Photography Composition Tips – Practise in the fog
Photography Composition Tips – Practise in the fog

So the ground is damp and warm and the air temperature is low so therefore we’ve gotta fine misty morning and i’d like to welcome you to photos in the fog with Mike Browne I must be mad I generally did I thought I’d come into town and lets have a little wonder around and see if we can find some pictures on a foggy morning because if you can find pictures on a dull foggy morning imagine what you’ll find when you’re somewhere in stunning weather in beautiful light it’s because you’ve been practicing you’ve been going out looking for some pictures so welcome to photos in the fog I just pulled up the car and I actually think those pigeon’s that you can see them up on the roof flying over there theres some pigeons up there and I just thought ahh I wonder if theres a shot in that pigeons in the fog I don’t know this is about experimenting this is about trying things out so let me see if I can take that picture let’s give it a little go just hit the fuji up now it’s not very bright out here so I’ve got my ISO fairly high that’s the first thing what kind of ISO are we gonna want I’ve got my aperture at… oh it’s not too bad I got my aperture f2.8 if i zoom though because i’m probably gonna need too that’s going to take it to f4 i’ve git a 250th at f4 using 800 ISO you know I want to keep it fairly sort of strong i might just drop it down a bit and see if we can take about six hundred ISO I think we should go away with that 100th now i’m not happy i’m going back up to 800 I don’t want a wobbly picture so what am I thinking of doing with my pigeons apart from cooking them right lets get some video on the trot I don’t think it’s in focus but look here we go here’s our pigeon now you’re thinking Browne you’re off your head super and there they are I possibly am but i’m also thinking if put the camera the other way up I quite like the thought of a minimalistic very negative spacey little thing something like that with the pigeons going along the bottom and that absolutely flat grey of the sky behind them dunno let’s give it a go let’s just see what happens oh one’s walking along sideways I quite like that I do like it when there’s an odd one out one that’s not playing the same rules as the others lets have another little go at that focus on the pigeon’s i’m trying to get the roof line of the tiles nice and straight now I think I need a little bit more exposure so let’s just see if i can brighten that shot up a bit i’m shooting aperture priority because I like it thats better let’s get them right down low in the shot there one more come on pigeon turn this way one of you move you’ve stopped moving never work with children or animals that’s what they say there we go so there’s a shot it’s ok it’s not stunning lets go for a little walk up the street see if there’s some more. I’m out on the street filming on my own so people going to work are gunna think I’m mad as you might well do too because if you’ve never seen one of my videos before you probably don’t know me and you may not have seen any my photos but doing what I’m doing now this going out in the street and challenging yourself is what actually enables photos like this and this and this and this if you can’t see pictures if you can’t make your mind find them then no matter what camera you have its of no value now i’ve only walked across the street from the car and I just suddenly thought ooooo what have we got going on here look there’s something about these leaves here that I quite like there slightly lighter and these railings and then off up the street can you see about where’s my hand there there look there’s a street lamp there there’s something about those and the Christmassy lights just next to the streetlamp in all this gloom and fog that i think could be quite good fun so yeah ok i’m bonkers right let’s have a go let’s do this shot let’s see what we can do now I think I need to be somewhere around here to make this work let’s see what I want to do with it right first off let’s get the video rolling in the fujiroo now you may find there’s a problem with focusing here because i’m going to be zooming in and out and it’s not great now here we go so I’m thinking that shot something like this now up the street there there’s our you know our lamp and and the Christmas lights we don’t any cars coming and it’s the case is finding the right focal length so as I zoom out that’s ok but it’s a bit too wide I probably want to come this way a bit maybe move back and zoom the lens I don’t want to lose the top of the there’s something about that i thinks quite interesting you’ll have to wait until I do the finished shot right kill the videos go about taking the picture I don’t know if i’m walking out of frame here no I’m not I just see myself in the little view finder so where am I going to focus well i’m thinking it wants to be a shallow depth-of-field why because otherwise it’s all going to get a bit confusing i want this will be the foreground of my pictures it’s a little splash of color in the gloom now let’s just zoom around find the composition I was over here a bit but I want to bring that streetlamp up and make it strong so i’m moving right back sorry viewers I kind of walked out of shot there because I want to make the lens longer and I have to move to my left and if i’m ooooo I really love it we got a solitary figure walking up the street ah that’s good just go away cars go away cars I don’t want the cars think i’m going to have to just put up with the cars but I don’t want them and he’s gone but you know these are little opportunities that pop up these are things that arise you need to think on your feet these are things that you can do as they happen you know just take advantage so I’m always taking advantage or so i’m told right let’s have one more little go at this shot i’m focusing over here on my leaves I’ve got my aperture at about f4 I’ve got my street lamp and squeeze the shot before any traffic comes that’s not bad let me just show you what happen with a much smaller aperture because i think it will get too confusing i think they’ll be too much depth of field I’m gunna have to pimp my ISO through the roof to be able to use f22 in this light right what am I on, i’m on I don’t know because I haven’t got my glasses on so I can’t see but I’m pretty close to six thousand ISO and in this light at f22 i’m only getting a 15th of a second I’ve got my image stabalizing on so that should help let’s see if I can do this shot with more depth of field because I’m not sure it’s quite as good don’t know lets flick between them lets have a little look in the back now I prefer the shallow depth of field I think anyway it’s your call as to which you like let’s go see if there’s another picture lying around waiting to be picked… I was actually gonna walk off down the high street because I wanted to see if I could find the Christmas tree because it’s just before christmas at the moment in the sunny UK ‘Sunny’ but i came past the graveyard the boneyard and I thought boneyards they’re going to be good aren’t they on a foggy day a little bit spooky now obviously i’d love to spend a lot more time here researching a shot thinking what to do but I can’t because I have to go back to the office so this is really quite a quick one but what I’m saying is look at all these trees you see how the mist is just sitting in amongst the trees in the background we’ve still got a bit of autumn colour going on in the leaves a bit greenery in the grass and then all the shapes of the stones so I’m thinking what I really like are these two here this one’s kind of like leaning over and this one’s doing the same and I’m kind of what’s going on in my head is a shot something to do with those two but the uprights of the trees and the mist going on behind them so let’s see if we can make that happen shall we right camera on that’s always a good start what am I looking at now of course theres lots of kids going to school now so I may have a problem but why won’t my camera work because I haven’t switched it on right ok so let’s turn the camera and just get that focus down here and get some video going for you right so here we go theres our trees and here’s my stone so how am I going to execute this shot let’s just kind of move around don’t forget composition is a function of elbows, arms, hands and knees moving around so down here yes ok but it’s not quite what i want lets try making the focal length longer yes better but still not what I want i’m losing what I’m losing is the tops of the trees I want these three tops in here so what can we do well lets I don’t know if you can still see me yeah you can umm lets just try doing that shall we? let’s just rotate thats better isn’t it that’s better know that we want to get too many of these stones in, I really just want these two so let’s go a bit closer up and to the right zoom out a little eeny bit ooo that’s the shot I like because we’ve got this tree here upright against this gravestone sort of leaning in vertical and we got some fog I like that I like fog as I’m getting older I’m personally getting foggier and foggier so what do we want, do we want lots of depth of field why wouldn’t we want lots of depth of field well we can I think we looked at it back in the street just now let’s move my auto focus point around because I want this bad boy sharp and everything’s going soft behind it so i’ve probably lost my position now i think i was about here focus on the stone that I want make sure the aperture is as wide as possible now I’ve got an alarm bell going off in my head because my shutter speed is a 420th of a second which tells me I forgot to put the ISO back from the last shot keep your eyes open for things like that guy’s because i don’t need a 420th because i’m on quite a short lens now now what have I got 40th little bit too slow pop the ISO up to I don’t know bit under 400, 60th i like 60th just move to my right a little more focus on my stone and just squeeze a little shot now that one looks a bit dark so always check stuff in the back of the camera histogram says dark so let’s just add a little bit of exposure a little bit more light coming in get our shot lined up and gently squeeze that one out look at that I think we’ve got that one histagram says well done Browne yeah that’s not bad ok lets see what else we can do. yeah I know i’m completely barking and I know I said I was going back into the street back to real life but I was walking down this very path when I saw that i know you’re going to think I’m really mad but i just noticed this bucket and the tap and i don’t know if you can see theres like a little bit of lighter wood there and theres a grill and there’s a little bit of leafy green down there that might seem like browne you’ve lost your trump again well that’s probably true i have I often go off my chump but these are little things you need to teach yourself to spot get your own picture radar starting to buzz a bit and then as you’re walking down a path something will suddenly sort of subconsciously go beep beep picture i can’t tell you how that happens it only happens with experience it only happens with practice so when you’re sitting around at home thinking oh it’s foggy and misty and it’s dull and it’s not worth going out it’s always worth going out let me show you what i’m thinking with my bucket and tap I’m abit close to the camera so i’m gunna have to do that at you a bit right if I come down here somewhere i want to be really square on I want everything to be nice and flat and square onto the camera I don’t want any angles going on with this i just want to make sure i get it all lined up so let’s have a little look through the best camera right that’s not looking too bad just see if we can get you some video then i might attempt to show you what’s going on in my slightly odd head right here we go so there’s our bucket and I think you can see straight away the Blue of that bucket really really stands out and having that sort of angle of paleness in the woodwork behind it that little bit going up like that it just kind of makes it stand out and then when you start to zoom in on it and just use the stonework can you see how the stones and the patterns and the lines all start to come together and then when you lose the windows all together for some peculiar reasons we’ve actually got quite an interesting little picture going on I think it’s probably out of focus in the video because it’s not very easy to focus and video with this little camera right have I gone back to the pictures yes i have so you saw what my composition was going to be really all i’ve got to do is focus on the bucket now quick look at my shutter speed because i’m only getting a 15th of a second at f4 my on-screen histogram tells me that’s correct but a 15th of a second is likely to give me what camera shake so I’ve just pimped my ISO a bit I’ve just gone to a bit over 400 that’s giving me a 25th of a second focal length nearly 50 mills and my image stabilizing is on yes wonder if I could hold that still because look how I’m positioned right I’ve got my knee here I’ve got an elbow here and i’m making a kind of tripod for the camera i don’t really want to take the ISO higher if I don’t have to, I recon I can hold that still he said right let’s move my zoom and let’s just get that zoomed in a little more make sure all those lines are straight I think it’s about right just one more check I wanna make sure everything’s level i’ve got my artificial horizon turned on in the viewfinder you know the little line that goes across the screen because I want to make sure it’s straight and that’s not quite straight so let me just have another little go I need to move slightly I think to my right thats better thats better and i’m also going to darken the shot very slightly, that looks better that’s better possibly win awards I don’t know but it’s alright i’m gunna go and have a look for one more for you then i’ve got to get back to the office to do stuff I can’t find my knob….haha right got you! look they’ve turned the lights off they turned the lights off that’s not very bloomin christmassy is it okay don’t tell me I don’t bring you to the most exotic locations the fogs thinning it is definitely demisting and what I’d thought of doing further down the high street probably won’t work so i’m wondering back to the car when I spotted these…can you see there’s one up there look, these street lights against that sort of row going up there of trees and theres a little bit of mist sort of left in there now I quite like negative space in a composition so I thought well I recon we could do something with that in fact there’s another shot back there if we have time i’m going to quickly do that one for you as well it’s a very minimalist type picture let me show you what’s going through my slightly bewildering brain now then lets just get a bit of focus going on and a bit of video rocking and rolling I dunno what i’ve pressed but it wasn’t the video button lets try again that was we’re on so look we’ve got the street which is really rather boring but I do quite like the shape of these lights and I quite like you see the mistiness down there beyond in the valley but we don’t really want the cars now I quite like those sort of trees standing up in the mist so how would we compose it well like i’m really going to stand in the road i really want to be over there in the road but I can’t i’ll get run over it would be messy. i can go this way bit can you still see me over here, yes you can. now look if I kind of stopped the video for a minute, no i can’t I think you see there’s the modern street lights behind but if I tilt the camera up i can just lose it off the bottom of the frame and I quite like that something like that and actually i’m coming back up on here because I prefer the height I don’t want any of this green over there even though it’s pretty specially that bit of pampas grass i recon it’s somewhere around there something like that i’m gonna have to live with that you know streetlight in the background the modern ones but anyway let’s kill the video stop talking about it and shoot it right so I’ve got my lenses on i’ve only got my 18-55 mill lens with me, I rarely use anything else I think it’s great what have we got what sort of exposure are we gunna get with this. Let’s focus on a lamp do i need a small aperture, do I need lots of depth of field well of course not it’s like it’s way off beyond the Infinity point of the lens so let’s just focus on a lamp and then compose our shot and I might just see if I can there we go just lose everything on the right and give it loads of negative space and just squeeze that off I quite like that, now you can see in the bottom theres a little hint of that street light so I might just do a quick little bit of photoshopping nonsense and lose that one. I’m gunna take you over there because theres a little thing we can do with them through some trees we’ll do that quickly then it’s home time. So here it is this is the other thing that I was noticing, go this side for you now we got little twigglety things going on wintry twigs and one of those interesting looking street lights over there sorry viewers i’m looking in the little monitor next to you to find out where i’m going so we’ve got twigs and things here and then we got the streetlight and I’m thinking right you can comose that you’ve got the man-made shape of the streetlight and we’ve got the natural shape of the twigs, it’s all a bit monochrome we’ve got the grey sky we’ve got nothing much happening in it a bit of mist maybe but it could work as quite a minimalist type picture so what we’ve gotta do is find out where we need to go and what focal length we’re going to need to use to get our shot there are of course unlimited possibilities to where you need to go and what to do and it’s up to you to spend as long as it takes finding them, i’m doing this quickly as I can you may be surprised at that because I know theres a misconception that you know myself and other professional photographers we might run out and just go click click click click click five minutes job done nooooo we might spend ages just looking at something working out what’s the best angle what’s the best way to do this is something for you to do too right let’s have a look and see what we’ve got right here we go roll video so there we go it’s almost there isn’t it but I’m just sort of thinking you know as we come in closer as we zoom that I’m kinda liking the way that’s framing I apologise it’s all out of focus I don’t think i can focus it, no i can’t not whilst i’m videoing let’s just stop it while I move over here and try it from this angle refocus it, revideo, here we go I quite like that, ooo i quite like that I don’t know why but I do it just you know also don’t be afraid to tilt the camera and try stuff right let’s go for it because I’ve just got a notification my batteries gonna die any second so focus up here don’t need any depth of field, i can see i’ve got a 300th of a second so that’s groovy i’m gunna shoot one like that i’m then going to come forward a bit because separate the trees and I might just go in a little tighter so there’s only two little twigs at the top of the frame like that anyway there you go there just some ideas stuff you to practice stuff for you to do now just bear in mind all I’ve done is go what a couple hundred yards either side of where I parked the car I wandered into the graveyard I found a couple of shots in there down the street I wanted to see if there was something to do with the Christmas tree but they turned the lights off, came back to the car thought about these streetlights you know go for a walk around your local area I’ve purposely come out here because it’s not like exciting but there’s still some pictures to find and those pictures by practising those in the not exciting places, you can get some ok shots and let’s face it we all love going out with our cameras and taking pictures don’t we you know that’s why we do this stuff but then when you do go somewhere pretty amazing then you do have the knowledge the experience and the practice and you kind of become subconsciously aware of looking out shapes and pictures like the top and the bucket so that then you can get the amazing shots have a great day guys! I’m going to go back to my office now do stuff subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified each time we upload one of our cool photography videos or for more great photo tips workshops and training come and see us at our website

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  64. deathspawn54 says:

    Hey mike, just wondering, do you not use your Nikon cameras anymore?

  65. Iain Geoghan says:

    well, you know I have shot through misty conditions ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Iain Geoghan says:

  67. Vic Stokes Photographer says:

    Mike i see you name on all your shots is that digitally done by the camera as that would be indeed very handy for prevention of copyright

  68. Plasma D'Lite says:

    I really like it the most in your videos when you set up to find this kind of mundane subjects, like the minimalistic pigeons and the bucket. It's edgy and more challenging, like the gloomy industrial landscapes and the overlooked details of daily life. No need to think people believe you're bonkers. More of that, please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Iain Geoghan says:

    "slightly" bewildering head? I got news for you Mike:)

  70. Chagrin Valley-Web says:

    Mike, great video as usual, I think shooting the video while explaining the shot set up adds much to the video education / explanation of what you are trying to convey. is it hard getting the video you shot into the video your shooting for youtube?

  71. Iain Geoghan says:

    Tried this out at night in my neighborhood, not a soul or a vehicle moving in sight. which can be a glorious. tough part was the temperature at -18C outside. walking down streets that are so boringly familiar. I found two exposures I thought were not bad. One stood out for ya Mike:

  72. Iain Geoghan says:

    I DID IT!!! froze my nads off in the process, but I DID IT! my goal was to grab 20 Likes on Flickr. I GOT 81 !!! and rising. All by just walking around looking for compositions and got my first building block fired up and thinking. All the time I am looking for compositions.
    Thanks very much Mike!
    I have been doing this for ages but, this time I had set a small goal and reached it!! Woke up this morning bursting with pride!!

  73. Lucy Collette says:

    Love fog to shoot in

  74. DavidTR Williams says:

    Great video. I thought I saw a Hants & Dorset green double decker in the video; still the same colour green.

  75. MC Piandiong says:

    Sir are you using aperture priority Or manual on street photography?
    I love to watch your videos.

  76. Otis Lauwaert says:

    It's great that you include the video of what you're seeing through your camera as you're composing your shot. You're among the best of all photography channels on Youtube.

  77. Paul Goossen says:

    If there would be Oscars for photography tutorials you would won the whole lot of them! Your videos are very inspiring and always motivating. Such a luck to have you around here!

  78. Iain Geoghan says:

    i love dat negative space in a composition! have to hold back sometimes:)

  79. Iain Geoghan says:

    Okay okay. You are correct again Browne. I had set a small goal for myself again to gain at least 30 Favs on Flickr. I was bored to death walking around my own hood. Spent hours and hours with my tripod who I call Shay. Camera D750 I call Vinnie. I would just stand around thinking with camera locked off on my tripod. Shay helps me think a lot. It was pitch black when I started and as the hours past I had time to think because the only other distraction was Shay and Vinnie. I finally squeezed a few off here and there….nothing. I squeezed a few more off….nothing catching…..I was a little frustrated, but Shay calms me down so I don't scream like a little kid as the morning mist started to clear. First building block slowed down and finally this big cargo ship I was diggin' "AS ANGELINA" moved out of port. As she turned around I watched because I need time to blow off more steam. The sun just about to creep up behind me and he moved out. BANG, I caught her as she moved out into NY harbor. Shutter dragging nut that I am: I cracked a 3 second exposure of her with the morning mist on the water. she is a little blurred but the morning mist was fantastic. I achieved my goal !!! after 4 hours of walking around the peer and new park within' . Takes time for my pea brain to kick in. But I snatched over 100 Favs on Flickr…….with an image shot in my local area. Cannot wait to see what I can achieve elsewhere in the future.
    Thanks boss…..dunno what for:) tripod be the best piece of kit I have. 3 legged teacher really

  80. BIKEHUN says:

    "Camera on. That's always a good start" – Hehe.. Love your videos! You give us a lot of advice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Charsiu says:

    Loving the videos Mike. They are so interesting and useful for a beginner. Have you ever thought about doing an astrophotography playlist? Would love to see different star shots from cambodia and iceland.

  82. Iain Geoghan says:

    I love shooting with fog. believe it or not. Exposures that are a little bit long with a ton of negative space are fantastic. Can't cut through fog either. creates a wicked blurred background!

  83. Laura Gonzales- LG Photography says:

    I love your channel! You really know how to motivate and inspire us to get out there shooting, no matter what the weather!! Thank you!

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  85. Amanda Suttles says:

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    thank you mike for the ideas in the film today all the best from trev

  89. Michael Brunt says:

    Hi Mike, I keep promising myself that I will one day get out and get some practice at taking some of these fog or mist shots, and this video has be very helpful in encouraging me to give it a go, particularly like the shot in the cemetery. trouble is Mike, i'm getting old and lazy at going on 75, any excuse to stay in the warm, but new year resolution. on my do list, best wishes for 2019 Mick,,

  90. Dr O says:

    Wonderful the way you find subjects out of the ordinary. Thank you for your knowledge. You are a very good teacher.

  91. Nick says:

    "gonna have to pimp my ISO …"

  92. mind overmater says:

    love it. i love morning fog

  93. mind overmater says:

    i took a lovely photo of a tap with the water ruing came out so cool

  94. Of The Way Ministries says:

    You know you're encouraged to try new things and push yourself and stretch your abilities, when you can hear Mike's voice in your head walking you through the thinking process; and the next think you know, you've taken a good handful of shots of the same thing from different perspectives. Thank you Mike for your wonderful instruction.

  95. Richard Rogers says:

    Hi Mike, great video, really inspiring. Do you ever feel self conscious taking pictures in the middle of a road? I'm sure half of the traffic thought you were a speed trap, watching them all slow down ๐Ÿ˜

  96. Darshit Nayak says:

    I wish someday I'll be as comfortable & friendly on camera as you are, especially when it's about filming myself. Really admire your personality and the ease with which you explain everything. Binge-watched many of your videos in last few days!

  97. Richard S says:

    A behind the scenes question ? – Assuming you shot this one our own, what were you using to shoot the video of you and capture the video from your T1 so easily ?

  98. ivar dahl larsen says:

    I have sampled most of your films after flicking through them and I find them very good for especially beginners. Therefore I have sent them all down to the West Indies, to young lady waiting on a camera from me, an old geezer who's been in the business since 69. Very well done Mike, what you are doing. Sorry, but your reward would only be in this case, just the glory I'm afraid. While I get the hugs.๐Ÿ˜„

  99. F1 Ty says:

    Love the passion! Makes me want to get out and shoot!

  100. Ashley Stubbings says:

    It can be a bit of a problem when you can't find your knob! LOL

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