Photography Tips: Bad Light, Long Lens & Flowers
Photography Tips: Bad Light, Long Lens & Flowers

great Jimmy turn an ich bin de put
sprout I see any German I know so I’m here in Switzerland has been running the
Zurich masterclass and it’s been brilliant you may have been thinking
that doesn’t look like England so let’s pose something let’s suppose the muses
are upon you you want to go out with your camera the
sun shining you want to take some pictures but look at the light on my
face the sun’s way up there that means it’s not very good lighted it
nonetheless you’ve got the muses upon you you’re
feeling creative you want to take pictures so how about this over here
we’re just walking down the road and just sort of saw this little nursery
here where they’ve got you know there’s some flowers there’s some poppies and
stuff like that they’re not in the best condition that they are pretty colors
the light isn’t in the right place but we still might be able to make a picture
with them I just could go and ask these guys if they mind if I took some
pictures so I’ll see you in a minute it’s amazing what you can get if you
just ask if you got the balls it’s got someone say hey guys do you mind if I
take some pictures of your flowers it’s amazing how helpful people can be
in fact we’re just in time but just fitted or don’t be too long though
because we’re coming out to cut the remaining flower heads off these poppies
are not in the best condition many of them have gone to seed but there is some
color and I think that by really looking by searching we can find a shot this is
about using your eyes looking around now the light isn’t that brilliant it’s very
very hot as I said earlier so let’s do a little bit of exploring let’s see what
happens but the Sun is kind of over here so my first thought is let’s see what
they look like backlit with the light coming behind them so I’ve already got
my 55 to 200 millimeter lens on I think I’m going to need that why would I need
that and not as wide angle lens for example well look at all the stuff
that’s around here so exactly the most pretty background is it we may want to
lose that think what are the properties of a long lens they have a narrow field
of view don’t they what else can you do with them I’m not telling you you’re
going to think about it I’ll tell you in a minute first let’s see if I can find a
flower that works so they’re pretty thin on the ground because most of them are
gone to see luckily they’ve just been watered so if
we’re quick we might get a few little sparkly raindrops but the thing is if
you’re not down here at these you may see that there’s mostly oranges but
there’s a few pale colored ones they’re going to stand out in amongst the others
so I’m going to see if I can do a pale colored one this is gonna be more
difficult because they’re sitting there mostly eyes let me try shooting this
pale one here looking that way see what happens I’m going to get down here I’ll
show you through this camera what I’m looking at if I can find it there it is
bear with me while I get this focused up all right I’ve got it on the wrong focus
mode preparation is everything right that’s focused let’s just roll a bit of
video and it’s now chained to the focus the trials and tribulations of high tech
right that should now be in the right place roll video good okay so there’s
our pale colored poppy now as you can see with the lens shorter we’ve got a
load of that polytunnel over there we don’t really want that do we so what
happens are we start to zoom it in now it’s going to go a bit out of focus
possibly because I can’t focus and zoom right but you can see the flower we want
now there’s some nice orange bits here and stop the video and refocus so it’s a
bit better for you focus and we video that looks better doesn’t it see playing
around with your focus with your depth of field starts get interesting I think
I want to go this way a bit and go a bit lower and maybe zoom in a bit now it’s
better it’s going out of focus again okay we focus also you see with the long
lens and the shallow depth of field you’re going to move a tiny bit and
suddenly you move your own shots out of focus so it’s going to be something like
that sorry about the blurriness I’m not
focusing and redoing it again let’s take a test shot and see what happens but
you’ve seen why I wanted to use the longer focal length longer focal length
narrow depth of field it also has sorry narrower field of view but it also had
a shallow depth-of-field one app to do we want think on it what aperture gives
you a shallow depth of field a wide one so let’s focus on the flower this is
gonna be tricky because they’re moving in the breeze so I’m actually going to
pop it on to continuous focus mode so if I hold the single point dot on to the
flowers the flower moves hopefully it’ll hold it nicely in focus
the problem is Ross the Fuji is a stunningly good little camera I find the
autofocus is a little bit ponderous and slow that’s not bad how’s that that’s
not bad but a little bit of color let’s come around here and down see if we get
a bit more come on focus up we Don that breeze now what I am seeing is yeah it’s
not a bad picture it looks quite nice but I think the light is not great let’s have a look see what we can find from the other end it’s all about trying things
out I’m only really trying one test because I do on the video to be too long
look I’ve wet my trousers can you see that
no I’ve wet my trousers my mum told me I wasn’t that out in public because to wet
my trousers right about this one here look we’ve got a little pale one just
here and it’s facing into the light almost that might if we’re lucky just
work now we’ve got to get low I want to see if I can sandwich it depth of field
sandwich you may have seen that video because we got orange here and we got
orange there so let’s see if I can line it up with the composition to get this
soft pale one sharp soft in the background big challenge this is one for
you to try at home viewers so it’s from another little go this shot if I can get
myself lined up so forgive me I expect the focus will go all over the place
well I’m trying to get myself set up you can see this is all real
world because you’re having to wait for me to do things right video are you
swine you see that the focus moved again right good sorry viewers I’ll be back in
a minute I’ve got a tech issue there we go take issue sold right so you can see
here’s our little poppy now now if I make the lens shorter it’s getting too
messy isn’t it it’s like we’ve got bits of glass house bits of wall something at
the end there it’s not really what we want we want to keep that tight so let’s
just zooming in on to are chosen poppy now I think there’s a couple of kind of
ways we can go I can’t like the sort of getting it in close so we got it’s
really sort of to the side of it with the orange strong in the foreground
could even move to the right a bit and spread it out and put it in the middle
either one kind of works notice these little tiny movements I’m making that is
called controlling your composition composition is a function of arms and
legs hands and knees and moving a body around it’s about using your brain it’s
about thinking it’s about using the seven building blocks of photography I
know I bang on about it the cameras don’t take pictures you do and it’s the
way you think about your pictures and think each shot through that will tell
you your camera settings I’m going to display my camera settings on this video
but there are no real value to you whatsoever because if you put those
settings on your camera trying to shoot the same picture the chances are they’re
not going to work they probably won’t work for me if I shoot the same picture
in five minutes time you need to visualize and find the picture use your
seven building blocks think the shots through and that will tell you the
settings you need to use you have to learn what the settings do first so
let’s take our shot right pop that back on to continuous focus mode so hopefully
if there’s a wobble it will track my little plan right of course the moment I
spoke we got a wobble didn’t we the breeze has just picked up right come on
you get in focus that’s of course the flowers turned its
back to me if you have a look that see hopeless
come on breeze stopped blowing I may even go move the pot round let’s just
see let’s just see move this way a little no genuinely I think there’s
moved the flowers so I’m going to cheat bear with me I’m going to go to that
particular pot just rotate it just a bit that looks better that looks better now
let’s try I’m being impatient get in right let’s focus on our there that’s
quite nice look that’s quite a nice little shot let’s just get our depth of
field sandwich a little tighter like that there’s a couple of quite nice
shots even though we’re not in the perfect time of day with perfect plants
in perfect life so he goes just a little thing you know use your blocks use your
brain think about your pictures think about how to execute them how to compose
them look at the whole thing don’t go crazy go and click click click click
click click click think about what lens you’re using use
the appropriate appropriate fit so I hope that was useful guys if you enjoyed
the video please click in a couple of likes share it with other photographers
it’s incredibly valuable to mix it helps me make more free videos if you’d like
to never miss a video pop over to my website photography courses there’s a
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each time a new video goes live and some other cool stuff too so meanwhile
wherever you are whatever you’re doing have a brilliant time get out there get
practicing and have fun see you later guys

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