Photographers Have Too Much Fun and Find Incredible Things!
Photographers Have Too Much Fun and Find Incredible Things!

Camping! We’re at Turkey Point. Buckets are going to fly off. When was the first time we were here? 25 years ago? 22? 22 years ago. Before we were married. We just had our 20th anniversary so we thought
we’d come out camping. It’s windy. It’s very windy. Ah! So we decided to come out this morning, not
for sunrise because it rained all night and this morning but we’ve decided to come out
and see if there was a nice fishing spot and a spot on the lake to take some pictures. I would say yes. There’s a beautiful spot. I set up my camera here, you can see, with a 7
stop neutral density filter and a graduated neutral density filter, 3 stop but actually
what I did was I had it pushed all the way down because it was such a bright morning.
It was hard to get a long enough exposure and as I went, I don’t know if a long exposure
was really what was going to work best anyway because it was hard to get, like, a good non-moving
foreground to kind of make that long exposure stand out but we’ll see. I took some long
and short exposures and we’re going to check out a few other places here. Did you catch anything? What’s that? Did you catch anything? No. No. I did a lot of casting. Was it fun? Yeah it was. Of course. Is he gone? I don’t know. So as we’re driving along this huge bird right beside me here in the trees suddenly flew
across and he didn’t actually leave so we stopped the car. We were trying to find it
again but unfortunately now he’s gone. I don’t know what it was. Somebody was saying there’s
an eagle around here. It might be that we saw the eagle. All I saw was the grey, and
I don’t even know if it was grey… grey or black, right beside me. So cool. And I didn’t have my camera ready. Did you see him?
Yeah. What did it look like?
I don’t know. I just saw like black, black wings. That’s it. Huge.
Yeah. Big yeah. What it was, it was big. Yeah. That’s so cool. Ok, so we had lunch. It was delicious. We had fish and chips at some grill down on the
water and it was great. So now we are back and I’d actually like to walk around our campsite
and see, the campground, and see if we can get some pictures here because the ground
is all orange from the pine needles that have fallen and the trees are starting to turn
colour. It’s just beautiful! Okay! Okay we are going to try the lookout trail. John’s attempting to get his GPS working. I lost him. He’s shaking his head. Every time
he comes home from using that, he’s always like, “I don’t understand. I can’t get it
to work. It doesn’t make sense.” He might be there awhile. So we’re walking by and we hear this flutter. It’s this butterfly! I don’t know… right
there! So I grabbed my camera. I don’t have my tripod with me. ISO between 640 and 1000
and the sun is coming out now. I’m going to grab another. Oh! Oh my goodness! What? It’s cocoon! So the butterfly is sitting on the branch
and right next to it is the cocoon! Ah! So excited! I switched over to my macro lens and it’s really cool. Now we’re going to head out.
We’re almost at the trail. This is the danger of hiking with me right John? Yep. What is
the danger of hiking with me? We’ve walked 40 minutes and we moved 5 steps. 5 steps.
40 minutes. Give or take. Give or take. Alright, alright! Off we go! So John, have you ever had poison ivy? No. Nope. Have you ever had poison ivy? Yeah.
When? It was here… what, 22 years ago? We were here. Yes. When we were just dating at
the time. We were heading to the beach. So we’re getting there.. and I’m like “Hey there’s
a shortcut here. Let’s go kind of through this little bit of weeds and plants or whatever
and there’s one of these but it’s facing the water. So I get through it. You walked around
of course. I get through it and you’re like “Hey, turn around for a second” and this was
there. So sure enough I had walked right through a patch of poison ivy. Good place to put the
sign… facing the water. So this brings back memories. Thanks. It does yes. Thanks. It
was so funny! Sometimes what you really need is, in a forest,
you really need a clearing and that’s just so that you can actually get a view of the
trees and not be really close to a tree or a few trees that end up inevitably becoming
a foreground that imbalances your picture. So what I have here is… there’s obviously
a bit of a waterway at the bottom when there’s water and trees across the way. I promised him we wouldn’t stop again until we got to the lookout. Don’t worry, he knows
me better by now. On the one hand, Canadians don’t want to cut
down trees and don’t want to disturb the natural environment so that’s the positive. The negative
is when you get to the end of a long trail and you hope to have a view and there’s no
view because it’s a view of trees. I can see a little bit through the trees. There’s Lake
Erie over there and it’s huge. It goes for miles and there’s a big valley here but there’s
no lookout per se unless we’ve just completely missed it which is entirely possible.
We didn’t miss it. John says we didn’t miss it but it has been a gorgeous walk. That was an awesome walk. Now we’re back and we’re just going to get the fire going and
start some food. It’s been a really really amazing day. I hope you guys have had an awesome
day too and a chance to just get out and explore! Talk to you soon guys. Bye!

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