Photography Optics – Perspective and Focal Length – 03
Photography Optics – Perspective and Focal Length – 03

in the previous video we learned about
focal lengths and today we’re going to learn how focal length actually affects
perspective now this is our subject this is going to be where the lights
intersects with each other like this is where the object turns upside down
inside a lens this is going to be our lights and the first concept we need to
learn about perspective is basically how this image fits into our sensor and
we’re gonna do this by discussing the focal length now the first rule you need
to learn is that now the first rule you’re going to learn regarding
photography is that if our sensor is for example let’s say this is a 3
centimeters away this distance this is where the light converges this is the
sensor then the image that you’re going to get here is going to be the same
image that you would get if you put a glass pane 3 centimeters away okay so
this is basically the mirror image I’ll explain it one more time if your sensor
is 3 centimeters away from P which is the center where the images which is
where the image lines converse then if you put a glass pane right here if you
put like film right here and you were standing right here looking at this then
you would see the picture exactly as it was over here
except of course inverted all right so the same size the same perspective
that’s the first concept we’re going to learn now this means for example that if
we had a lens of a longer focal length let’s say this is six centimeters away
or sixty millimeter lens the image that you get on this sensor is going to be
the same as the image that you would get over let’s put millimeters it would be
the same as the image that you get right here all right so if you put a kind of a
film or window pane and you were looking at this the image you see here would be
the same as the image the sensor will pick up now how does this relate to
lenses this for example would be a 60 millimeter lens it’s much further away
from point P right this would be for example a 30 millimeter lens so it’s a
wider angle lens now we understand this concept and how does it relate to
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further ado please enjoy as much as I like making these videos you

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