Pelosi snaps at reporter’s impeachment question: I don’t hate anybody
Pelosi snaps at reporter’s impeachment question: I don’t hate anybody

100 thoughts on “Pelosi snaps at reporter’s impeachment question: I don’t hate anybody”

  1. Sammie Sue says:

    You are a freaking liar Pedolosi!!!!

  2. mieczyslaw herba says:

    Trump is right, she is crazy. Pelosi shouldn't involve God into her political, leftist activity. God save US from persons like Pelosi. She lost sense of justice, sense of law, and because of that she should be removed from political stage as soon as possible, She pretend to be catholic, but she is leftist.

  3. limescale onetwo says:

    Talk the talk
    Skip the walk

  4. BooBoo Bear says:

    what type of people who vote to put those Democrats snakes in office. Snakes that's who

  5. jiarealty says:

    Pelosi's words say she doesn't hate anyone, but the tone of her voice says she hates anyone who challenges her especially Trump.

  6. mutt naughton says:

    Yeah she praying alright. She means she is preying on the president.

  7. BLVNK says:

    seem like hate to me with that reaction.

  8. Stan Tuggs says:

    We do hate you, Nancy!

  9. John Smith says:

    Another case for term limits…..

  10. Tree says:

    Nutty Nancy blew a gasket!…. Slurrrrp.
    Trump 2020🇺🇸👍🏼

  11. 13soap13 says:

    Sociopathic liar. I'm sure she actually believes herself … very sad and dangerous.

  12. Mrs. Scheppele says:

    We know you are an equal opportunity hater…you hate everyone!

  13. Patrick Harty says:

    She is totally crazy, she is in violation of the Constitition! She is a horrible lying Democrat! The American people should not tolerate this circus of a COUP Attempt 😡!!!!!!!!

  14. Fierce Ammo says:

    Have another drink ypu sick effing evil entity

  15. Chris McCaulley says:

    Catholics are supposed to hate evil.

  16. Cameron Todd says:

    You are an absolute idiot and you are NOT Catholic

  17. D Frost says:

    I think 👿Nancy is a bald face liar who is incapable of telling the truth and hates anyone who disagrees with her.

  18. Jeff Birkmeyer says:

    Lady your so full of hatred you don't even like yourself. You may have grown up in a Catholic home, but right now you belong to and work for Satan !!!!!!

  19. Matthew Flinders says:

    Wow, she was so angry her teeth nearly fell out!

  20. Janice Quinn says:

    To call her a person who hate, is like calling GOP prejudice. No matter what Trump does you racist fools upholds him.

  21. Charlotte MacKinnon says:

    Pelosi is laughable. She is a lying heretic! She publicly has rejected Church teaching on numerous occasions, especially with her abortion stance.

  22. Retired Early 53 says:

    She's a tough woman !!!!!!!!! We can't have that in congress !!!

  23. Teri k says:

    You do hate! All Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lori Rienhardt says:

    Triggered Nancy. Hate hate hate.

  25. limescale onetwo says:

    Nancy Buttigieg
    Pete Pelosi


  26. Donoso Demaistre says:

    she's a wreck. she's intoxicated.

  27. Janice Quinn says:


  28. guitargamery says:

    she is lying and she is a deceiver !!

  29. Dave Kolstad says:

    You can see she has hate for us 60 million plus deplorables. You can see it, hear it, feel it.

  30. kkron67543 says:

    What a snake

  31. JamZorro says:

    Bless you Nancy.  Did somebody say psycho???

  32. cathy says:

    Geez I was waiting for her to scream NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!

  33. Seattle the Great says:

    Nancy handled perfectly!

  34. John Smith says:

    Pelosi desperately needs an Exorcism……the Devil has taken her over…..God help her…..

  35. Gary Clarke says:

    Nancy all paperwork waiting for your signature, so you hate the people who they help, SIGN THE JAYSUS PAPERWORK WAITING ON YOUR DESK….DEMONRATS DON'T PRAY, THEY PREY!!!!!


    Nancy needs a mental health evaluation done she is not fit for office, but on second thought she destroying her party so well maybe we better off letting her talk more.

  37. william lopez says:

    you only snap when only told the truth on your face

  38. porto roc says:

    Wow she was triggered
    That really got her going for sure you can see her true colors😂😂😂😂 you old🐍

  39. Edda Wyberski says:

    What a choke…

  40. Nightwingnum1 says:

    Boy that woman can LIE she is full of hate!

  41. Harimau Pencak Silat says:

    ROFL hypocrisy much Pelosi: "don't you dare accuse me" "Trump's a coward"

  42. C B says:

    She is one poor Catholic if she does not condemn killing babies. She only pretends to be religious.

  43. Digamas says:

    Left = hate filled liars.

  44. Angel White says:

    Don't mess with me .. some chaloic that .a drink druggie abusive bitter hater …

  45. Alessandro Alafriz says:

    Yeah…the hate is real

  46. Daniel Porter says:

    She's wasted again

  47. TL Coleman says:

    I see a lot of hate in these comments.

  48. UFCKO’s says:

    "helping our dreamers" this iso what happens when you let old dems near power..incoherent rants

  49. John Krausse says:

    Pelosi = aoc sock puppet.

  50. Danny Tubiolo says:

    She's rehearsing with whatever spine she can muster,, she so bad wants to stand up for herself against her own pathetic party of whom pull her strings.— and lets not forget who was pulling Nancy strings prior to all this?…. . O'Stankio Cortez — you waking up yet grounded dems? get cracking the dirty deep state must go!!

  51. Frank Rogers says:

    Sure are alot of instances, if democraps snapping on questions.

  52. John Harper says:

    I’m sorry. You tube you are losing me. If you think I’m going to watch and listen to another Bloomberg commercial. You are batshit crazy.

  53. paul gauvin says:


  54. BurkeTrue2 says:

    lol she's feeling the strain.

  55. Epu Kamrul says:


  56. Steve Hoisington says:

    As a Catholic…you are not allowed to receive sacraments unless you publicly change your view on abortion. Whoever your Priest is, should be excommunicated from the Church.

  57. Charles Babb says:

    What a lying hypocrite.

  58. barskii says:

    Whiskey Shakes Your Brain, You Are Slurring Nancy,  You are a Treasonous Traitor.

  59. Q Song says:

    Nice to see The Lady Speaker is so loved here

  60. TheMeanLiberal says:

    She put conservative trash in their place. Good for her.
    Impeach AND Remove the trash in the White House 2020 🇺🇸👍

  61. John Krausse says:

    Pelosi so full of love and prayers. Hahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha..She really loves the folks in California. High crime homeless people everywhere poop on the sidewalks medieval diseases everywhere. Yeah Lotta Love Nancy. Liar. Trump 20/20

  62. Brian Lewis says:

    Trump will be impeached.

  63. DownUnder Truth says:

    Anyone with McDonald eyebrows cannot be taken seriously.

  64. X X says:


  65. bartman22x1 says:

    I don’t hate anyone” Especially my beloved drug trafficking cartels!

  66. Julie King says:

    Oh yes Nancy, you and your party emulate nothing but love. 🙄

  67. J. D. says:

    She's as divisive and racist as they come!
    Divisive politics empower the democrap's. The dems are pure racist playing class politics!

  68. The Delaware says:

    It really breaks my heart to hear Nancy cite the coward Trump as the cause of all the unnecessary suffering going on w/ the [God-controlled]climate(as evidenced by such Judeo-Christian stories as 'The Great Flood' & Noah…), and then the part about the 'Dreamers,' gun violence, etc…

    Ohhh, and, then when she was actually forced to fix her heavy & gaudy, gold-plated bracelet (& exercise her cheek muscles – made so tight from seven plastic surgeries over three years…)right there on the spot?, in the middle of her rant??…

    Well, let's just say I had a new found admiration of this devoted woman of faith who clearly is just "of the people." Lol

  69. BetsyRoss BetsyRoss says:

    She’s praying for impeachment . Oh What a holy woman. May you live longer Nancy Pelosi in earth. Heaven won’t accept you. There afraid you might impeach the Saints and angels.

  70. Scott Merila says:

    That question sure sent her over the edge, she could barely form a complete sentence. Not that she has been good at it for years now.

  71. John Shaw says:

    She is under so much stress, because she knows this impeachment is a sham.

  72. Ryan Hampton says:

    Has ducking lost it

  73. Mike K? says:

    Hehe . I call this AI . This is not a person

  74. Titan12 says:

    The Democrats use religion when it benefits them and only then. 🙄

  75. Kate Perrdie says:

    Now she brings up her religion . She is a piece of work. She is working against the American people just to spite President Trump. Dems abuse power, let’s take it all back in 2020. Keep America Great.

  76. Twisted Titan says:

    She lies.



  77. FlamedAccessories says:

    Sad woman with mental illness

  78. HomelessVeteranPrevention says:

    Nancy Piglosi prays to Lucifer Satan.

  79. Colton B says:

    Blah blah blah shut up Pelosi we see behind your facade

  80. kcvriess says:

    Don't you DARE call her hateful! She was raised Catholic. You can call her a liar though, because this impeachment nonsense is most definitely political.

  81. Steve Holsten says:

    Yes, Nasty Peloshit! You have enough hate in you to last a lifetime, you Silly Assed Wench!

  82. EasyYog11 says:

    "very proud" of "our" dreamers? "our" who? non-Citizens? these American Tax Paid people are delusional.

  83. 30 Pieces of Silver says:

    F You Nancy…Youre So Full Of It

  84. terry jenkins says:

    you are a liar Nancy

  85. 2muchcensorship Liberalfools says:

    She’s going to hell for sure

  86. scot woodz says:

    Pelosi snaps……….
    More like flaps…….
    She is like the “killdeer” bird……
    Acting wounded…. flapping one wing….
    Trying to protect her party………
    Last line of defense…….
    Going, going, ………..gone ! : ) ( :

  87. Richiest Rich says:

    She is mentally sick.

  88. bdfan4ever says:

    Speak on madam speaker!!! What a woman!!!

  89. browncoat 1776 says:

    Abort babies so we can have more dreamers … You may have been raised Catholic but the only thing you you believe in now is a bottle of vodka.. Speaker Pelosi you simply make me sick everytime I hear you speak about freedom ..

  90. WAIMATE TE RIPI says:


  91. Kenneth Schauer says:

    Nancy Pelosi may be Catholic she worships idols money is her god

  92. Dead Floyd says:

    Does she have eyebrows painted over her eyebrows??

  93. Lando Knight says:

    Alcohol induced rage. Shes a hater.

  94. Steven Cope says:

    In that 1 minute you see the nastiness behind this woman. She might not hate the president but she hates his policies and the fact he is showing the Democrats how America SHOULD be run. She hates that Trump is showing the people how useless the political class are. She hates that Trump will win in 2020 and she CAN'T STOP IT

  95. Roblox _FireMann says:

    Don’t mess with you your a sicko by the way you hate you hate you hate messed with you

  96. big burly says:

    shes worth 120 million dont mess with her haha

  97. Mantis Toboggan says:

    Old broad is crazy.

  98. Kenneth Schauer says:

    She prays to satan!!!

  99. Dena E says:

    She meant catheter not Catholic

  100. Mahmut Demir says:

    She is getting mad cause she know they mess up , impeachment plans F ed up .. who ever plan impeachment order to her for ; a lot pressured on pelosi cause she know they can’t impeach President; they Fuk Up

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