to keep watching for all the time as you’re photographing, look at that, that’s just so beautiful, that’s really beautiful. The light is what’s making it. The only thing I do know I need and that’s a cup of coffee after all this wandering around, Why’s it all the best things in life make the moustache sticky?

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  1. shekhar suman says:

    out of the world

  2. John O'Neill says:

    The best things in life; are either illegal, immoral or fattening!

  3. yujin landscape photography. says:

    Really great video, hello!!!! Mike.

  4. Colin Gill says:

    Can you please help changed to live view went to focus using AF button instead of focusing it took the picture ——- whats going on [ D300] nikon used

  5. kitschiguy says:

    The best things in life make your moustache sticky – so true…

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