Photography Tips: Full Frame & Crop Sensor Cameras

I think very often come and talk to you
about the differences between crop sensor and full frame sensor sort of professional level cameras and also to
prosummer top ends sort of beginner camera so I thought we probably have a littile chat about it
so i’ve lost people’s interest and they’ve asked lots of questions somewhere we go here well we got
kits and I like both and they’re both mine so like I really like this kit and I
really like this kit but what’s the difference well this is my old
D300 is a crop sensor camera I’ve had it for ages you can be seen
in masses and masses the film’s the its performed brilliantly why did I
buy a crop sensor camera it’s because why not? it’s kind of when first got into digital photography they weren’t really
from frame DSLR’s or any crop sensor so i already got crop sensor lenses so that’s
really what I went with I am also when I spoke to my friend Adam
Scorey whos Group Editor for our trip photography
magazines and what should I buy he said it’ll be a great camera just go buy one
just get on with it and I’m lazy i cant be bother to do research that’s really why I ended up with the
crop sensor camera and so long as the picture is a great I don’t care i’m happy so on the D 300 I’ve got my set 18 to 70 the F 5.6 zoom which is a stonking the good
little lens it has done really really well it came as part of kit a on a d70 very very inexpensive in picking up on
eBay for next to nothing these days but they’re very very good 70 -210 my old
7210 zoom now this is actually for full frame its
from thirty five-millimeter days but it’s still a stonking can lens and I’ve
you see on my digital’s for a long long time because
why go and spend more money if you don’t need to it’s a great little outfit 18 to 200
millimetres all covered deal done over here we got the D 600 body full frame sensor
more mag pixels dont know how many of you worried about it go look it up Im it
sorry doesn’t interest me enough on on the front to that about the 24-70 f2.8 Nikkor zoom an expensive piece a
glass very very nice lens next here got the
70-200 f2.8 nikkor zoom this is the and that this is
the VR it’s not the VR 2 it’s not the second
version it’s the earlier version all full frame good stuff so there are
pros and cons to this what are the pros and cons well lets start over here with a full frame
stuff first well one is by having full-frame and a wide 2.8 aperture you have got a much much shallower depth the field so
these less depth of the field why is less depth of the field good if you want to get a blurry background
really really focusing on something so that it stands and the shot less that
the field is a good thing having a bigger a sensor for more megapixels
and a better ISO performance which this has
combined with the wider apperture means it’s really great for shooting in low
light levels I can get away with much much lower light levels and still have a
nice steady shot without having to resort to flash using this outfit then I can with this
one that’s probably about it on the upside as far as I’m concerned
I’m sure there are many you view that we think we must be many more technical
reasons but many interesting what I can do with it
to achieve the pictures i want what about the pros of this set well we just said that is less depth of the field what are the pros at this is more debt
to field you got a smaller the sensor you got a little bit more that the
field going on so why is that good if it was bad somewhere else it’s not so much good and
bad but if you want more depth of the field maximum depth of the field the smaller sensor could
be easily help you achieve that tricky when you use it with
a smaller aperture you know high F number thats that one other pros of-course obviously the
one of the really big pros of this is you’re not gonna have to move it to
children in order to buy everything in a big dent in your wallet you can still go
on holiday in do stuff like that there’s not much to
choose between the two why did I upgrade because this is well well hammered and technology moves
only luddite like me has to move with that technology otherwise just get left behind you start to find the image files won’t
work in new software you can open thing to start have problems with
conflicts like that so yes time to move on and I need a camera
that wasnt in completely shag and worned out there are things about both which I like to one other thing say with the
2.8 lens just what im saying you get a very shallow depth the failed I have to make this film as quickly as
possible because lorna is sitting over there filming me a back is hurting the happens to all camera
operators doesn’t it lorna she got a very very stern look on her face and
look at the size of this of this cake ever seen such a whopper lorna wants
to eat it with her coffee and and im gonna have some too
but first let me just show you what I mean so let’s say I wanna let me just
compare briefly and the difference between the
lens is not going to which takes about a picture we will be done a film about
that will you get a better picture out before a half thousand pounds camera lens
and you will have a you know cheapy old cluncker we made that
film there’s a link under in the text below an on screen at the moment if you wanna
go check it out so I’m not going into that territory let’s say I was gonna take a little
close up shot like the colorful cups on like the to the cake let’s say I want to do
something like that so lets start with the shorter lengths let’s just
stick it about 50 millimetres let’s say i wanna take a shot I wanna get like the
edge of this cup no lets say I wanna go yea edge of the cup shot in the stuff
behind soft so lets just see what i can do now if we get in here and I
can focus in back here and I F 2.8 and and I got the phone on the coffee shop and
pretty much everything else is soft got lovely kind of soft thing
well happens if we try the same thing using the crop sensor and the consumer
lens do the same thing about 70 millimetres here i was using f2.8 because I got a
wider aperture this camera I’m using 5.6 on here sorry I’m not using I am 5.6 let’s see what happens can i still focus
at the same distance now smaller sensor making the lens seem a
bit longer so to move back a bit here we go im gonna do this one level not gonna tilt the
camera so you can see the two shots I wanna bit closer focus focus I think that is roughly shot I took just have a
quick look yeah very similar shots you can see
when you compare them there’s a slight softer background using the D 600 there
is but the D300 shots are very very similar its
kind of like is the extra price worth it what happens
we put a longer lens on lets just see what happens because there’s
a downside to the full frame in my opinion lets just put our 70 to
200 on and the’re not thanking me as I actually made the
move they’re such nice people i said im sorry we about to start filming they’re thanking the cafe now put that on there forgive me guys something which a lot of photographers I noticed do is a very very anti changing lenses to
get shots that sometimes you gotta change lens to get the shot that you want dont be
lazy if you need to change lens to get something just get on and do it look it didnt take that
long did it ive just change two lenses on two different cameras lets have a go to the same sort of shot let’s see if we can get a fairly close with the coffee in the cake and all the
rest a bit first of use the long lens now this to me is a big downside
sometimes I can’t is difficult to focus them because
things are really really soft when you’re using 2.8 let me just see now I wanna get
a nice close shot already I can’t focus there I can get close enough to compose the
shot I want i dont want that in it so im moving it so gonna come back here where can I be to focus I gotta come all the way back
here before I can focus the camera in the place I want it I got that
focused still not focusing can be tricky there we go let’s give it
a shot there it looks very very similar to the shot I just took with the other
lens didnt it ? but that’s not the shot i want the shot on I want I
can achieve with this camera because this one will let me focus in a lot
lot closer lets tilt the other way so that
you can see I’m not cheating I’m gonna change the
angle we’re gonna go coffee cup to coffee cup the bit of cake in the corner maybe here we go let’s go a bit higher look you look how much closer in I can focus I’m not gonna tilt it i aint
gonna tilt it again because the shot looks horrid if i do now I can
fill the frame with the cup and this lens will focus in
closer so it’s a case of weighing up the cost
and what it’s worth to you image files colors things like that you
can have a better colors your gonna have nicer quality image files out have the more
expensive camera but I didn’t notice the difference if you pictures just look how online or
something like that tiny different email may not notice a if we compare Cup with
ease on screen now I dont know if in the video you can see the
difference between the consumer pro-sumer camera and the
expensive camera lens if you wanna check it out go to my
website link on screen and in the text below the video you can go and download
these files look at them yourself so you can kind of
compare them but the expensive camera that will be nicer colors you will get better image quality in
shot in its extremities like very small aperture is in very long focal lengths with the expensive a
kid that’s what you’re paying for but is it gonna be enough difference to
justify the cost as I say we got what three and a half thousand pounds I guess hear
something like that possibly more depending when you’re
buying new or second-hand versus about seven hundred and fifty quid going on here I’m not saying one’s bad because I’m always talking about using
the cheaper kit I’m not saying it’s bad bad and wrong its its is is is not a good thing to buy
expensive stuff I’m just saying don’t sell your soul to the devil to buy it because you’re better off to upgrade the
photographer and understand how to use the tools that you have than to go rushing often buy something
more expensive invest thousands of pounds cause you may be disappointed because you can
see there’s inst a huge difference between images taken by either of those
I just I want to touch on so the say guys you can download these image files
yourself go and have a look and this is Jpegs and I’m leaving
them at full size full resolution so you can sorta see the size difference
the pixels make et cetera hope that was a value to you
I know its a bit wofly but that’s cause i wanna eat some cake taken some
coffee see you later guys subscribe to our YouTube
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