Photography Technique: The Invisible Black Background
Photography Technique: The Invisible Black Background

Hi folks, Glyn here, you might remember a
while back I wrote a tutorial on my website called ‘The Invisible Black Background’, I’ve
had lots of questions come in so I thought it would be useful to record a video tutorial
to show how we do it. So here we are, basically we’re outside I
think it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so a fairly bright day. All I’m using is, I’ve got a Nikon D800 with
a 70 to 200 and I’ve got a, it’s actually Canon flash, my Nikon flash wouldn’t work. So I’ve got a Canon flash on here, in manual
and I’ve got pocket wizards. So, invisible black background, the theory
is here, forget your flashes, so turn your flashes off. Literally just get your camera and think about
the speed that you cameras and your flash can talk to each other. Now I know we have these super duper pocket
wizards now that have fairy dust that can make things work really, really quickly, but
just think of things in their basic terms. We’ve got sync speed, so the maximum speed
that my camera and my flash can talk to each other without talking about hyper sync is
250th of a second. What I’m going to do is, I’m outside, I want
to create a completely black background and that is going to be my backdrop so I’m to
come outside, I’m going to put my camera in manual at 250th of a second and my ISO will
take down as low as it can go because I want my camera to be as least sensitive to light
as I can make it. So I’m going down to 100 ISO and I’ll just
choose something like F11. The idea here is the flashes are off, I want
to take a shot of our friend here, Gary, also a top photographer. Take a picture of him but I don’t want to
see him on the back of my screen, I want it to be completely black. So, we’ll take a shot, we’ll zoom in, take
a quick shot like so. The idea here is that nothing should be visible
on the screen and you’ll see now that we can actually see something on the back of the
screen. What I can’t do to make this darker is speed
up my camera because we’ve got the maximum speed that they can talk to each so what I
shall do is go from F11 to F16, so the eye of the camera closes down even more to let less
of this light in and make it much more darker. We’ll try that now. We’ll take a shot like so. Now we’ve got a completely blank screen or
black screen even, that is my backdrop. I don’t need to go out and buy black rolls
or anything like that, I don’t need to be in a studio. I’m outdoors now, you can hear the birds are
singing, we’re outdoors, we want to do a black background. Now I want to light Gary. This is the simple part. My flash is in manual, I’m using an umbrella,
a real cheap umbrella and I want the light to go into the umbrella and come again. The only thing we have to be careful of here
is we’ve got the shaft of the umbrella coming out, we don’t take his eye out when we get
too close to him. And I can close it down, normally the umbrellas
would be really big, I would have a load of light coming back but I want this to be a
tunnel of light, just lighting up a little bit. We can kind of make this like a soft box by
closing it down. It is almost like a cheap soft box. Now I’m on F16, this is only one of these
battery powered speed lights, they’ve only got so much power so I’m taking that to full
power. If it was a really, really bright day and
the sun was glaring which we aren’t getting that often in the UK at the moment, I’d have
to use a more powerful battery pack, something like an Elinchrom Rangers or Hensel Portys
and things like that, but this is just a normal speed light, a Canon speed light, Nikon camera. I’m on full power and we’ll take a shot. The pocket wizards are on. We’ll just do a quick test shot, so don’t
look at the light, Gary. So quick test shot and all I want to do now
is just see where my light is going to land on Gary. There we go. So now you can see on the screen, we’ll jump
over to the computer now. We’ve got a completely black background and
Gary is lit. All I would now is just move my light around
to get the kind of lighting that I want on him, so nice and simple. Nice and quick and it’s a good little trick
that you can have in your photography tool bag for when you’re out and about to get the
kind of shots that you need rather than being in a studio. Loads of questions about this. Some people have said to me, “Oh I can’t seem
to get the background really completely dark.” When they’re indoors. That might be because we’ve got a flash here,
you might be too close to the wall, even if you take a shot without the flash on it’s
completely black. The minute you turn that flash on it’s going
to bounce all around the room and you’re going to start to get some of that light in. So just make sure that you narrow that light
down and everything should be fine. Any problems, by all means give me a shout,
[email protected] Otherwise, enjoy. I’ll see you next time.

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