Photographers in Focus: Wolfgang Tillmans
Photographers in Focus: Wolfgang Tillmans

Photography was really the last medium
that I wanted to explore Music has always had
a great attraction for me There is such a number
of parallel interests that make up then
the entirety of my work What joins them is
they have an immediacy and can talk about what it feels like
to be alive today A lot happens through what I don’t do It’s not all about the doing,
it’s about what you don’t do The question of all the pictures
you don’t take that is a very conscious decision All together, it is a sense of openness and not being afraid questioning what you see
by viewing things from different angles The eyes are free of charge and you should trust what you see and constantly question what you see I never felt like I’m behind the camera but it became a fluid way of expression I was able to enact things
in front of the camera and so it is a performed reality Jochen and the deer,
it’s called “Deer Hirsch” This, for example, is a picture
that wasn’t staged but it looks so staged,
because how does a deer get to a beach? But then another picture, for example “Lutz & Alex sitting in the trees” Of course people don’t sit
half-naked in trees It’s not like this was
entirely staged and set up I tried to move to Berlin twice once in ’89 and I ran away after six weeks and once in ’95 and I ran
back to London after two months But then in 2011 I finally decided to move
my main studio from London here Yeah, I witnessed all
the early techno years of course I have made music I’m interested in the words, in language and this interest in interaction
with an audience and words and, ultimately, then also music led me to start and explore that territory Music is something that
I’ve been passionate about all my life but now I’ve found confidence to actually express that again
and give it a form That’s very unique
for my life’s experience When me doing exhibitions there’s always my name, it’s my book It’s always a solo thing and so this collaboration experience is really fantastic and liberating It is important that in serious times you don’t actually clip yourself,
clip your wings and become safe or cut out the fun It’s important to keep on dancing

3 thoughts on “Photographers in Focus: Wolfgang Tillmans”

  1. Callum Wright says:

    What song is playing during the Powell and Wolfgang Berlin show? His own, I need to hear that in full! @2.58

  2. rain51db says:

    aye this guy worked with Frank Ocean.

  3. Tempus Non says:

    Ike Barinholtz should play tillmans

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