Photo Duel #50: Connecting with others through photography
Photo Duel #50: Connecting with others through photography

13 thoughts on “Photo Duel #50: Connecting with others through photography”

  1. Pat Davis says:

    Lots of good ones, but I'm partial to #8.

  2. Antonio Manteca says:

    #8 ! People in that town is so kind, aswell as you. Very nice!

  3. Jon Brown says:

    Andrews #13 got my vote. The dog is such a protecting little guy.

  4. Maria Woosley says:

    #10 those kids inside made the photo

  5. bleepbleepohio says:

    This makes me uncomfortable. Even though I know what you are doing I still feel like you guys are about to sell them a discounted rate on their electric bill šŸ˜

  6. Hammer10 says:

    What a nice video, really puts a smile on your face. Number 6 was my favorite

  7. agylub says:

    Bill Owens Suburbia comes to mind of course – getting compliance from your sitters is always easier with a woman on your side. The solo male photographer is basically a pervert in the eyes of the majority these days. And having a rig that looks more pro than what almost everyone has helps. A matt box lens shade can double the size of you camera and give your a little more gravitas/ The most important is getting out and doing it. The 10,000 hour rule.

  8. Dan Rudolph says:

    I think you two are amazing! Thank you for being you!

  9. Yuze Chen says:

    These photos and the journey just make me smile and smile again. Think I will just skip the voting as I wasn't paying attention to the numbers of the photos. Love all of them!

  10. Makers Telemark says:

    I think 16 perfectly encapsulates your goal. Happy Birthday and Anniversary.

  11. Noealz - Rain Photography says:

    I wish I was as good as you two with people šŸ™

  12. Old Cameras says:

    I could never do this. Iā€™m soooo not a people person haha.
    Iā€™m so, so envious of the light and space you have over there compared to London. I was visiting family in Nevada a couple of ears ago and it was so warm and bright out there. So jealous šŸ™‚

  13. Janina Fiebig says:

    6 & 13

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