Photography Tips: How to find photos when the location’s ‘boring’.

trying to find interesting images somewhere which is
every day which is normal for you can be very very difficult its
it’s very hard to see pictures somewhere that you’ve already
done to death so it’ll be interesting to come out here into the forest where I live and see
what I can find we’ll just go for a walk and try and find two or three interesting pictures and talk you through what I’m doing as I look for them now you might be thinking but mike you’re in a forest, for goodness sake with nice light and a bit of autumn colour starting to happen, a bit of blue sky and that’s completely true people travel
from all over the country and from further afield to come
here and visit the New Forest but for me I’ve done it to death I’ve
lived here for a long long long time I’ve seen it all before it’s very hard to get inspired
about somewhere where you’ve seen it all before i’ve just come back from our myanmaur workshop and I think the images I took out there
are some the best I’ve ever taken and it’s because I was so buzzing, the adrenaline was pumping so hard that it came out in the pictures to let’s have a little let’s see what
the key is to get yourself inspired to go find some interesting images somewhere that is every day and normal for you. I find the key to finding pictures is to notice
something that interests you and then take lots of pictures of it, and as you take shots you’ll start to look at them and think mm that worked, that didn’t quite work. Now I’ve come here cause i’m interested by this pools of light on the ferns, I like the colours, the lights coming towards me so that back lit, i’m gonna be shooting into the light not gonna have to move fairly quickly with this because the
lights changing the Suns moving shadows already coming across this since I first
noticed it which will help with my exposure so
let’s just see what can we do to start getting of focus here we go, I wanna see how close I can get because I wanna look along this little piece of fern, I can’t go as close as that. but i do like the colors in the light on a
shallow depth to feel so im using my widest possible aperture I’m using f4 what’s my shutter speed this is all part
my seven building blocks for photography right among the three hundred the second
shutter speed the lens 55 so I can take my iso down a bit, let’s go down I was on 800 actually, here we go im on 400 ive got a 150th of a second with a 50 mm lens nice and fast wont get camera shake. lets get this shot in the bag quick before, here we go and there we go, it’s just a nice little picture and as we walk around things will build
things ideas will start to grow but there’s one quite like the light down here too, these little ferns down here are now back lit, it’s quite interesting. Keep looking around all the time when you’re in an environment because things change its which wasn’t there earlier something
some close up the stuff but just like the thought of all yes they look lovely what does my
histogram have to tell me says I’m a bit dark so I just wanna increase my exposure a bit I don’t to peak in the highlights there
we go that’s looking really nice with the XT one other histogram display
in the viewfinder so I can increase my exposure that like how am I
gonna do that I’m gonna do my shutter speed if I can because I
don’t want to a big depth of field I want it nice and shallow I also want to get on with it because the lights going to change, I like that its a much more woodland feel shot make sure my cameras level and take it. what was my shutter speed? 80th at 55, little bit dodgey im gonna take my iso up little bit as a safety shot was quite nice little or Tom nope
woodland shot I think something which is just draw my eye are these little red berries sitting up here, red and green they work really really
well together they’re good colors and the light as you can see is smacking into my
face here but for the berries their backlit now
the angle you’re looking at them from they look kinda dull particu- when you
get a little bit closer when you come on the other side and put
the light behind them yeah its transformational isn’t it really different to how we gonna shoot
the shot well I am thinking my way through and I’m thinking with my focal
length because I wanna longer focal X I want to isolate these berries against
the background I took a test shot with the wider lens at fifty-five Mil
and I don’t like having that black heavy tree trunk going on in the shot it just
kinda disturbs me shoot test shots new get yourself more inspired and motivated as you look at them asking for help after questions so how
would we go about the shot what we gonna think well im gonna think a longer focal length with the narrow field of
view so I can lose the tree trunk I didn’t like i want a shallow depth the field, that leads me to wide aperture exactly see so simple isn’t it? see stack this stuff together what exposure? well they’re back lit we could have an issue I don’t know just gonna have to have a look so lets try it I’ve got my longer lens on which is the on that works the one that looks right well from here got my I was a Sr 55-200 lens on at the moment as I’m just
to close so I need to move back I’m gonna come back and shoot from over
here somewhere just focus on my berries now what’s my
exposure doing to sum up do quite like the XT one is I
can look at a histogram in the viewfinder I was need to make sure I have not lens
flare this is really worth checking in I just little around the front there’s a little bit like just touching
the bottom of the glass but it’s only a tiny bit I think we’ll be okay I cant see any lens flare in the view finder so focus up on the berries what’s my
exposure telling me looks on FB care folks that don’t wanna
burn out the highlights blood on a black but shadow day so I’m just gonna take my spies it down a bit into my
histogram showing the most minimal amount at Peking on the
right hand and focus on my barry’s and check my shop speed which is at 210 because I’m already using almost 800 ISO I don’t want cameras
check and no one would I know it’s bright and sunny but what’s
going on over there his dark is woodland so you know I’m think it through that’s one way of doing things on just
thinking how would it look if we shot a vertical shot because I
think they look quite nice this is all about you know keep practicing to get
itself inspired try different options and keep playing with them kick that stool at least a nice two day
it was windy it be wandering around in dreadful okay how we go how we doing all Macy’s I moved back to get a little bit
of little bit at the overhanging holy into my shot turn it kinda frames
and I sorta like that actually yeah try again but holy later in the frame here we go sorry the main pit with the
berries later in the frame a donut for cropland Leafs I see how
long I’m spending fiddling looking in the viewfinder and this is
why I find you gonna do this stuff on your own because if you are out
walking with your partner or a friend you wanna drive them
absolutely insane insight one more in close out very very
careful going into lens flare okay let’s take that one
from their focus now I know I could crop this in
Lightroom or Photoshop or something but I want to make up on you here in the
sunshine during this tough don’t forget to look all around I’m praying at the ground because I’m
gonna find some their fungus is one hand is a little one Canon here
little tiny fungus was lost in the leaves but the light is coming across from the side
which is flowing nicely cross is giving a shape
and the circular form so against all those leaves just kinda
works really really nicely how we gonna shoot this
how we gonna do it well hun sinking they several ways for
small issues unusual angle wide-angle let’s go to eighty millimeter
lens this get down low he’s my little sleepy
out screen because easier than trying to lie on the floor
when we look at trees stuff going on over there we got nice light at the
moment I would be fairly quick I wanna put I wanna look sideways on and my little
mushroom since we might were focus point where I
want to be a single point were focus week I am focus on the mushroom that
looks so cool release British an idiot the field on using f/2.8 I got the camera almost on the
ground I’m going is close to the shroom as I
can lucca the hat I really really like that it’s
just a different sort of an angle now it suggests that there’s a leaf not
seeking a swim pop copper those leaves why so we’ve got
a little bit more height now whether this will work with
roaches really I don’t know we will find out Cooper fair I can see
most awk I much prefer that and we got the leaves
and all that stuff we got tonight to scattering focus bit too
close come on you get static likes here we go as my focus their the seagram a veranda gotta find the
place now the cameras getting exposure
absolutely spot-on all on the site I have had to adjust in
any way I’m using up to purchase at the camera do with it has another way we teach you
this handout from above because we’ve got this this shape spots
leaves back in there because I’m modified it did not doing this or to
make it look different to the rest of the forest floor cuz we got the circular shape against
the leaves the line is going across a is gonna that really great so how about
shooting from above extend the lens a bit get it’s not my
son dignified place I know it’s looking good is looking good
by histogram says it’s about Ryan sentences could be brighter now and then the
brightest on the right now then I this but we got lovely 9c for get closer EC gotta find the place way a shot works that’s already have today I really kinda
like that because its shake thing circular against early see how simple that was
songs using what F fall 55 millimetres that’s all there is to it really is net
symbols you know what I actually started to cry enjoy that as
we got going before he came and started filming I was
kinda dreading shooting in the forest in finding a good pitches and I did I
really enjoyed it you should remain are kinda 5 myself up
about an environment I know only too well so I hope that’s when are some help to
Oceania few techniques if it’ll ideas I know now and many people say mike has
a beautiful part I get it I get it I get it many have you live in a place that you
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