Photographer Cory Richards: Vulnerability is the Key to Great Art
Photographer Cory Richards: Vulnerability is the Key to Great Art

Above all else I think vulnerability is key to making any good art you have to show up and you have to bring all your baggage with you. If you show up and try to make art and you didn’t bring your baggage we’ll fuck it where you’re paintbrushes? My name is Cory Richards Im a National Geographic photographer and Explorer and an athlete for Eddie Bauer. You know think the first photograph that I knew was my style and my voice was a photograph actually on Mount Logan of a Bow Valley local and he’s just covered just completely like and he looked dead the whole frame was so monochromatic because he’s sort of in black all black clothing and this big black puffy and goggles and then just spindrift and then the blues of the of the snow and the shadows and I looked at and I was like that’s the humanity that I want. That’s what I want to see. This is somebody who’s exhausted who’s tired this is the thousand-yard stare and so that image I think was when I said that’s the kind of imagery that I want to make. You want to catch them in that in-between moment where they are thinking about something they’ve left you, you’re no longer present in their mind They have now wandered and they’re thinking about something else and that’s reality. The little person big landscape stuff, whatever it’s cool. Sun stars and oversaturated and Instagram that’s not soulful to me, that’s easy. I find it hysterical that the only cover that I’ve ever had for National Geographic is a fucking selfie. You know in that moment I contact with the camera it was very necessary. We were descending after six days we got caught in a very big storm we had just done the first winter ascent of Gasherbrum II, the first winter ascent of any 8,000 meter peak in Pakistan and all the snow that have been coming down was up above us on G5 I believe to our right and it released and uh sorry it came down and and it hit us really hard. That image is truly me trying very very hard to get away from from a traumatic experience. It was a distraction the camera became the distraction. I think the idea that that image is a display of a willingness to engage in the same type of art that I’m actively trying to create is a nice way to look at it. All my photographs I try to carry that with me so I show up with a shotload of baggage and that’s hopefully what makes them great. You have to show up you have to be vulnerable and if you can bring that to a photograph and you can share that with a human or share that with an environment for that matter if you can give yourself over to it with all of your shortcomings and all of your assets you will make great pictures and you will make great films because that’s when you connect.

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