Good Morning thank you thank you all for joining
this course we have configured this course title Landscape Design and Site Planning based
on a long experience over the last 32 years I had been teaching this subject at under
graduate level as a subject called Landscape Design and Site Planning and at the post graduate
level as a subject called Landscape and Recreational Planning The body of knowledge that we have created
we felt that it should be shared with all of you and thank you again for joining this
My experience says people have a very very sketchy idea about this particular course
Landscape specially Landscape whenever I have talked to people tried to know that what is
their perception about landscape I have seen people say that ok plantation of some trees
if there is any surface which is bare cover this with grass and put some pathways over
it and make it accessible People think that is landscape there are others
who think that if I do some bit of gardening in front of my house it is landscaping Some
people think if I do kitchen gardening behind my house that is also landscaping in fact
the landscape course is spanning over a large domain it is not so simple To my (())(1:54)
what I have found is architects they have made a very interesting attractive presentations
with trees marked as circles placed wherever it looks good on a piece of paper The point is that they have not really realized
that how it is going to be placed on site in reality when they will be placed on site
there will be lot of restrictions in terms of constructions in terms of dimensions in
terms of many other environmental factors all these makes the particular subject as
very very complex So it is not my dear friends do not think
that this particular subject is a merely a pattern making game Let us see what are the scope in this see
it is basically a Multi-Disciplinary subject Here we have certain sections as Behavioral
Sciences we also have another section which will cover General Sciences and another set
which will cover Engineering and Technology Now what will come under Behavioral Sciences
people will experience a landscape they will enjoy they will appreciate they may criticize
as well if it is not made up to their expectations So everyone is Psychologically involved once
they see a landscape We will come to the definition of landscape
and how the landscape should be perceived later first whatever is your perception just
think that how you perceive the landscape You enter a park you see plantations you like
it or you may not like it The plantations which you have seen might create shades for
you which tree which shrub what type of grasses which material how you are using it all these
are a matter of concern to you when you are really experiencing this that becomes Behavioral
If you enjoy the landscape it is behaviorally positive resulted if you do not enjoy it is
behaviorally negatively resulted What comes the General Science if you enter
a park you will find there are lots of plantations there are water bodies there are sands there
are lights there are shadows all these will be concerning General Sciences So landscape
cannot be (4:30) of whether people like it or dislike it whether they fell comfortable
or do not or whether the light is coming plant is growing or plant is dying So naturally the entire system will have these
two but when it comes to the execution of the entire landscape then Engineering and
Technology will come in In the absence of Engineering and Technology rather I would
say in the absence of proper or appropriate Engineering and Technology no landscape can
be perfect Let us see in the Behavioral Sciences there
are multiple aspects which comes under this quite often I have heard asked by students
Sir who are all involved in this entire landscape process I have found that it is really a very
widely multi-disciplinary field There are several people who are involved in it just
you will get an idea once I run through this one by one let us say behavioral sciences
Psychology you like the landscape you want the landscape you enjoy the landscape and
you retrieve or go back to the same landscape once again being attracted all these are a
matter of Psychology I would say Psychologist who are dealing with these reactions they
are very much involved in this Sociology a park which is being visited by
different age groups whether it is from toddlers to the grannies or grandparents mothers fathers
with brothers with friends whoever that becomes a hub for Sociological communications interactions
So it is very very essential that Sociology becomes an integral part of this landscape Spatial the space how it is works what is
the shape of it what is the size of it what is the dimension of it what is the volume
of it and there are multiple components within it all these becomes very very critical in
this We will discuss all these issues with detail in different parts of it in due course
of time here I am just trying to give you an overview of this Aesthetics looks good what is the Aesthetics
Aesthetics is basically a state of mind when you enjoy something If you are not in that
particular state of mind then Aesthetics does not play any role in it you like it you have
entered you enjoyed That means you are Aesthetically you are enjoying it anything that you create
anything in the world that exists in front of our eyes definitely have some bit of Aesthetic
or Aesthetic appeal or maybe negative Aesthetic appeal so Aesthetics So people who are dealing
with beauty people who are dealing with creations people who are dealing with creativity they
are all involved in this And finally in terms of behavioral thing Experience
you see a landscape you enjoy it finally what is your experience if it is good you go back
if it is not good you reject The point is the whole landscape projects which we create
we the landscape architects whether we call landscape designers or landscape architects
whatever we do create ultimately it is for whom it is for people If there is not a single
user in any of these areas that landscape has no real meaning Ofcourse nature has created it nature has
created this particular landscape endure to us free given to us whether we can explore
or enjoy that that is on us So here what happens is finally the experience matters the most
it is because of which people go go back to some other tourism spots very frequently People
prefer one tourism spot over another people prefer one landscape garden over another people
prefer one tree over another that means it all depends on finally what is the outcome
what is the take away to the users if the users are not there then it is meaningless Now the question is who are the users ofcourse
we will say we the human being we are the users is it is it true you enter a park you
see a bird the bird who is having a nest in a tree and you are enjoying the beauty of
the tree along with the birds birds has no business other than his residence but you
have a business to see a bird do not you feel excited when you see very rare birds colorful
birds playing in that area and ultimately chirping making a wonderful background sound
and you enjoy and you say it is wonderful means overall experience what you gain out
of this is one of the very very important thing Let us see what is in General Sciences Plant
Science one of the most important scientific matters that we deal with in all landscape
subject You know why because landscape it covers a large domain ofcourse it has a different
scale I will discuss it later scale wise but the thing is generally when we see a landscape
is a large outdoor open area when we see this majority of those areas are covered with plants
plants of various types plants of various scales So naturally the Plant Science becomes the
most important here comes some conflict in terms of perception people say who are the
Botanist they are the best landscape designer Horticulture say no we are the best landscape
designer the agriculture people say no no we are the plant scientist who are dealing
with the tissue cultures and others they say no we are most important point is let us not
fight is not not at all proper because Plant Science is one of the component of the entire
landscape When you go through the entire course then you will realize that how wide the domain
of this landscape is Next the climate the Plants will grow plant
has if the plant has to grow then there has to be rain because it has to supply water
It also has to have radiations that means the sunrays have to fall on it it has to have
winds flowing sometimes even winds flowing in a very high speed becomes detrimental to
the landscape So climate plays a very very important role in this Another thing is look at this in a very hot
summer you are sweating and then you look at a tree and then you try to take shelter
below that and feel very very comfortable that means you are environmental climate logical
microclimate logical all aspects are very very (11:22) It makes it very wide domain
is in it it does Then the Environment what is Environment Environment
is totality whatever you have you define a domain and whatever is condition at that point
of time is the Environment and that particular Environment it is good or bad whether it is
polluted or clean whether it is enjoyable or not enjoyable all these are matter of decisions
that you take based on the criteria There are multiple criteria based on which we can
evaluate the Environment but however the Environment The Environmental scientist the Environmental
Engineers everybody has a role to play in this Then chemicals how can chemical comes to the
landscape it is a nutrient for the plants which is required it is a pollution that is
causing decay or death to the plants because of the all the emissions coming from the nearby
industries or some other places so it matters But however chemicals plays a very important
role when it comes to the nutrients fertilizers and all ok Then Engineering and Technology in this let
us see it is basically see what it is dealing with this soil How soil is coming under the
Engineering and Technology The entire landscape is spread over the surface of the earth the
crust of the earth ones it is spread over this crust of the earth naturally its profile
its stability its condition its physical chemical and other conditions everything will matter
So they come under the Engineering Sciences and how we deal with this in terms of ground
modeling they will come under this soil Drainage the area which is highly exposed
to the rain water even highly exposed to the storm water which is coming from other sites
to the sites of the landscape or even the bit of due that has been formed by the trees
or the fog that has informed by the climate which will add bit by bit to the precipitation
level or the water content or the humidity content of that particular area However small it is you will feel that if
you see spread your hand in a due formed area then you will find there will be a thin layer
of water if it is on your palm the whatever amount of water just you think the entire
radius now going to have that water that particular water is now going to cause a concern of drainage
so it comes When the project becomes too large the landscape project becomes too large when
there are streams there are you know canals there are rivers there are oceans there are
estuaries that we do consider drainage becomes although more critical highly technical highly
engineering oriented Then comes construction all said and done
everything has to be constructed because we are creating it we are creating something
new When I will come to the categorization of this you will see that I will deal with
this in a different prospective but here landscape if you are saying that we are designing something
naturally it has to be constructed and if the landscape has to be constructed its entire
construction engineering technological aspects all its implements all its machineries everything
will come under this (14:46) so how come it is not multidisciplinary Then comes material where we consider plant
as one of the strong material ok plant means vegetation of different forms we consider
this as a bulk material because it covers a large area but mind it the pathway the railing
or the fences the seats and benches the lamp post everything will matter The pathway even
over the pathway there are multiple materials that you can use for the pathway whether it
is paved with bricks whether it is concrete whether it is copal whether it is pebble whether
it is sand whether it is logs everything matters So here material will become very very important Lighting we always presume that the landscape
is going to be experience in the daylight not necessary there are several landscape
projects where you really see a different kind of ambiance in the light and I would
always suggest that if you really want to enjoy landscape you see that in different
seasons see that in different time of the day then you will really realize how good
the entire landscape is so that makes the entire subject very multidisciplinary And the question is ok this is I am trying
to give you an overview that what landscape is I will come to the definition of it but
how this Course is Structured let me give you some idea about it Also I have to give
you some idea about who would benefit you have registered but the thing is you have
registered with some objective ok you want to learn this particular subject is it beneficial
to you how would it benefit I will clear it all How to learn ok the thing is let us go
ahead with this The structure what we have done is we have
split the entire domain of knowledge to two parts because it is a vast body of knowledge
and it really justice cannot be done with very short duration of courses So what you
have done is entire knowledge pallet we have decided into two parts series 1 we call which
will be dealing with basics and fundamentals and the series 2 we are calling which is going
to deal with the advanced applications of this First we have to understand that how a landscape
is created and then how it can be applied in different areas So when it comes to this
the series 1 will be mainly dealing with the Behavioral Issues and the Plant Sciences And
the series 2 will deal with the Engineering issues and the applications series 2 will
be offering later in future at this moment our domain of discussion will be focused within
this series 1 Series 1 will have eight weeks lecture each
week will be of 12 half hours duration as you already know The first which we have started
with is dealing with the overview So I am giving you the overview then I will discuss
about the categories of landscape then I will discuss about the materials purpose scopes
so that whoever takes this particular subject can really handle this in ones own way Week 2 will be dealing with Classical Historical
Landscape Styles and also 3 will be dealing with Classical Historical Landscape Styles
but since there are so many very very important landscape styles we call this classical because
it has become almost a sort of synonymous with such kind of styles with such kind of
locations historically So they need to be divided into two parts we have two parts try
to divide in two parts oriental and European ofcourse we will also be dealing with will
give some overview when we will be discussing this how they are being used in our current
scenarios or the contemporary situations So up to week 3 we will be dealing with historic
landscape style In week 4 we will go deep into the User Related
Issues you remember I have discussed about the Behavioral Issues those will be dealing
with it and there are so many things to learn you will see at some time you might think
that are they really important but you will realize yes it is important and example let
me give you another I always like to give this example visiting a zoo zoological garden
you enter is it really true that you always go there to see only the animal and is it
alright that if suppose I put all the animal in the cages and you go and see zoo no You
want to see this the animals in their own conditions so animals in the own conditions
means forest or natural conditions the moment the natural conditions come rocks water body
forest everything will come in So what happens is the best possible zoos
are designed in such a way that when you enter you think that you have entered into a forest
because here the users are not only you who is a visitor paid some money for the tickets
but here the users are the people who are maintaining it also the uses of the animals
who were residing in that particular area So User Related Issues are very very important
thing we will deal with in In week 5 we will be discussing about the
Planting Design we will straight away go to the Planting Design first the reason is that
since our common perception is that ok Plantation means landscape trees means landscape a flowery
garden means a landscape So you will think yes this is important so we will cover this
because we have a lot of things to cover in this Week 6 in which the Plant Characteristics
for Application of the Landscape we will deal with in In week 7 we will be dealing with
all Planting Support System and Maintenance this is very important you plant a tree you
must have experienced yourself that during this season when you are planting a tree you
have to take so much of care if you do not take care if you do not think about its nutrition
if you do not think about its water requirement if you do not think about covering or allowing
the light to fall on this the plants will not grow rather it will not survive So this
is the domain where Planting Support System and Maintenance will be dealing with Then in the last week of this particular course
or this particular module I will be dealing with Site Investigation Analysis and Appraisal
because whatever you design the Site Investigation almost will be you know preceding the design
actions and many of the design actions will evolve from this we will go into this in detail And what lies in the second series here which
will be another 12 week which will be offering later in future First I will very much appreciate
if you learn this session series 1 and give us a feedback and have your quires made your
all fundamentals clear then you will find there are many more issues which you will
be discussing in which different are the aspects like how to do the ground modeling how to
play on the (design) drainage design how to make the irrigation planning and what are
the different construction details that is involved in the landscape what are the furnitures
coming in what should be the design what should be the material how avenue should be landscape
how the highway can be landscape and how a terrace can be landscape how the indoor can
be landscape everything Then large complexes housing commercial complexes
parks forest brownfields waterfronts then we will go into the detail like bonsai planning
aquatic garden rock garden aromatic and herbal landscape all these will be coming under the
scope of series 2 So here at this moment we are in the series 1 Next question is who would benefit from this
course You know we would say the different benefits are for different target groups It
all depends that which target group you belong if you are a student Let us say it depends
on your background level or exposure knowledge if you are a student studying architecture
you would love to learn this particular subject as a course of study because no architecture
courses are offered in this country I am sure where landscape is not thought but I will
tell you the landscape is not being thought in all Institutions in the same way Because different teachers have their different
exposures different perceptions so naturally what happens is that they try to frame this
course as they feel fit perfect there is no issue about it only thing is that if you are
trying to learn the entirety I am sure even one semester course does not give enough opportunity
for this particular course So here I feel that if you attain this course
and carry on with this your exposure will be quite wide So it is a students if you are
student you will be highly benefited even I would say if you are a teacher in a school
of architecture you will be benefited because many things will be exposing here which you
also probably might have missed or in case you have not missed probably it will enrich
your further knowledge and I will be very happy if suppose we get the feedback from
you and then you continue with this because finally our intension is that this entire
body of knowledge should be disseminated to the people First is the background level of your exposure
or knowledge there could be experts Then purpose of learning with the student or a professional
or nursery owner or connoisseur let us come to this ok As a student as I said look at
the professional if you are a professional architect or professional engineer and you
have got a scope of designing a landscape for a particular project In such cases naturally your first attempt
would be to fall back on whatever knowledge you have We are sure that if you go through
this entire process of this body of knowledge you will be exposed to all aspects of the
landscaping so that professionally you can undertake this project and you can deliver
and you can deliver to the full extent Nursery owners these nursery owners are the
people who are highly responsible for giving us the right plants when they will give us
the right plants basically they will be responsible for going those plants the way it should be
and the health of those plants will be at the hand of the nursery owners So they are
also important so they can also learn through this particular subject because most often
what they do is the nursery owners I have communicated with many I have found that they
are more concerned about how to how to grow the plants how to germinate from the seeds
and how to make it to the saplings and how to sell it to the market to the people to
the houses or to the landscape projects and then how this should be kept healthy that
is their domain Here if they have the full idea about the
entire landscape process landscape designing process or their scopes then naturally there
will be more concern about how to take care of the plants which they are growing The connoisseurs
who are this connoisseurs who loves landscape and I am sure everybody loves landscape I
have never found anybody who said no no no I do not like landscape no I do not like to
see the tree I do not like to walk on the grass I do not like to see the flowers no Connoisseurs are the people who like more
than our common people we all like it but the connoisseurs are a person you will find
in somebodies garden somebody just cooping out sometime of his and trying to do a little
bit of plantations with a pot He is not expert but he is connoisseur he is trying to know
how to do it I have seen people a professor who turned out to be a connoisseur bonsai
grower I have seen person an engineer who ultimately became a bonsai expert in the world
we will discuss this we will expose them to you in future Another group intention to implement the knowledge
in the daily life if suppose you are a family person and you want to implement this knowledge
into your daily life it will be very very useful And then intention of spreading the
knowledge among others for awareness that means you make people aware you make the children
aware you make the people who are destroying the nature or destroying the landscape aware So I have given you an overview of this now
I will go into detail and explain to you what a landscape is it is a very interesting domain
we are entering into and we will be discussing this in detail thank you for joining

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