PART 2: Things I’ll Never Experience in 2019 (BECAUSE I’M NOT A MOM )
PART 2: Things I’ll Never Experience in 2019 (BECAUSE I’M NOT A MOM )

the next one is sticking with stricter
schedules and routines and again this is maybe not something that every parent
does but most of the parents that I know have some type of schedule and routine
that they stick by obviously it’s just my husband and I and we do have a
schedule than a routine that we stick to but we can stray from the schedule on
the routine kind of whenever we want to and it doesn’t really have a real bad
negative effect I feel like when you have kids you kind of have to stick to
those schedules and routines a little bit more because it makes a parents life
a lot easier when your kid goes to bed on time and wakes up on time my husband
and I decide to stay up until midnight one night neither wish you’re gonna have
a tantrum the next day I hope as a parent you probably have to be a little
bit more particular on sticking through schedule and again I know not every
family does that but knowing there’s not as much wiggle room in your schedule is
just something I guess you get used to as a parent and it’s probably for the
betterment of the entire family my husband I have date night every
Wednesday night we know that that’s the night we are going to spend together so
there’s no extra projects like work nights or anything that gets in the way
of that day night I cannot believe how hard some parents have to work to
coordinate a date night and it’s not like the getting date night every single
week they’re getting it once every so often and I feel like it’d be really
hard to try and schedule in a date night if you had kids because there’s so many
more moving parts to having a date night it’s not just let’s jump in the car and
go for a date night it’s we have to get a babysitter and I’m sure most parents
are pretty concerned about who actually stays with their kids and there’s
probably only a very small handful of people that you would trust it’s an
extra cost for some people that’s not always feasible but it is so easy to
take de diaper granted and I know my husband and I do
but I feel like that would be such a hard thing to give up honestly doesn’t
mean that parents with kids can’t have a date day but it usually seems to be a
little bit harder to schedule and have happen now this one refers more to when
a kid is younger Polly baby aged up to I don’t know a toddler I suppose but it’s
all of the stuff that you have to take with you when you go somewhere I mean I
know how long it takes me to pack my giant purse and I throw all sorts of
stuff in there that I don’t even look at and don’t even use but I take it because
I’m like just in case I might need this you know but for a parent all the stuff
that you guys have to pack to take along I mean you gotta take clothes and
diapers and bottles and toys and snacks and who knows whatever else babies need
that’s a lot of stuff to get together Plus getting yourself ready Plus getting
any other kids ready every time you go somewhere I feel like that is who I
would never get anywhere on time like I’m pretty sure I never would I can
hardly get myself ready on time life would happen and I would miss out on it
because I was too busy packing a suitcase to go to the grocery store
cleaning up after kids I am a neat freak I love my house to be super tidy and I
know that with kids this would be extremely challenging because you want
kids to have fun you want them to be able to play with their toys and not be
worried about making a mess on the floor because mommy’s gonna get mad but I just
can’t stand having toys around like the cats have a basket with toys in it and
they don’t go in the basket and take toys out and if the toys are strewn over
the living room in the dining room in the kitchen I have to pick them up but I
think the part of me that has to have everything Hannah ties and super tidy
and clean would have a really hard time with just letting a kid be a kid and
making a mess and being like what part of life it’ll be fine
baby proofing and toddler proofing my house my house is in no way shape or
form baby proofed people bring their babies and their toddlers over and
they’re like Oh Hannah you might want to put this away or you might want to put
that away the baby’s gonna get it I don’t even think about putting stuff
like that away until the kid has that like in their hand and they’re playing
with there they’re like chewing on it and then I’m thinking oh man they
probably shouldn’t have that I feel bad taking it away from the kid we also have
this wicker basket it’s filled with a bunch of toys and the toys are basically
things that other people have somehow left at our house that have kids or that
we’ve inherited and I’m not sure why we have kid toys but we do and so whenever
kids come over it literally doesn’t matter what their ages we just grabbed
his basket I’m putting in our living room on the floor and just let the kids
go play with it so you’re not thinking that the Legos are really not good for
the two-year-old because the pieces are like this big you don’t think about that
when you don’t have your own kids you’re just like here some toys have a door go
have fun it’s really not that big of a deal to me if something gets broken
because it is just stuff but I just want to enjoy my house the way that it is I
don’t have to worry about cleaning it all up and making up there for when
someone’s kids come over in case they wreck something I’m pretty chill about
that kind of stuff I think but yeah I probably will actually never baby-proof
my house because I just don’t see the point I can understand from a
parent’s perspective they feel much more comfortable if the house is like
child-friendly but I also think there’s so many things in my house that aren’t
child-friendly but I would literally have nothing left anywhere and if you’ve
watched any of my videos I already have a pretty bare house I’m pretty
minimalistic when it comes to decorating I would literally have like nothing
around so I’m okay with just leaving stuff out it gets broken whatever it’s
just stuff that could be replaced if you’re curious as to why my husband and
I do not have any kids there’s a video right here that you can watch and it
will explain why we don’t

6 thoughts on “PART 2: Things I’ll Never Experience in 2019 (BECAUSE I’M NOT A MOM )”

  1. Chore With Me says:

    Check out PART 1 here:

    Entire Video of Kids Breaking Things:

  2. Six Hand Spice Family says:

    You don't have kids, so why baby proof it? I agree with that. My kids are tornadoes! Flour dumped out all over the kitchen and played in like a sandbox, walls and floors painted on, experimental cooking … Etc.

  3. This Single Mom says:

    Other things I miss pre-kids: going to the movies whenever I want, going to the store at 9 PM

  4. Salama O says:

    Loads of love from the UAE ( Abudhabi)to ur inspiring videos ❤️❤️❤️ ,,,I am married 6 years know and have the same thinking 😍

  5. Sakina’s Travel Diary says:

    Oh my God
    You think just like me and my reasons are just the same to stay away from being a mom

  6. The Five Aces Family says:

    I watched both parts, and you are totally right, probably that’s why I am always late cause if the million things I have to prepare. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Great video!

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