Photography Snobs 😡
Photography Snobs 😡

Photography snobs are mean, they’re jerks I think you all know who I’m talking about. Everyone has had an encounter with a photography snob. You share a picture and they’re the one in the comments going ‘it’s a little bit out of focus’. They’re the one saying ‘You shoot in autofocus mode? You’re such a noob. I’ve been doing this for 50 years, and I never do that ‘ you’re the person that’s always trying to cut down another photographer and until now I thought that they were just this benign annoyance then I realized something .. we put out a video on Confusing photography terms, and it was kind of a joke you know we’re around a lot of beginners and advanced photographers, but we see that the beginners, they get confused with the terms and they can be discouraged so we kind of wanted to poke fun at the fact that photography is not always easy. The terms aren’t always up front and then in comes all of these comments about ‘you guys are idiots’, ‘Anyone that doesn’t understand these terms is an idiot,’ and I thought this is wrong. These people are just trying to discourage others These are deeply insecure people that need to make others feel inferior so that they feel like they’re good at photography That is so sad, and I don’t hate to think that anyone wouldn’t participate in the photography community Just because these snobs are out there trying to put everyone down, telling them you can’t shoot an aperture priority Or you have to manually focus or this lens is the only lens that’s good. Yeah they’re always trying to act like anyone that does something different than them is not a real photographer iPhone photography Some people take pictures with their iPhone some people take great pictures with terrible Cameras and have no idea what they’re doing. Some people have the best gear, they technically know everything they’re doing and you know what, I think their pictures are a little bit boring. But they’re doing what they do and I respect that. Am I being a photography snob about photography snobs? I don’t know, but I feel like something had to be said. There are so many different reasons why people do photography, and there are so many different ways to do it So I guess my message is, if you’re out there, and you love taking pictures and you’re kind of shy about sharing or asking questions just because you feel like someone might call you stupid .. Screw them. You gotta do you. You definitely have something useful to contribute to the photography community. Maybe you don’t understand all the technical stuff. That’s fine, sometimes those people try to skew their knowledge in their failure Isn’t it a little convenient, but the thing they excel at they deem the most important part of photography, I mean It takes more than just technical chops you need to be creative You need to be bold you need to keep trying at your craft You have something that you’re good at if you like photography There’s definitely a part of your photography where you know more than a lot of people around you. Here’s a secret for you We all suck at something, but we’re all also pretty good at something That’s all I really have to say my message is Don’t give up Don’t let other people stop you from doing what you like and definitely don’t be a photography snob guys come on There’s so many different ways to get a photo taken. I’ve met like National Geographic photographers I’ve met Pulitzer Prize winners and they’re not like that They respect other people so just go out there and shoot and be supportive of each other It’s way more fun When we do this together. Anyways .. Talk to you next time

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  1. nueschi says:

    Uuuuuhhhhhhh hot!   And the message is true!

  2. Eric Karnova says:

    Hey Chelsea,
    You are so CUTE ..
    Hope to shoot you with my d5600,

  3. Angus Glassford says:

    this was slightly out of focus omg i hate you you are so so so bad……

    Just joking

  4. JohnPaul Sein says:

    its amazing how EVERYONE on the comments section in youtube has been shooting for 15 years…. look at the comments and MOST are BS artists… and photography snobs.. the people i disllike the most are I hate Canon or I hate Nikon or i hate Mirrorless Cameras.. ANYONE imho can make a great pic with very old Cameras… i bet Tony and Chelsea can take a Canon f-1 or a Nikon d40 and take better pictures than a lot of us… Gear doesnt matter education does

  5. MOBsta Imaging says:

    This makeup looks good Chelsea. And cool video 👍🏻

  6. SPECS ARENA says:

    I am happy that you stood up for us armatures

  7. Kate Pittman says:

    Photography is fun. You get to make art while walking around outside!

  8. Jim P Penn says:

    Good job Chelsea! Passion for photography will dampen the noise of snobbery. An important lesson can be found in an old fable.

  9. Ls Lx says:

    Chelsea darling, have you forgottn the words somebody, anybody, everybody?

  10. Craig Taylor says:

    Ug. A friend of my wife's did a shoot for an athletic apparel store. They blew it up huge and put it on the store wall and it was a great picture except there was dust spots. Guess who decided to point that out? I'm such a jerk sometimes.

  11. aeiq1219 says:

    I have no idea what you just said, I was hypnotized….so pretty!!!….sorry Tony.

  12. Michael says:

    Haters are haters. They love hating. If they could not hate on your videos, they would hate on others' videos. Notice how those who excessively critique don't produce their own content? Because there are two types of people in this world – Doers and Watchers. Doers do and are productive. Watchers don't do and are unproductive. So watches criticize in place of being productive.

  13. Darren Shaw says:

    Chelsea, great vid, thank you, we have all experienced this at some point, we have also experienced what is happening in the comments before, ranging from accusing you of gear snobbery to hitting on you for being cute, then bitching at each other on here, sad sad people, I enjoy what you and Tony do, long may you continue, a great partnership 🙂

  14. titaniumsandwedge says:

    Of course Chelsea is right.  I think the behavior stems from "I know something you don't know."  Example: I was at B&H this week and went to the lens counter.  I wanted an opinion on an alternate lens to my Sony 35 mm F 1.8 mm APSC lens.  Mr. Lens Man said I did not need  new lens but I needed to learn how to shoot.  And to shoot correctly, I must know the theory.  Being one to always delve into the details, I asked him what is the theory.  After much mumbo jumbo, I never learned the theory whatever it is.  I did end up buying a lens online.  Mr. Lens Man's exhibited the typical supercilious behavior Chelsea is is talking about.  

    BTW, if you are a tourist and plan to visit New York city, you must spend time at B&H or it's sister Adorama.  All other photography stores can be ignored.  Frankly, many photography stores in tourist areas are traps.

  15. iFeatureFPV says:

    " the out-of-focus element are distracting" keep that in mind lol

  16. Jeremy M says:

    Awesome & Agree!

  17. Christina Williams says:

    Thank you – this is why I'm afraid to go into our local camera shop…

  18. marianwhit says:

    My husband and I agree that you are pretty much the perfect female…great wife and team member, caring, great teacher, humour, clean house, great eye (wow, your house paint matches your eyes and clothes, lol). Great photos, great videos, productive…oh and almost forgot…beautiful…but I did not want to put that first, but you are…inside and out. And all the blah-de-blah trolls? One word…jealousy.

  19. carl melville says:

    Way to go. Haters are going to hate. They never need a reason. Thanks for ALL the great work you guys do. You take your craft and your mission seriously, but never yourselves. From newbies to pros, everyone can benefit from your entertaining expertise. Keep up the good work.

  20. BMR Studio says:

    I don’t care the snobs… I just take the pictures:)

  21. Discombobulated says:

    The people who comment like this are damaged and more addicted to various vices and ‘quick’ fixes than they realise. Their unhappiness in themselves spawns these comments. They are not in control of their own mind and they’re easy to spot. The fact that a lot of their vices tie in with photography is just a shame. Trust me Chelsea, it’s them, not you.

  22. New York City Arts & Sports- UABN Photography says:

    Thank you EVER SO MUCH for posting this. Living here in New York City I run into these snobs on a regular. This video was dead on point.

  23. Chris Klugh says:

    Wow Chelsea! Your such a VLog noob! You can't be banging all over the table you have your camera on, it jerks the video around! Go read your book and improve the next video! 🙂

  24. Carl Whit says:

    At the end of the day the process makes the journey enjoyable.

  25. Rodney Gracia says:

    Thank you Chelsea. It's not just on YT videos, join any camera group on facebook–all full of trolls (snobs). Full of unhappy people who spend all day putting people down.

  26. Avidcomp says:

    How likely is it that someone will do something for the first time and not be instantly great at it?
    Is it so hard to appreciate that individual learning curves will not be equal?
    Have you ever known anybody that just stuck at something and didn't get better over time?

    The premise behind non-constructive criticism is an attack on someone's self-esteem, and a person's self-esteem is the driving factor for their personal motivation and goal for living.
    So you have to wonder about the weight of self-conflict that would drive such a person to be so mean. And I wouldn't even waste your thoughts to pity them – they are not your responsibility. Just know, that if you are not willing to behave so appallingly, then you're already well on your way to being the best you can be, because your energy is in the right place.

    Learn to take compliments well. Say thank you.
    Use constructive criticism as a conversation starter, and take what you can as a benefit for your own development. And if it's a good conversation, again say thank you.
    Do not indulge your emotions regarding comments that you read are there to hurt you. Just thank yourself that you had the intellect to realise they are of no benefit, and you know it. This will be your reasoning mind, not your feelings when they don't serve you well.

    Find your own path to learning and take the time that you need, knowing you enjoy learning more.

    "In order to get things done, one must enjoy the doing"

    And Finally, but not least. Thank you Tony and Chelsea. I don't even need to ask how much time and effort you put into continuing to make these videos. It's better that I and anyone else that chooses to, to say thank you. I have given you nothing in return, accept at least I have now given you both my thanks and gratitude. I hope this will do for the time being.

    Longtime subscriber. Cheers.

  27. Michael Scott says:

    I kept waiting for Tony to be going back and forth in the background holding the handlebars of a Snowblower or a Lawnmower. Didn't happen. BUT You are right.

  28. Rocks and Oil says:

    You go girl!

  29. Cyberslug1 says:

    That's not an L lens, You photo's will be subpar !!

  30. flameout12345 says:

    To me, the most important part of photography are the moments that is important to you first.

  31. Gerald Prix says:

    snobs are everywhere… women have higher insecurity levels, so they might get discouraged easier… grow some balls ladies 🙂

  32. gunzlingerbil says:

    I kinda suck but if a picture looks good to me I post. Life is too short to be bothered anyways

  33. Sarah Phillips says:

    You tell em what’s up Chelsea. Knocking someone else’s pictures won’t make yours any better remember that.

  34. Andreas Cammin says:

    Let's face it – digital photography is in the hand of gear geeks. There have always been gear geeks even in the analogue days – wannabe professionals with their nikons and wealthy pensionists with their leicas. Like most geeks, they tended to be arrogand about gear or technical knowledge, but they were mostly grounded when they encountered skilled amateurs doing magic with somewhat mediocre gear (like me 😀 ) When it comes to gear and technical knowledge (which does not automatically lead to better results), geeks have a tendency to rise themselve above others. This is sad. You can have fun with your smartphone camera, and you can get great results with a cardboard box and a piece of film. It's all photography!

  35. Robert Jüng says:

    Thank you for sharing, Chelsea. I am watching your Channel for a long time, taking away a lot of knowledge and just enjoying your content. Lately, I feel your Channel is really evolving. I like the way the both of you respond to criticism in a calm and polite way. Please keep sharing and doing what you do. Best regards, Robert.

  36. Starfals says:

    People just need to relax and stop taking it so seriously. Perhaps give some advice on how to be better, but dont be all mean about it. Are we humans or what? Behave people lol.

    Sad thing is, usually people around 45+ act that way, and im really close to that age myself. If i become like that, just shoot me.

  37. LexTNeville says:

    Thanks again Northrups.

  38. Seti Michael Maxwell says:

    I hope people don't give up because some nobody says their pictures aren't good. If somebody doesn't like what do, screw them.

  39. Chad Smith says:

    Awesome video Chelsea. I have only just started to watch yours and Tony's channel. I have already learnt so much. I truly appreciate what you guys do.

  40. marcel-nine-one-one says:

    She's looking a bit ragged now.

  41. Robby Wallace says:

    This audio…..XD
    good message though Chelsea!

  42. CSMedia says:

    I play piano for enjoyment not because I am any good at it, that could equally be said for some photographers.

  43. won hung low says:

    lol…so true!

  44. says:

    Photography is NO RELIGION!

  45. Clothed Ape says:

    I guess some people feel they have status when they gain a lot of knowledge Chelsea but you and Tony always make me feel comfortable learning as you are both very pleasant to learn from.

  46. Serapis Christos says:

    are you a real human? you are beatify !

  47. ravelg says:

    Great message!

  48. rdillon517 says:

    Comments made by stupid mean people are stupid mean comments. Its like getting advice off the public bathroom wall.

  49. jamie byrne says:

    There are loads of snobs. It's true. Gear-related normally. Yes, it's insecurity.

  50. Don Jones says:

    Great Rant!!!! My favorite is the one that look at you. Oh You have a beginner"s camera. I bought this expensive one so the pros would not look at me in a bad way. Now they never use it. It's too heavy. lol

  51. Ibrahk 5 says:

    Thank you so much Chelsea, sooo true

  52. Mick Robert says:

    ive had a jerk attack! last event I photographed!! I had some media guy walk up to me and ask me why on earth am I using Nikon??? and said I should use Canon??? I had a D500 and D700 on me!! the D700 was armed with a Zeiss 85m!! wait for it!!! he then said 'why on earth are using a manual lens, get automatic!' and the D700 is a dinosaur!! I need to get with the times apparently, then I was called old school??? I had a little booth that showed some of my portraits! he had zero interest in looking at any of this stuff??? and then walked off???

  53. Danger Bear says:

    I'm such a snob I dont even use cameras. I take mind pictures. I refuse to share them with the undeserving world. The human race wouldn't "get it" .

  54. Nunez87 says:

    the worst is people arguing sensor theory on forums. Instead of focusing on learning to take beautiful pictures, they discuss technical specs of cameras and sensors. Those are the worst kinds of gear snobs I've ever come across.

  55. siralanlordsugar says:

    I thought equipment snobs were terrible until I met the “real gamers” and the sim racers who are the worst and the most immature snobs

  56. Doug Grinbergs says:

    Audio snob says better audio would have made this more pleasant to watch – and listen to.

  57. John Hughes says:

    Well said Chelsea, I love what I do but am not good with words, and the number of images I have taken down that I have like yet the abuse that some people give just make me what to though all my kit into a skip and go home. But I just keep trying.

  58. Bobby Ellis says:

    The street photography community, from most of my interactions is this to a "T." Every time I post on a street photography forum there's always one person who will say "this isn't 'real' street photography."

  59. michael s says:

    I am a trainer and each week,i try to develop confidence,show love,and give people a solution for their personal needs.Some folks are stupid,needy,angry,mean,illogical,and just jerks with no matter what they do.Plus,the snobs usually suck themselves,and are boring,and they do not realize,at one point,they were in the same boat.No one was born a great shooter,so if they cannot understand that,shame on them…

  60. Mike Ryan says:

    thank you Chelsea, i agree 100 per cent but i don't think they will go away anytime soon

  61. Mark Power says:

    Well said, Chelsea. Absolutely spot on. Just a bunch of self-important, fragile egos.

  62. Jerry van West says:

    Thank you so much Chelsea. You are so right. Too many snobs. I was on another forum and just bit my tongue at their rudeness. Too many so called experts who try to prop themselves up by knocking others down. It was the same way in the craft beer community. For me, I just want to have fun and enjoy my hobby. Who cares if it's not a vocation or career – I have fun doing it and I know I want/need to learn more. Anyways, thank you for a great video. I totally agree with your sentiments. Cheers.

  63. Dawan Enonlee says:

    Youre sexy and thats it.

  64. Making Skidmarks says:

    LOL, your "are phones killing photography" video has a photography snob in the comments, and this video was in the suggested videos list next to it!

  65. david alley says:

    Way to go, Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. David D says:

    Just another reason we love you!

  67. Langston Ball says:

    can someone recommend a place to get some honest critiques?

  68. Rafael Santana says:

    Thank You …

  69. miriamprzybylo says:

    This reminds me of my xperienced on fb group that I joined (for beginners) one picture I posted was edited from Lightroom , and one comment said it looks fake ! 🙁 huhu… ok it hurts.. some criticism can be good some are not .. I never post any picture in that page anymore..( my bad maybe cuz I’m a little sensitive and I shouldn’t post something that’s not good haha ) (bad I thought at that time was good) lol

  70. Lauren Haas says:

    What a fabulous tutorial Chelsea!!! Thank you for the affirmation, learning and growing is what’s so wonderful, not only in photography but especially in life.

  71. Not a Stranger says:

    Love this video

  72. ArmCmdr says:

    Where's Tony?

  73. G W says:

    I've seen some toxic communities before in some of my other hobbies. Gaming, custom PC building/gaming, performance car, motorcycle forums etc etc. But I have to admit that photography has THE worst community when it comes to the elitists. These people are toxic and repel newcomers.

  74. Neta OGAMI says:

    On Mark.

  75. evilos72 says:

    I'm a huge fan of you guys and I've followed you for years but sadly I left the hobby for that simple fact that people are jerks. I ended up selling all my gear which I totally regret it big time.
    I am looking to get back into the hobby and say the hell with the snobs.

  76. Peter Kaltoft says:

    I'm a noob, admitted. But I want to learn, and you guys are one of my favorite channels for that. And, it is because people like you that I'm getting excited about photography.

  77. Raycab Photog says:

    Cool video and excellent message, but that dining table tho! its gotta go. lol

  78. Julian Hans Halbeisen says:

    Some people suck at everything

  79. Donald Kline Media says:

    LOL this just popped on my list I know I'm kind of late to the party, but.
    I could write a whole chapter on my take on this subject but I'll keep it short,
    Anyone with a camera is okay by me, I talk to other photographers when I see them, if they want to be snobbish thats on them, I move on.
    I guess I'm the older tech savvy with the nice gear but boring photographs, but that is what my clients want, I still sneak in a "creative" shot once in awhile.
    Full Frame vs Crop sensor, Kit vs Pro vs third party lenses, Brand X vs Brand Y, Camera vs Phone, Manual vs whatever, you know what? end of the day you got some images and you experienced some life isn't that what matters.
    But what do I know I'm still hung up on whether to use a clear filter on my lenses.(I do and always will LOL)
    You know I'm also that guy with a backpack with two cameras, extra lenses and a tripod and I'll pull out my phone to grab a photo.

  80. Roughing It With Rodney says:

    We were all noob's at one time.

  81. Guadalupe Vasquez says:

    Great 👍 Job Chelsea 👍👍👍👍
    Thank you 🙏

  82. Kohl Pierce says:

    Yayyy! Thank you chelsea for this video, you are the best!

  83. Caprise Adams says:

    This is so true. The photography community can be so toxic sometimes. They can be so competitive and petty. It's like their egos and identities are tied up into being the best photographer in the room and if they're not, they're worthless. But everyone can learn something from someone. It's crazy, and dangerous to your craft, to think you're already the best and have nothing to learn from someone. I've learned a ton from the people I mentor in photography–they have such different perspectives from me and it's refreshing and interesting. I wish we'd all be a little better about this.

  84. Dan C says:

    I don’t think I got 1 hello or good morning back when doing my wildlife photography in the past 2 years . I stopped trying when it comes to the person with Nikon/canon logos all over them with hiked up khakey pants lol
    Surf photography the opposite . Everyone is pretty cool I find.

  85. Charise Lee says:

    I just encountered a snob yesterday 😒 I asked a question about my Nikon D3100 and someone going to say “That’s a old camera”. Like ok and my pictures come out just fine buddy.

  86. MLWATKK says:

    I like how you use "Photography"… Snobs are everywhere on all subjects…
    However, use compassion instead of frustration. no one ever thought them good manners and it is sad…

  87. QuietGiant says:

    The worst are the ones whose parents bought them a camera, who suddenly think they are 'official' photographers because they have a DSLR & a Facebook page. Swear they are always the quickest to judge.

  88. davva360 says:

    I don't understand people that are obsessed with manual mode. Don't get me wrong it has its uses but most of the time you do not need to shoot in manual mode. You can shoot in Aperture priority to control depth of field and Shutter priority to control motion blur. The important thing is that you are thinking about what you are doing and intentionally impacting the end result.

  89. Peter Symes says:

    Photography is the one activity with more insecure people than any other artistic endeavor.

  90. Nathaniel Gomez says:

    I want to wear a T shirt that says "I shoot raw…sometimes".

  91. Dangerous One says:


  92. Dangerous One says:

    I remember when someone was asking “beginner questions” online and I offered to give my advice. We got to chatting and I was given his Flickr. My jaw hit the floor. He was next level but was using his point and shoot for most of his previous work. Some dude from India. Holy shit was I impressed. Much respect for true artists that just may not know a lot of the technical side.

  93. Bree Crutch says:

    Spot on, Chelsea!!

    Trying to learn shutter speed, F-Stop and ISO resulted in loss of sleep 😂

    This is the only thing the snobs have going for them.

    Great video, great advice!

  94. PhatCrayonz says:

    I’m awesome

  95. mikecar52 says:

    I have many work.mates who think they are professionals. But no youtube channel, instagram, stockphoto, snapchannel. Just words. However they will tell all how good they are.

  96. TheThirdMan says:

    Just ask them for some samples… Thanks for posting this. Best advice on your channel.

  97. izzy58 says:

    I'm thinking about painting the walls like yours

  98. Vaibhav Arora says:

    saw this video today 23-05-2019, and i can so relate to this, people do get bit nauseous about their photography being better and it is irritating

  99. Gobar Gober says:

    This is always happen for some newbie like me in my country. There are some people tryin to cut down our passion to learn photograph.

  100. Seth Milton says:

    So the worst is the photography gear snob . As a rule if I take a great shot I never tell anyone what gear I used . Unless its someone looking for advice. Sometimes people will find flaws just because you told them you used a cheap camera, or even like a bad photo on a high end camera/lens. Just tell me if you like the photo or not . I even disguise my camera name metadata when I send a raw photo to anyone for review.

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