Photography Tips: How to find the right camera settings – think like a photographer

hello all you lovely boys and girls out
there in photography land this week only show you a little film
where we’re gonna go through taking couple of images but I’m gonna explain what I’m thinking
as I do it now cameras a marvelous piece of
equipment but on their own they can’t do anything they need to input
Leonardo da Vinci’s brushes and pigments could not have
created the Mona Lisa without him now I have created a new seven-week
downloadable photography course which really goes in depth into this thought
process behind every single image that you gonna take
it’s called the same building blocks of photography just search for seven
building blocks a photography you find a place five hours the videos as work
sheets there’s masses of good stuff this is a big subject and I promise it will revolutionize your
photography but anyway without further do let’s go and have a look of me shooting a couple of images as i
talk you through what I’m doing and what I’m thinking in
order to achieve the image that I want which camera
settings should I use the question we hear quite a lot so I thought I’d take you through a
thought process which i use and I ask myself questions by asking
those questions the answers to its settings they kinda
arise naturally now I’m assuming you’ve watched most the
other videos in the different sections that we’ve already got on the site let’s just do it
suppose I got this little boat sitting here in
the sunshine which I hope is gonna last we got other boats going on the
background it’s all really quite nice let’s say I want to take a picture of that first question how do I want it to look do I want to include lots
background or just the boat do i want to have a
shot front to back old or just wanna have a shallow depth of field looking at
the boat by asking these questions it will tell
me which lens to use and where to stand go and watch the
lenses film particularly the ones about focal length then you’ll
understand what I’m talking about the the shot im gonna take I’m gonna have a fairly wide angle shot
with the boat strong in the foreground and what’s
going on in the background kinda and not quite so important i wanna
try and include as much of the sky as I can as possible so that’s gonna give me a wide angle
lens by getting fairly close to the boat that is going to make the boat strong
very much the subject to the picture right so I have my wide angle lens on I have already set it to its widest focal length: that 10 millimetres in
this case so the next thing is to have a look and
find the composition he’s gonna tell me where I’m gonna need
to set the zoom but I think i want it shortest I’ll move myself backs and forwards to
get the composition now ideally I’d like to be about four
feet that way but I cant so I just hope I don’t fall in and if I do you can have a laugh at my expense if
you wanna come around here Janey has them yeah 10 mill was fine and I’m just lucky
that this is probably a good spots on a move back a shuffle and just focus on the boat so what I’m gonna do is put the boat in the kind lower left third in the shot and then those boats
over there on the opposite upper opposite of the frame so I can see quite clearly that’s gonna
work beautifully okay next question what light am i In . I’m in sunshine so that’s gonna give me
my white balance setting isn’t it put onto the sunny setting the next
question is how much depth of the fields do I want well for this honor
shot landscape I’m on lot so that the field I wanted to be
very sharp indeed said that is gonna tell me which
aperture to useif i want lots of sharpness then i want a small aperture just wanna go to F-sixteen and I go to
the smallest aperture lot because the lens will perform better
if I don’t push it to its extremes that’s gonna tell me my depth the field the next question is which shutter speed
doing i need because the aperture is going to govern
that and it’s also going to have an impact on eyesight so again looking through the
viewfinder you can’t do this just kinda pointing at the ground and looking in
the back look through the viewfinder with the
shot composed and see what shutter speed on getting I’m getting an 80th of a second
F-sixteen in this light and my eye ISO on 200 which is the
lowest the best quality the best colors and everything else so I don’t need to change it if I needed
a faster shutter speed I would have to increase my ISO I can
to get that why would I need a faster shutter speed
you need to have a fast enough speed to freeze any camera shake those a
little movements come watch the camera shake film that will explain it so there we go by asking myself those
questions I know what my camera settings are are now put them onto the camera got my
aperture my shutter speed I’ve got my white balance all set
and I know that I can use my finest my ISO all I have to do now easily now over the
water focus on the boat compose my shot and take the picture there it is so there you go there’s one that’ll set
of questions for that particular shot and those
questions by asking myself a given myself the settings I need for
the camera can find a different scenario something kinda interesting me over here if you can see and we got this pontoon
with these boats tied up to it and in the middle of it there are some
flowers and I quite like there’s some sort of safety ratings
record low lifesaver rings now quite like the light on those sites
those like saber rings and and the flowers either side it’s a real sort of
boaty sort of a key sighed thing think the sun’s
going so like the light on them but doesn’t matter I’ll keep talking you through
the shot maybe the Sun will come out okay that’s the shot I’m gonna go for
what I’m seeing in my mind is something to do with those rings with
the plant either side maybe some boats in the background
something to say this the big boat you know bring it together first think think
about the composition hand we wanted to look and that’s my first question well
obviously i’ve got the soft background so i want a shallow dept of field I wanna make those boats in the distance
probably come this way a little bit so that I can line up my an orange life bouys to do that i’ve gotta think about where do i
think is really simple to line the shot up you just move yourself around and
look with your eyes now on this or moving up and down here and I think to get I reckon from about here I’m gonna get the the life boys and the
bit the plants and then some boats in the background ok where have you gone are you over there she keeps doing that she moves and im not ready
for it so i turn around to talk to you and fung you’re over there right now to achieve that shot that’s
gonna give that’s gonna tell me which lens to use im gonna need a long lens because obviously I
can’t climb over there but even if I could I want to compress
perspective I want to suck everything together a bit and I want a very narrow field review
because I want to try and mess things like that Deepwater life jackets available sign on
the pontoon and also the lifebuoy which is hanging
on that pole Just in from to the third little boat in
I don’t want them in their so I want a narrow narrow field of view
i want to look like looking down a drainpipe like this I
don’t know why it feel to be on to narrow field a few again gonna look our lenses films this
the focal length for will tell you all about that the focal length: explained I think it’s
called anyway long lens so I can get my camera with a long lens on it try not to trash everything in the
process only is my longest focal length and the
set zoom as long as possible act I have to move further away then so
be it the long long as they will keep the field of view narrow so
let’s try and set my in the Hudson click them standing up now I think
that’s about right actually getting closer so many as close
as I can because I want to make sure I can
exclude that dep water life jackets from the shot just focused up and have a
look through yeah I’m shuffle this way a tiny bit im lining the shot up nicely yes good I can
I can just about achieve the shot im after so focus on the the no sorry than getting ahead of
myself arent i on how much depth of the field do I want a very shallow depth of the field
because I want the rings to be nice and sharp but i want
either side of them to be a bit soft so that’s gonna tell me
which aperture I need because the wider the aperture the shallower the depth of the field so I’m gonna set my widest aperture
that is the lowest F number okay so now I can have a little look
through the viewfinder again with the shot all composed and see what
shutter speed I’ve got now with a very wide aperture obviously tons at light is coming in so have a
very for most shutter speed let’s have a look at my
ISO again I’m down on 200 ISO if it was dark you know why it would be
good if the Sun had gone in cuz I have been able to show you that I’ll find a
way to in a minute they’ve been dark I would have had to
make sure that my shutter speed was faster the 200 for the second
because my lens is set to 200 millimetres I’m gonna need the
200 for the second to ensure I don’t get camera-shake any wobble lost on taking the
picture but as it happens with my len says it
F-four with isn’t quite my widest aperture but
there you go I’m gonna focus on the lifebuoys I’ve gotta 1500 the second with the shot
composed so that’s pretty cool let’s just know
it’s windy squeeze of shot and there you go so that’s what I was looking at by
asking myself those questions how do I want the picture to look it’s given me the settings i need my
camera to make sure the exposure is correct and
I won’t get camera shake et cetera subscribe to our YouTube channel to be
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