Out-of-Body Experiences & Dreams with Odin
Out-of-Body Experiences & Dreams with Odin

Out-of-body experiences have been used by mystics for thousands of years to travel and seek knowledge in other dimensions. And references to them can be found in a number of ancient traditions. In this video, I’ll be talking about out-of-body experiences in relation to the ancient Germanic and Nordic religion. The most revered god of this religion is Odin or Votan, who has appeared to numerous people in dreams and even in near-death like experiences and I’ll talk about some of these towards the end. I’ve also had an out-of-body experience with what I believe to be the being Odin recently, and this is my account of it. I wanted to find out wheter Odin was real and who he was, so I decided to call him while out of my body. As ancient texts explained, that the place we visit when we dream, often referred to today as the astral plane, is around where humans and spiritual beings, often called gods, cross over and can meet. And so, as I went to sleep one night, I kept in mind that I wanted to call and meet Odin. Then at some point after I had fallen asleep, I realized I was dreaming and was aware that I was out of my body. This type of experience is often called lucid dreaming and is a type of out-of-body experience, only one in which a person becomes conscious after they have already left their body. I remembered my intention to call Odin and I called him three times, using three different names he is known by in case one of them was more accurate than another, calling out these names a total of nine times, which is a number especially associated with Odin. The first name I called was Odin, the name he is known by in Scandinavia. The next was Votan, which he is known by in Germany. The third was Votan (Uotan), which is a name of a culture hero and wisdom bringer of the Mayans of Central America and who I believe could very well have been the same person as Odin. I’ve since learned that Votan (Uotan) is actually the oldest pronunciation of his name in old German and is almost identical to the name used by the Mayans. However, he didn’t arrive and I started to feel myself begin to slip back into a state of dreaming. So I focused on where I was to try and maintain my awareness. This was to give myself more time to call him again. I did this by being conscious of what was around me as I began to walk. And by walking with the intention that I wanted to find Odin. It was a lovely sunny day, where I found myself and I walked through a pleasant street of shops, with cafes and trees in blossom, but instead of being distracted, I kept walking straight through it all, thinking that I had to find Odin. I came to a grassy hill, where I saw a signpost pointing to Disneyland. In fact all the signs pointed to Disneyland, but I said to myself: “No, I need to find Odin”. It felt like the shops and cafes and the science of Disneyland, were all distractions put there to test how serious I was in my intention to meet Odin. I then called Odin again, but this time with a sense of sincerity and humility, as I suddenly felt, here was I, calling upon such a great being as Odin. The first time I called him, it was almost like a thoughtless demand, which is likely why he didn’t appear. This time he arrived, although I didn’t see him. Instead, I felt his presence and then his energy, surround and hold me. The energy seems strong but not violent or warlike at all. It’s hard to put into words, but it felt active and driving forward without the slightest aggression. I immediately felt at ease, as if he was a very close friend and so comfortable, as to begin asking him questions, about who he was. One question just kept leading to another as just as soon as he answered one, it caused another to immediately arise in me. Somehow he evoked this, as it seemed to be part of his Being, this continual search for answers for knowledge. And interestingly, this seems to be what he has been most famously and accurately remembered for in Nordic mythology. The first question I asked him was: “Who are you?” I found that of all questions, somehow Odin evokes this question more than any other. You can see that many people have attempted to answer it and have come to quite different conclusions. This almost insatiable drive to find out who he is, I now feel, is caused by more than just a lack, of definitive historical information about him, as Odin is not unique in the world as being an obscure mythological figure. Instead, I feel there is something deeper going on that the very nature of his Being evokes it. Indeed, I found his very presence about this question in me. It seems that the mystery around him actually serves as a prompt, to embark upon a search for profound knowledge and is both his way of being and of teaching. The answer he gave surprise me. He replied: “I am like you”. Now obviously, Odin and I are very different in many ways, but I realized his answer on a deeper level was actually incredibly profound. To understand it, I firstly have to know what I am and on the deeper spiritual level beyond my body I am like all other people and living things. I took his answer to mean that he is not an abstract concept. He is like you and I, for want of a better word. He is a Being. Clearly though, he is at a far more advanced stage of spiritual development. At the most core or root level however, he is as all Beings are. And I understood from my experience that he exists and he is real. His answer also revealed his remarkable humility, even though he has such a great being as Votan (Uotan). He said there have been things attributed to him, that are not part of who he is. Just as there are figures of the past who became seen as fire gods. This answered a question I’d had about him as when researching Odin, I’d seen people compare him to storm gods in the Vedic texts of India, as over possibly many thousands of years. He seemed to have been assigned many different characteristics. He also said that he does not have one eye. Of course, this must mean that the events surrounding Odin losing his eye are not historical but symbolic. This calls into question how many other events attributed to him are symbolic too, in which Odin was used allegorically, perhaps by many different people over long periods of time? I then began finding it difficult to focus as I felt myself being drawn back to my physical body, which was asleep in bed. However, I concentrated and willed myself to stay out of my body and was able to continue talking to Votan (Uotan). Unprovoked, he said that the way he has been used by some people is like ‘black lives matter’. The statement didn’t really make an impact on me at the time as I didn’t fully understand the history behind it. But I now think he meant that he has been used as a symbol by some white people who have used violence against innocent people, in order to pursue their interests, in the same way some black people have used violence against innocent people in order to pursue theirs. My definite impression was that he did not agree with this and I felt that any kind of violence towards innocent people, was not in his nature at all. I then asked: “People say you are a God of the Norse and Germanic people. Is this true?” He remained silent. There was no anger or judgment in his silence and it forced me to answer the question myself, which, I should have already known the answer to. I understood his silence to mean that as of Being, he is timeless, existing beyond culture. Although Odin has come to symbolize something especially unique in Germanic culture, I’ve come to realize that his memory may have also been preserved in other cultures too. Like in the Vedic culture of India and even the Mayan culture of Central America. But that is a topic for another video and is something I explore in my book. All this time I had been looking out at a grassy field, which is where I had stopped to call him. This changed as I looked up to my left and saw the silhouette of a man, just his profile and part of his shoulder. He looked like a very strong Nordic man. He had a long blonde hair that streamed out in the wind against a golden red Sun. I wanted to ask so many other questions. But again, I felt myself being pulled back to my body lying in bed. I merged back into it and looked around my bedroom. This time I felt I was now too merged with my body to try and get out of it again and gave up trying. This turned out to be a mistake as at this very moment, I felt Votan (Uotan) let go of me and I woke up into my bedroom in the physical world. I had still been out of my body, and Votan (Uotan) had still been there helping me, even though I hadn’t realized it. It was only when I gave up that he left, respecting my freewill completely. If I persisted, he is likely he would have helped me to get out again. But it was too late and he was gone and this was a lesson in itself. I felt a real closeness to Votan (Uotan) after the experience, like he was someone I could talk to, a friend even. Just a day or two after this experience, I watched a video by Maria Kvilhaug on her channel called ‘the Lady of the labyrinth’. She recounts a number of dream experiences she had when she was younger, with a being she recognized as Odin. I was amazed to hear that our experiences share a number of similarities. The strongest feeling she had, like me, was of being held by Odin and of being made to feel comfortable. Her first question to him was the same as mine, which was: “Who are you?” and Odin’s answer was almost identical. Maria also had the impression that Odin was a real being but without physical form. Similarly, she found Odin had a way of causing her to answer her own questions and that the answers to these questions kept leading to more questions, which appeared to be his way of showing that learning is never-ending. This is my experience and I encourage you to have your own and if there are things that you disagree with or want to find out more about, I think that you should seek answers from Odin too. Many other people have also had experiences with Odin. I’ve had a few people leave comments on my videos about them. One man was led out of a coma, that he had been in for two weeks, by Odin. And said that in the experience he felt the presence of Odin and his ancestors, so strongly, that it had not yet left him. To others, Odin appeared to them in a dream. Elsewhere on YouTube, I saw someone comment that they had a dream while converting from Islam to Hinduism, in which the Hindu god Brahma appeared to them and revealed that the Vedic gods of India, were really the same as those of the Norse religion. This is likely because both these religions share the same Indo-European root. On the Enlighten youtube channel, there is a video about dreams people have had with Odin. In one, someone was in a church they went to as a child, where they were shown the reality of the Norse gods Thor and Odin, even partook in communion. Another person had been consistently attacked in his dreams every night by a dark and negative being. But one night as he was attacked, he called on the Norse gods Odin, Thor and Freya and the negative being was sucked away in a great storm and he was left in peace. This dream is interesting, since it shows that Odin has the power to dispel dark and evil forces. Something that the great teachers, who I call the Wisdom Bringers, were said to be able to do. I’ll put the link to these experiences in the description below. Such experiences are actually accounted for in ancient Germanic and Nordic religion. Although I personally learned to have out-of-body experiences from my husband. In one of the sagens, Odin himself was said to have out-of-body experiences in which he would lie as if dead or asleep, but was then often a twinkling to distant lands. He was said to be able to take the shape of a fish, a worm, a bird or beast, as when out of the body is possible to travel through the ocean, within the earth, fly through the air or overland, just as each of these animals can. Additionally, Germanic and Nordic religion explains that there is more to a person than just their physical body, including higher or spiritual aspects, so to be able to journey in non-physical realms. These aspects also include a Higher Divine Self or Being, which the person of Odin appears to have become or realized. It seems quite incredible that Odin is appearing to many people at this time. Perhaps he knew that the ancient Germanic and Nordic religion would return, as well as the broader Indo-European religion it derives from, which itself is a branch of the Ancient Religion of the Sun and is helping in some way to guide us understanding and revival. And perhaps, he is also guiding all those who seek him, to lead them further on their path to knowledge.

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    "Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods." -Inscription on the Wall of the Oracle at Delphi

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    Ok I have a story, normally I’m not a religious person in fact I believe there is a scientific reason to explain most things but There’s been a few instances in my life that really made me question my views on things. Just this past Christmas I was really ill, without doubt the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life. It got to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed and i was so weak that I slept for most of the day only to really wake up to force Down some water. Towards the end I think I slept for at least 30 hours strait and I had the weirdest dream I’ve ever had In my entire life. It’s a bit fuzzy now but the parts I do remember are very vivid like a memory I’ve experienced In real life. Right so I was in a dark area at night time that kind of looked like a graveyard and I approached this old man that was siting under a very large tree he had a large white beard and a hood over his head. I talked to this guy for a long time but the whole time I felt like he was someone I always knew, it gave me a warm feeling. After we were done talking he told me that it wasn’t my time and he would come back for me, then he put his hand on my shoulder and I woke up to paramedics in my bedroom and apparently i almost died. Honestly I think it was a just a dream and nothing more but it’s been several months and that dream is still bugging me. Not saying I saw odin, because I never asked the person who he was, but I thought it was worth mentioning

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    I too have met Odin, he was covered in golden light. Hail Odin.

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    For those yet to experience a OBE before trying seek advice on how to protect your shell, and as a side note when you OBE you are not of the material world anymore, you can visualise yourself to any shape or form, you look like a light orb to those in there shells (body) most people who OBE take on there current shell/body as a default, regulars play games and visualise stunning manifests or to remain undetected a simple light orb is used. As with anything there is a but…. your shell is a high commodity item on material earth for other soul/ka/spirits to inhabit and it happens more often than you think so as to the beginning protect your shell when you want to OBE. Good luck.

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    I had a dream recently that I was hugging a massive tree, standing on top of the root system which stretched a great distance beneath me to the ground. Creating cavernous voids in the roots. A horse with it's legs shrouded in mist was climbing the roots up towards me. Strutting to get my attention.

    It was not until I told a friend about it that he illuminated Norse mythology to me and that the tree was very much like Yggdrasil and the horse appeared to be Sleipnir, Odin's Shamanic horse. I was ignorant to Norse mythology before this.

  21. Ella Klyashitsky says:

    I have a little experience to share – I went to Peru a few months ago (inspired by your book 'Ancient Religion of the Sun'!) and was trying understand the connection between Odin and the wisdom bringers of the Maya and Inca legends. On one of the first nights in Cuzco, the ancient sacred capital of the Inca Empire, I met a man in my dreams, who was also young and beautiful rather than old and bearded (actually he may have still had a beard!), but generally 'golden', and I knew he was a talented seafarer, he had a 'oneness' with the sea I wrote in my dream journal; there was a sense that his great talents weren't understood in the world but somehow I could see him for the divine being he was. Then the dream shifted to include other people who had been very benevolent and spiritually guiding in my life and I was shown something that made me feel a deep connection to the spiritual quest that is woven like a continuous thread in me from this life to all my previous ones. I didn't get to speak to him but still the experience was incredibly uplifting.

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    Perception is unique to the individual.

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    I had an experience sometime in the last year and a half where I was imagining myself sitting at a meditation spot i have in a valley by a creek. I was just sitting there in my minds eye meditating when out of nowhere this black tornado came up to me. It had crows popping into and out of it, and at first i resisted as i didnt know what tf it was but then after scrying its energy i concluded it was benevolent and let it pass through me. It was this powerful energetic electricity that moved through me as what felt like pure spiritual inspiration. It was like an upgrade which i can to this day draw upon, as if ive never been the same since.

    I didnt realize at first, but it was my call to interact with Odin answered, which i had only put out a few days or weeks beforehand. The crows, the black 'storm,' and the feeling of inspiration all allude to it having been Odin, or whatever archetypical face of the actual Allfather of Consciousness that Odin represents. We're all One being; i see the gods as faces of the infinite as opposed to autonomous beings but i do wonder sometimes.

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    I saw him during a rage state after I sniffed cocaïne ( tall white man with fallen hair, looking like the old man in the Leonardo da Vinci painting with 3 black girls throwing sand out of a jar) I freaked out then the vision disappeared . He was looking at me but his 2 eyes were perfectly fine. I did not throw a word out. That vision happened inside a bright star( the sun!!!? ). All I know is that all my rage went off right after. I just hope he is not disappointed. I would love to communicate with him and learn to be wiser and greater.

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    ODIN, O.D.I.N. , Od – In , Ud – En , This most likely means something in ancient sumeria, as well as Atlantis, Lemuria and Ur. We are older than time itself, yet we are Born everyday, we are…you are…I Am…ALU…

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    I'm going to call out to Odin when I'm being oppressed by a dark presence . I was a Christian follower and would call out to Jesus but nothing would ever happen and the dark presence would continue to ravage me. I always thought I didn't have enough faith. But I've come to believe in the 7 . But I appreciate the input

  35. MajorAsJoke95 says:

    I need someone to help me interpret this dream. I was never a believer of anything spiritually until now. This dream had such a impact. I am looking for answers. This was my dream. I was in a foggy grassy place. The fog was so thick I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me. It was morning and a slight chill was in the air. I hear men screaming and metal clashing. A red bearded man ran towards me yelling. I had a small axe and I killed him by hitting his neck with my axe. Then I killed a brown haired man with a beard by hitting his shoulder and finally hitting his face with my axe. I killed more men and I was bloody but I wasn’t afraid. Actually I was excited. I knew I was in Valhalla. I was fighting for what felt like hours with excitement. Next thing I know I was in a big hall where there was long tables with food. From turkey to chicken and pork. Hundreds of men were eating and laughing. No one noticed me but I was approached by an old man with a blond beard. He had a helmet with wings on the side. We were by a table but when he spoke He was sitting in his throne and I was kneeling on one knee. I knew it was Odin the god of gods. He spoke to me and told me that I am in Valhalla. He told me that I was here but at the same time I wasn’t since I am not dead. Since I am not dead thats why everyone else didn't notice me because they were fallen warriors. He told me when I die depending on how I lived he may grant me access to Valhalla and for me to never forget this. He was going to say something else but then I woke up before he finished talking to me

  36. spelborea says:

    I had an experience before. I was taken to another realm after a intense medictative process and a giant shadowed guy appeared as the time stopped and he said: "Now time has been shut, and when time is shutted, there is no place you cannot go.." – clearly first time i saw interdepence of time and space… Now i'm writing a book about old philosophy guided by this same voice, i was voice guided to write in the book " timeless words of moral and wisdom"…"light reflected light". Interesting how the sons of light are worried about the wrong doing about ethics and moral and to safeguard the wisdom of balance to the rebuilding of a new world

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    I have seen Odin with my very eyes. I was awoke one night unable to breath. I had a respiratory infection and my lungs were drawing in air but I wasn't getting any oxygen. After a long period of coughing I tried to get up to go die in the shower and not in front of my wife. As I passed he fan the breeze felt good and I stopped in front of it. Just then out of my peripheral I saw a sliver of light and a bearded man stepped out with dreadlocks in it with wooden rings woven within it. His hair was like a golden fire as was his beard. I looked up at him and He said " I am the god of all your father's fathers, the allfather" I looked at him and said "Odin" He outstretched his forearm and said take my hand, I have come to take you to Valhalla" just then whispers in my mind brought back the anger I had from my past and my life and the Destiny I was thrust into without choice " this is for my life " and I reached back and slapped him with the back of my hand " you could have asked " my hand passed through his cheek but there was a warm sensation when it did. I began to fall back and a serpent of smoke and shadow came out from me and wound around my feet, up my torso and onto my chest " I am not done with this one yet" it said as it went into my mouth as I fell onto my bed. I remember coughing up this puss like fluid and I fell unconcience. I don't know how long I was out but I woke up and the fluid had crusted on my lips and my wife was crying on my chest. I have since cast off my hatred for God and now see him as an equal manipulated in this game of illusions and false truths. I seek a new vengeance against this serpent and have tracked him to his body across space and time through the teachings of elders and the books they have left. I protect the virtues of the divine now for it is the true heart of god and his real unaltered intentions for us. I located the true Satan and destroyed him with the aid of my new ally. It was Sargon the Great the trickster behind many names and out of body avatars who he manipulated and fooled the nation's of the world into subjugation. As I dealt him his death blow the spirit of the divine stepped out " from the dust you came and from the dust you return I take that breath of life which was given to you and send you back into the dust from which you came" there in the Persian desert in the forgotten city of Irem lay the labryinth tomb of the once great jerk Satan Thoth Sargon the dark one within the demiurge just to name a few

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    I have a small question. I have recently begun to delve into these studies, particularly Oðin, but I find I am quite scared and humbled by him. In the Prose Edda he casually has the power to kill many strong men and that gives me pause to try to reach out to him. Does anyone feel this way, or has anyone found a way to overcome this fear?

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    I AM the Sun of Heaven, made to radiate the good will to all—Light, Life and Love!!!

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  46. Thyr Lindberg says:

    There is no astral plain in norse myth, the norse belief of the world was that of Yggdrasil and the nine realms and the norse gods could easily travel between them but none of these realms is known as "the astral plain" and Odin can't enter peoples dreams since he is not the god of dreams. He is the god of death, war and knowledge.

  47. Thyr Lindberg says:

    Odin's name in scandenavia is Oden, not Odin.

  48. WilliamFilm says:

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  49. Ultimate Man says:

    Very interresting all this it makes me think I have been to Valhalla or Heaven many times and saw Thor there as he thought me how to be fearless and become a renown warrior. A huge guy with red hair and fearsome eyes with a big big beard and he loved that beard. For him you are a man only when you let your beard grow that is the crest of menwood. He is awesome, huge, loud and boisturous but very helping and loves people who stand up to evil, many times he came to spare with me a lot and we loved testing our strenght to eachother and we love doing this battling, I guess to each whom we seek or make friends with. Never did I ask for their names as I already knew and I always have this feeling that I belong to heaven but came down on earth to forfil my quest.
    I did smoke weed with Odin thought in a dream, also he once song to me he looked like Bob Marley in another dream, I also saw him at a counsil of all these great beings or "gods" as you like to call them, and I was advising to purge evil once and for all to free the people from bondage by capturing the two sons of Loki (I called Loki the twister or deceiver in the visions) and all agreed. Odin is the most supportive of them all and is very knowledgeable and sees quickly truth in words spoken. But they were all wondering how I would proceed, I than said I will proceed with the law of nature, the law of good which is undeniable. Odin was impressed and was the first to say proceed and all the others agreed and that they will support me in my quest. It made me feel good but also I was thinking to myself what the hell am I talking about and who the hell am I myself to take such decisions that such ancient beings would agree and why would they appear so oftenly to me.
    17 years later here I am talking about the law of good and I know everything about it and all othe r criminal laws that are being forced to the people under bondage. I will tip off the balance and free the people from bondage. I am still working toward it as many are deeply enslaved into the system and have a hard time letting go. Wish me luck!

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    10 years ago I was attacked in a knife frenzied attack and wounded a number of times. As I was losing consciousness I prayed to Odin to help me or guide me in death, he walked towards me and placed his hand upon my shoulder. As he did so I was awaken by 3 paramedics over me trying to keep me awake. I had a fast recovery in hospital less than a week and was able to recover at home.

  53. Mr.Terminator says:

    These are all great videos but I have a big problem it’s being taught in a euro centric way not giving credit to the native Indians of South America who where dark skin people so are the ancient Egyptians and older civilizations of antiquity who mostly African or of Afro Asiatic decent not Europeans or Arabic. The more the European dig in the earth the darker the findings are and Archaeologically gets. I don’t wanna sound like a racist but history is written by the winners and colonizers. It’s a fact that when these civilizations where built Europeans lived in caves in Europe and not civilized. Give people of color there history and culture.

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    Rasism is Intollerance and ignorance, Odin is the wisedome, tollerant and wise. therefor he does not agree to white supremacymovements that has hijacked him for more than 200 years. "Vikings against white supremacy, take our symbols back from those who seeks to corrupt them with their hate". Odin will never agree on or even help people that do not respect other cultures, ethnicities, believes, sexuality, gender. Odin accept you and respects you for who you are as long as you respect him.

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    I notice the more and more I listen to these tales that Odin loves to show himself to women and is less likely to be so open with men.

  57. Solano Aguirre says:

    When I was in iceland, I felt an urge that lead me to a store, there was a wearing chain with the Laguz viking rune. I was a sckeptical person, but I always felt the energy of the universe flowing through me. The knowledge of the runes opened my eyes to the spiritual realm, that I was ignoring, and my life changed. Now I'm on a beautiful journey, only possible because of the guide of beings as Odin.

  58. Jorge Pontes says:

    I had a vivid dream with Odin, where I travel all over the cosmos on his chariot

  59. Rupestre Viajante says:

    Perhaps he was, during his life, Noa, from the bible. His behaviour, historic time and wisdom sure seems to match. Or perhaps Melquisedec

  60. Martin Brown says:

    Anyone who knows dream symbols knows that amusement parks are symbolic of ordinary mundane life, not the spiritual path. Signs pointing towards Disneyland are definitely not the direction you want go in.

  61. KPS_Polis says:

    You think BLM is about using violence against innocent people? That is messed up, if that is the case you don't understand the BLM movement at all.

    Or did you man BLM is used as an excuse for non-BLM members to take out violence on innocent people? Strange movement to call out since it's a common practice among religions and movements everywhere.

  62. ioannis alexopoylos says:


  63. Rico's Roughnecks says:

    Hail Votan!

  64. Nat Days says:

    The key to remember is it is all a big trick !

    The STRAW MAN "Explained" :David-Wynn: Miller – YouTubewww.youtube.com

    that you are not made in the image of allah = unity sorce

    out of anything like wood clay nor dust ! In the image of of the one unity sorce Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow)

     when We ( plural ) said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever. Note galatians 3 ; 20 and Genesis 1:26  , "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, note your not made in the like of allah we is plural

    ask is the bookofmorman is Not true = yes or no = it is not true !

    Majestic Flight Over Ollantaytambo In Peru: Megalithic Mystery – YouTubewww.youtube.com

    Adam was a clay pot and eve was a rib of clay not real people but idols made as a substitute

    Out-of-Body Experiences & Dreams with Odin – YouTubewww.youtube.com

    How It All Fits Together – Part 2 of 17 – YouTube

    Star Trek Pilot – YouTube

    Tricks & Traps of The Court pt1a. : Mark-kishon: Christopher. – YouTubewww.youtube.com

    What Stephen McNallen Really Thinks About Race! – YouTubewww.youtube.com

    19 Why, then, was the law given at all? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come. The law was given through angels and entrusted to a mediator. 20 A mediator, however, implies more than one party; but God is one.

    al ikhlas english translation – YouTubewww.youtube.com

    note Epistle to the Galatians19 Why, then, was the law given at all? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come. The law was given through angels and entrusted to a mediator. 20 A mediator, however, implies more than one party; but God is one.

    in russian odin = one : = You can also check to make sure you dialed the right number by saying

    something like Eto pyat’sot dyevyanosto vosyem’ sorok pyat’ dvadtsat

    odin? (eh-tuh peet-soht dee-vee-nohs-tuh voh-seem’ soh-ruhk pyat’ dvahttsuht’ ah-deen; Is this five nine eight four five two one? Literally: Is this

    five hundred ninety-eight forty-five twenty-one?) If you dialed another

    number, you may hear Nyet, vy nyepravil’no nabirayete (nyet vih neeprah-veel’-nuh nuh-bee-rah-ee-tee; No, you’ve dialed the wrong number). Da. Odin nomyer? Na skol’ko dnyej?

    dah. ah-deen noh-meer? nuh skohl’-kuh


    Yes. One room? For how many days?If you’re 1, 21, or 31 years old (in other words, if the numeral indicating

    your age is 1 or ends in 1), use the word god (goht; year), as in Mnye 21

    god (mnye dvaht-tsuht’ ah-deen goht; I am twenty-one years old)If you want to express that something will happen in a week, a month, or a

    year, you use chyeryez plus the accusative form of either nyedyelya (needye-lya; week), myesyats (mye-seets; month), or god (goht; year) Russian

    see also gokturk language and prose edda odin traveled from turkland ! coincidence = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sFw5Mt70vY

  65. Peter Elatos says:

    Fuck right off with your universal bulshit! Odin is blood, Odin is in the blood of our Ancestor! sorry u cant be from non Europe and worship Odin .

  66. bumble2able says:

    I meditated upon his name written in the Runes, had an amazing scary yet strengthening experience ☺️

  67. FelixIsAFox says:

    "I kept in mind that I wanted to call and meet Odin"

    Who the fuck are you to think that you can call upon a god and they will respond to you. You are absolutely retarded and ignorant. Also it isn't pronounced Votan omfg…. and to add THAT HIS OLDEST NAME WAS Wōdanaz (as far as we know dating back to proto Germanic). Sigh, you are so absolutely ignorant. Wotan isn't a nice god that likes to sit down and mingle with humans either. Ignorant people like you are disgusting, please go back to Christianity and stick to fake shit like religion. You didn't research shit, most of your information is off. You quote the Eddas as if they are truth but then deny that Odin put his eye in the well…. absolutely retarded.

  68. oScubaGamer says:

    One amazing thing that happened to me is that I was laying down in bed one night and I closed my eyes to sleep but opened them again after 2 seconds. All of a sudden I saw a flash right infront of my face and it was Odin looking at me and he had only one eye. However, this vision disappeared after a few seconds.

    Also, one night I was dreaming and I had a dream of seeing Thor's hammer (Mjölnir) and as I saw his hammer I woke up and then thunder and lightning blasted outside of my house.

  69. Bashir Shah says:

    O,Queen Can I Marry You to attain more Deep Knowledge of Mystic

  70. Living Lucidly says:

    Eye 💯 percent believe u 👁

  71. Stefan Seniuk says:

    Those who follow Odin with dedication will tell you Odin is far from a nice guy, good and evil blend into one. Odin's path to enlightenment is one found through chaos and self destruction. Such as a traumatised child who as an adult eventually starts to work on their issues. I think you've definitely projected something of your inner self into a vision. Odin from your video sounds much more like your character and your morality than that Odin of himself…

  72. Scalez Presley says:


  73. Leo k says:

    …what beautiful eyes you have…

  74. Like and share islam says:

    Only one way of success, happinness, joy and paradise is Islam ,
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    According to Prophet Muhammads saying meaningly Islam will reach every house in the world, May i you and all muslims become part of spreading Islam aameen,
    اللہ کے سوا کوئ پوجا کے لائق نھیں اور محمد (صلی اللہ علیہ و السلام )اللہ کے رسول ھیں,

  75. Gabriella Reyes says:

    I'm a comic book fan and one of my favorite movies is Thor Ragnarok and I've watched that movie literally 200 times one night I go to sleep and I'm the type of person that has lucid dreams almost every night my spirit traveled .. I was running through the high grass I was running from something when I got to this little Hut a lady came out there was lots of candles she lit a candle in her hand and she opened a portal in the sky the portal was black through the portal you can see round white spaceships lots of them maybe 25 or 30 round and white! She said to get in and she said when I start to fall to let myself go I did not understand her but when I was in the spaceship I felt it falling backwards that's when I realized I had to let go so I did and I Came Upon another world like I was in outer space I look down and I song a giant ocean that was rectangular in shape and it just fell off like a giant waterfall in the ocean was a giant serpent three four times bigger than the moon it had the head of a seahorse the body of a long dragon I looked up and I saw the Crescent Moon we were floating towards the end of the ocean where it just falls off but beyond the giant waterfall I could see a glowing planet it was glowing so bright then I woke up but I was determined to find out where I went that night so I started looking up maps I found several interesting things but it wasn't enough I wanted to know where I was so I went back in my dreams I went back to that place I went back into the white spaceship pods… but this time I got close into the land the glowing planet and I saw inside of the land a little Hut and above it was a door that water comes out of. I'm not sure if it was water or wind but one of those… I also saw a rainbow through the land then I woke up again so I started looking through more maps now that I can see into the land and I found the exact same images in maps of Asgard where Odin is said to live but us human people are not allowed to live there so pray to Jesus Christ because when we die we are not allowed into Asgard our home is heaven and our God is Jesus Christ Lord and savior!. Ty

  76. 04 says:

    I remember that before falling into the dream (some of you may know this stage followed with noises and vibrations), instead of rumbling and random buzzing as usual, I heard the sound of hooves coming from the distance.
    Everything was pitch-black and my field of view was made up of grids going seemingly endless.
    The sound of hooves sounded like a whole cavalry approaching all of a sudden, and before I knew what was going on, a great figure stood before me.
    A giant horseman, holding his spear above his head and looking at me as 2 ravens flied down to his spear. His presence simply radiated with power and wisdom, and I woke up full of energy and some things I needed to figure out were suddenly so clear.
    Also, this happened in the early morning after a series of weird lucid dreams.
    However this was way different than LD or AP. I can't explain why with words, as the rules of our material or astral world simply cound not be felt at that moment.

  77. Gunnar Odinson says:

    I had vision of Odin, He said I have a place in Valhalla when I die in Battle!

  78. Doomsday Brat says:

    You are hallucinating because in out of body experiences there is no mind its only you … hehehe…if you still don't get it shame on you…We are Souls… Eternal and Free…Get enlightened using Yoga from India and become like Jesus Christ who came to India and became what he became now

  79. Odin Woutan says:

    Odin is my 54th great grandfather

  80. Jeremy Permenter says:

    I am so glad you posted this. I’ve had a similar (and different) experience. Similar in the aspect of making contact with Odin. Different in the aspect of how and what was said

  81. Nathalie Nath says:

    thank you so much for this video, who helps me a lot. Odin is in my life in the same way, not in my dreams anyway, but in my meditations and in my odinic place where Odin is with differents gods and goddesses ,like Freyja, Hel, Frigga, Thor. Thank a lot!

  82. Deen Quoi says:

    I Am Becoming

  83. Tony Trojak says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm……….im starting to think for the first time that i have been researching Odin that his one eye could be referring to something………to tell something……..different civilisations refer to a catastrophic event that wiped out most of modern civilisation………could it be the one eye is referring to this event??? Whos with me?? The one eye was a previous highly developed civilisation…….GONE!!!!! The remaining eye maybe signaling a remaining civilisation…….it could be……..allthough one eye is lost Odin can still see……..allthough most of modern civilisation is gone Odin can and will build a new modern civilisation

  84. OnyxMoon says:

    I had the most profound experience encountering Odin. I did not know much about him until I searched for information, which lead me to him. I without a doubt follow his path in search of truth and wisdom.

  85. OnyxMoon says:

    Thinking of starting a Discord chat to discuss, and share experiences. Anyone interested?

  86. Python Highadder says:

    Yes, the description of Odin at end of video meditating lying down — lol this is true. He also does moving meditations similar to Tai Chi, and seated like Shiva or Cernunous. In addition he does group things, such as the rite of Berserkergang in preparation for war.

  87. Wayne Hansen says:

    At 13:51 this video about Odin shows a nice picture of Krishna, and then a picture of Odin. I think you would be interested to read my article, "Krishna and Odin" at : www.krishna-and-odin.blogspot.com .

  88. Freecamp Caywood Bushcraft Alaska says:

    Great video my new friend. Really enjoyed this and hope that we can stay connected

  89. Lucifer Apollo says:

    Indeed.. Wotan is Queztlcoatl.. the White Feathered Serpent, the Dragon.. the Light-Bringer

  90. hounddog2952 says:

    White women were born to serve his son's , God of Vikings " Wotan " . The pure lust (which is more powerful then love) from white women for Vikings shall never be broken , neither whore nor witch . Ravens fly high in honor to warn his ruthless , honorable son's . He who stands shoulder to shoulder fears no death . The blood path flowing down the highest mountain towards the ocean's shore , you witness the feast of the raven . Symbols covering his body like armor and scars prove loyalty .The 9th Viking was born to wage war claiming his territory . This is no dream . Gjallar sounds , Wotan is calling his son's home !

  91. Bjorn Barnett says:

    Odin is the all father, excellent experience.

  92. roger fer says:


  93. Mithilesh Kuncham says:

    I smell bs … So, I am gonna call bs on this whole thing .. Purely out of concern for your well being, see a Doctor .. Seriously .. It's one thing to dig into Symbolism and Anthropology, as pursuit to satisfy the curiosity and mystery associated with the Ancient Worlds ..

    This is just non-sense . . .

    PS : Not a Christian .. Not an Aethist .. Orthodox Brahmin of Hindu community. Not saying this as a qualification to diss you .. Just sayin' to make sure that I dont' have anything against you.

  94. Sania Kamal says:

    I saw Odin while I was meditating and he had both eyes. It confused me when I was researching him, but what you said really made sense

  95. stefanie DeKranes says:

    Ive had an amazing dream too!

  96. Ella Klyashitsky says:

    I just saw this video and analysis of Black Lives Matter, which is a group I know very little about, but I saw that some commenters had an issue with what was mentioned in this experience about them. It really challenges the whole narrative around them it seems and is certainly food for thought:

  97. Yes, I expect you to read all of it. says:

    This first happened while I was awake. A vision (daydream?) flashed over my eyes and I actually wrote two or three paragraphs recording what I was told. At this point I had not researched anything about the Norse religion. I didn't even realize people were practicing it in 2019 still. He gave his name as Wanderer and because the experience freaked me out so much I just googled the name Wanderer expecting to find nothing and that I had an overactive imagination. To my surprise I had even written down the name Fenrir thinking I had made it up in my head. I also wrote that the being I had communicated with explained to me that he did practice shamanism. 

    Btw the depiction of Odin at 4:59 is the accurate portrayal. At least of the man or ancestor the legend was based off. The vision hasn't left me and I can still remember what he looks like. 

    I was so impressed with an apparently otherworldly supernatural experience I decided to try a sacrifice of something simple. That night I dreamed and I also saw wooden sign posts! They were in a field of grain and read, "Odin's, something I don't remember and there were runes on the post. A tree appeared sprouting out of my bed and on it were hung gifts. Some shields , some swords other random gifts. I see them as representations because what need do I have of a sword and a shield in 2019? 

    The last experience I had was about a week ago. A norse god interrupted my dream and I'm now starting to think it may have been Thor because it did not look like the Odin I saw when I was awake and had the vision. Essentially the god was much bigger and he sort of crashed down and had a jovial smile on his face. It was just a flash and more of an interruption. He didn't say anything but at this point I did become lucid but it didn't feel like I was out of my body it just felt like I was still dreaming but that I was aware I was dreaming. I remember saying in my head "Odin I'm lucid!" Then my lame ass woke up. 

    Of course now I feel foolish because I can see it clearly had to be Thor. He was much too big to be Odin and for the last few days I have wondered why I saw such different versions of Odin and it just now dawned on me after reading the Poetic Edda that this god had to be Thor. I'm surprised because I wasn't sure Thor existed. 

    I knew Odin had to be real because I was awake when he gave me the vision and the stuff I wrote down poured out of me before I should have even known a name like Fenrir or wanderer. He essentially confirmed his existence by telling me things and then me googling and finding they weren't gibberish but actually well documented things about Odin's personality still kind of confuses me because I was raised Christian and was essentially an atheist when the vision came over me. I never had any experiences like that all the years I was a Christian so I'm just confused tbh. 

    Also what makes this even weirder for me is that I was pretty heavily into researching Middle Eastern culture. I was very interested in critiquing the West as well as Europeans for their history of genocide. This has thrown a huge wrench in my plans and worldview. It's almost as if Odin overpowered my own belief system. I had started to think that maybe all these detractors of West were right even though I myself have always been heavily into European fantasy literature. 

    I read Tolkien for the first time when I was ten years old. I picked it up off a shelf at random in my school library. This may have been Odin's first call because I remember after reading the book that summer I was visiting my grandparents and I remember drawing a door with what I now know to be runes over the hearth way the door was covered in vines. I remember as a child thinking I would go outside and make the door in my grandparents back yard which was about an acre of wooded area. I spent a lot of my youth outside climbing trees and stuff like that.

    When I was around fifteen I learned that my biological mother was actually German, Swedish and Dutch so I googled stuff about these cultures at the time hoping I could understand it a little bit. All I found at the time was Neo nazi stuff and that is unfortunate because that's just a cult full of hatred. It was the negative side of the European people and I think perhaps Odin was calling to me but I had missed the mark completely. I researched the worldview of the concept of the Master race and learned a lot but ultimately as I got older that concept didn't hold up. It's true a lot of blonde people are intelligent but so are a lot of Asian people and people from all races have their idiots and their geniuses so the concept kind of crumbles under too much scrutiny.

    If anyone is interested in having dreams or visions where the norse gods show up sacrifice salmon and wine on your altar as well as cast your runes on your altar the ones that lie face up leave on your altar those are the ones that he is trying to use to communicate with. He prefers wine and salmon and fennel seeds. I tried a little of my own blood at some point but it never yielded results? I think the spices and the smells either attract him or jog my own DNA memory of him I'm still trying to sort this out.

    1. Wine 
    2. Cooked salmon prepared by you especially for him. 
    3. Cast all runes leave the ones that lie face up on your altar 
    4. Herbs and spices : Fennel Seeds and Garlic 
    5. light 3 candles while welcoming him into the circle
    6. Call Wanderer instead of Odin
    7.Ask for wisdom first and nothing else!
    8. Mind alterer of some sort (be safe) will cause for more clear communication but if you want to have dreams use Mugwort tea
    9. Don't forget to drink wine out of your own cup and toast him.
    10. Use something from nature you picked out yourself to represent Yggdrasil
    11. Stare at your altar until you fall asleep (obviously get comfy laying down don't want you knocking over your candles and starting a fire)

    These have worked tried and true 3 times for me now. I can't imagine why it wouldn't work for anyone else 3 times is basically a science at this point. The only difference is obviously our altars might look a little different but I really think those steps have to yield results. The only other thing I can think of is that everyone is different. I do think DNA memory might be a real concept. It could be that I have had the experiences because maybe my biological family has a connection of some sort. I have never met them but will try and find my original surname soon.

    I just have one last thing to say. White nationalism causes your mind to seek rigid hierarchies. To really experience Odin you have to be fluid not rigid. You have to be open to humanity and spirituality. That's why I know the poster of this video really met Odin. One the wooden sign posts appeared in both of our visions. Two when she asked if Odin only cared about Germanic people he was silent. The reason for his silence is because he is an ancient ancestor. He has no concept of race like we have it today. If she had said ancestors he might have understood what she meant. You see my experience is that Odin was a highly spiritually ascendent man. So whatever spiritual dimension moving experiences he had while he was a man on earth somehow remained imprinted in his ancestor's DNA but that doesn't mean he's the only one. The reason we can recognize this particular ancestor is because we have information on him. So it's actually logical that more people would have experiences with him. So in essence all the ancestors you have may be trying to speak to you but you don't have anyway to confirm the truth of what they are saying because their thoughts and personalities were never written down or recorded for you to fact check the experience.

  98. Kai Chan says:

    Every time I hear experiences with Odin I cry and get chills. I’m going to try and connect with him soon. I asked for him to send me a sign that he is with me to send me a raven and he did just that while exiting off an exit ramp a raven came flying directly at my windshield feet away the raven looked to the left then made a sharp right turn when I looked back there was nothing there.

  99. X-Factor206 says:

    so no sacrifice in his name and he was all "people are taking my name in vain"? riiiiiight….

  100. Sean Jobst says:

    Very inspiring and another indicator that we're tapping into a Collective Unconscious. There is definitely a return to our ancestral Paganism and I'm one of those who returned! Although Wotan – being continental/south Germanic in heritage and not Norse/Scandinavian, I call upon him through that name – does not bodily appear to me, I've noticed that on Wednesdays when I go to a local mountain and forest to do a blot to him or otherwise meditate, I see two ravens – never just one or more than two. Meditating on his qualities, I usually invoke him for "the enlightenment within", because he seems to most represent our own internal vision/wisdom/insights/clarity/discernment/memories of who we are. Appearing in me through moments of inspiration, overwhelming feelings of entering another space and time yet still firmly rooted here on Earth. Your point elsewhere that links Wotan/Odin to the Viracocha among the Inca and Votan among the Mesoamericans is very uncanny and makes complete sense when we know that he is The Wanderer while also looking at the qualities attributed to Votan and Viracocha.

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