Now This is a Snowstorm! Photography (& Fun!)
Now This is a Snowstorm! Photography (& Fun!)

We’re at Bayfront Park today and it’s
snowing. It’s so beautiful we just thought we would head out and enjoy this
weather. I’m going really simple today. There’s a train over there. You can
probably hear it. I’m going really simple. I have on a 24 to 70 lens that I damaged
at least, what, a year ago at least. I dropped it and and it does have a
scratch on it but I’m using it today because I just want to go simple.
So no backpack and one lens and John has the tripod. The snow is so gorgeous. Let’s
check this out. I like this rock but I’m having trouble
putting it with a pretty background. It has a chain and I’m pretty sure under
the snow there’s a plaque but ISO 800, handheld, f/8, 1/500th of a second. There’s this view I saw on our way in. Most of the water is kind of frozen or snowed over but it’s kind of
foggy in the distance so I’m just walking over to see if I can get a good
composition there, and then afterwards there’s a metal gazebo up on the hill. Oh that’s cold! The view of the gazebo in the distance
is beautiful. I don’t know if I have the right lens. Okay, because it’s in the
distance, I’m going to attempt to put this on ISO 50, a longer exposure,
although it might streak the snow which is not ideal but it might give me… it
might give me some higher quality to be able to crop in. 1/20th of a
second. Not bad. Now I’ll try ISO 100. I have an idea.
Nope, no just follow me. John keeps getting the snow down the
back of his neck. I keep getting it in my eyes. Alright. So there’s the gazebo. We’re
approaching it. It looks really pretty. I’ve taken this gazebo in the winter before.
It was like minus 30 or something crazy and it was sunset and it was glinting in
the light. It was just beautiful. This is a completely different mood. I would go
for this composition – it’s actually really beautiful – except there’s a picnic
table right in front. That’s okay. We’ll find a spot. That’s too bad because the trees are
framing it nicely. Hey am i doing it? Am I doing it? Ha ha ha! It’s awesome!
I always knew you were an angel. Yeah right.
Alright, I love the way the grey background accentuates the pretty gazebo
and the snow and the trees on the side. So there is a big tree on this side and
I’m going to just get a little closer to see if I can eliminate that and have it
a little simpler in my composition. I don’t want a big tree half cut off on
one side. Alright. Let’s try this. If I get down low I should be able to
eliminate some of the distracting background. Almost got the right spot.
Hey man. You’re in my composition. I am the composition. You are the
composition. You’re something. ISO 125, f/4.5 and 1/125th of a second. I like the low aperture so that – like, the wide aperture –
so that any of the footprints in the snow will be minimized because they
won’t be sharply in focus. Footprints that someone that’s created. I love the
contrast! Can you make it so that it looks like my big brain? John’s trying to kill me. I was adjusting
my camera… Did you get that? No. Aw you weren’t filming? That’s too bad.
What did you do? I don’t know. Nothing. I was adjusting my camera and all of a sudden… agh! Sorry. I keep getting snow down the
back of my neck. How are you going to get out? Aw! Get out of the picture! Alright. This is totally awesome. Okay
yeah… snow in the beard. Thanks for coming along guys. Bye! Bye.

64 thoughts on “Now This is a Snowstorm! Photography (& Fun!)”

  1. Dk Hawk says:

    Hi Rachel, it looks beautiful there!

  2. Foto Hysteria says:

    Tell John, when you are the sherpa to the stars like he is, you are allowed to have a big head like great video!

  3. Cindy Baker says:

    That was so much fun. Thanks for making me smile. And the snowstorm was beautiful.

  4. 1717jbs says:

    You know, John! The guy with the big brain. LOL! Love the pic.

  5. Teddy Wanderer says:

    Darn it I only just got a notifictaion and I think i was too late !!!! So am going to watch it now πŸ˜€

  6. Cochise Hart says:

    -30? That's summer in Canada. πŸ˜‹πŸ€πŸ€πŸ˜

  7. Tim Day says:

    So much fun and fantastic photography, still waiting for you to share some of that snow πŸ˜β›„

  8. Steve Howard says:

    John needs his own Fishing & Comedy channel!

  9. Gary Wedley says:

    Fandabydozie !!!!!… thank you guys…great vlog and so much fun to watch !…what a great start to the New Year β˜ƒοΈ

  10. Cristan – Faszination Fotografie says:

    An obviously wonderful and nice time you had! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. Artview says:

    I like the stylistic choice of the photos. I think clean photos like this fits snowy weather. Unfortunately there's no snow at all in Sweden.

  12. Jim Cooke says:

    great and entertaining vlog Rachel, loved the images oh and Johns new brain suited him really well LOL

  13. Gnanasekaran Anandan says:

    Great Vlog, JOHN giving additional flavour to your video..Great love…

  14. John Leftwich says:

    Great compositions. Good to see you let John come out to have some fun as well.

  15. Alan Humbard says:

    It was fun to watch you two frolicking in the snow and still managing to get some good photos.

  16. Garrick Gillette says:

    Fun, enjoyable vlog Rachel! That gazebo is pretty cool

  17. Michael Honkomp says:

    Wonderful video again, love a good snow fall. How did you handle white balance when shooting, or did you just tweak in post?

  18. Debbie Lowe says:

    You guys are too funny! Brings back good memories. 😊

  19. Raymond Powell says:

    John was looking good in his new hat. You go, John! Great video , also. The photo's were awesome as usual. Can't wait for the next one… Be good

  20. Tiago Oliveira says:

    Enjoying photography and also spending time with your hubby…..doesn't get much better. By the way, every time I go to Bayfront Park I feel so happy. I did some research and discovered that it was a "gazebo" effect!

  21. Al Debaran says:

    Funny to see you (both) in the snow. Having fun like kids. Nice video. I had a lot of fun, too.
    It also reminds us that there is no "bad" weather to take pictures.

  22. Des Gardner says:

    Angels in the snow! Plus a happy couple awwww shucks! is it a photo shoot or a love story?………….thank you…….

  23. Jan Eigil Marthinsen says:

    hey Rachel Lerch. This is by far the best video you have made so far. Not because you have shown us epic places but because you have shown us the joy of including your well behaved husband this time. He is really someone you can trust to do your B roll. You guys really fullfil each other. I've read your book already so I know you're a human like all of us. It's good to see you guys together. Happy moment watching this one. He's a keeper. If he ever wants to go big time fishing in Norway let me know.

  24. Rad New York says:

    Very nice. Thanks. Going to Canada this weekend πŸ™‚

  25. Rad New York says:

    Well done with John's brains. He'll need to print that out πŸ™‚

  26. Dave Hayford says:

    LOL…….My favorite photos and video portions were the ones that had snow in the composition.

  27. Mark Kelly Photography says:

    Beautiful scenery and images, you two are just brilliant together x

  28. Rae Webb says:

    That Geezbo is awesome. You created great compositions … very inspiring.
    What kind of boots do you wear to keep warm?

  29. Rebecca Bluhm says:

    You guys are joyful to watch!

  30. ArtistCH74 says:

    I really enjoyed your video! Your photos are so beautiful! Also this one with John is so funny 11:21 ! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„

  31. Charlene Nagel says:

    You guys are hysterical! Rachel, you shine as always, and the 'angelic-big-brained composition' is so much fun. AND you got some great photos! I really liked the blue toned photo of the gazebo and the one with the trees too. So did you have to edit out the scratch or did it not create a problem in these conditions? That lens seems great!

  32. Mike Smith says:

    Nice photos. 😊

    A couple of my favourite photos that I've taken are ones that I took while the snow was falling.

  33. Michael Mountford says:

    I was moving my chest of drawers with all my photo gear in this evening when i hadn't noticed my ipad pro was sitting on the top, anyway it slid off and landed right on the power button, forcing it to jam in the case, I now have to use the accesibility function in settings to turn it off and the home button to turn it back on or if it goes flat then plug it into the charger, have to see if it is covered by the home insurance, so with your damaged lens as well Rachel we are both well blessed, nice video by the way…Mike

  34. Mike Smith says:

    It's a Snow Angel! 🀣

  35. Mike Smith says:


  36. Kaywaynephotos says:

    Very nice shot! πŸ™‚

  37. John Krill says:

    Very nice. Your John appears to fun company.

  38. Maurice Prokaziuk says:

    Love your choice of music.

  39. David Bee says:

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  40. Kenneth Kundrik says:

    I love the picture of the Marina.

  41. Freya Le Faye says:

    Y'all are so cute!!! What a great video!

  42. Charles L. Scofield Jr. says:

    So much snow, it has been over 20 days since we got any snow in the Denver Metro area. The mountains have gotten snow though. I'm so wanting to get out and take photos, but my ankle is still recovering from Octobers surgery. At this rate, it will be Spring before I'm healed enough to get out. I love the shot @ 11:26.

  43. Will Lee says:

    Oh silly me, I thought maybe you were in Newfoundland with the title ;-p lol. Incase you missed it, over 76cm fell in St. John's (state of emergency for six days now and counting) & over 90cm! here in Bonavista, Mother Nature also decided to add a little wind, just for shits&giggles, lol… at over 160 Km/h!!
    So you were saying you had a snowstorm? ;-p lol

  44. dazzling wave says:

    Beautiful snowstorm! Stay warm πŸ˜‰

  45. Brett Hondow says:

    John reminds me of Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings! Only without the whole killing people with sharp objects part.
    Love the gazebo shots, you have a talented and practiced eye for composition. πŸ™‚

  46. Jon Glass says:

    best photo at around 11:25 πŸ˜‰

  47. TeeKay says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I cannot decide between the trees at 10:42 or the Gazebo at 10:50. Great vlog as usual.

  48. Anthony Hazlewood says:

    Hi Rachel, don't let it go to "John's head!" What are you two like? Great Vlog, I'm glad that snow is where you are and not here in the UK… If it was that deep the country would be paralysed!… You always manage to take some great photo's from not a lot…. I presume they was parts of Hamilton from the car? I look forward to the next outing… Take care, keep warm and keep solid on your feet… xx

  49. LT - Fotografia says:

    Hi, Rachel!
    I loved your vlog, a lot of fun, wonderful photos and an enchanted place full of snow, as I love snow… too bad it doesn't snow in my town.

  50. Irene Astorga says:

    Lovely πŸ€—. I love the serenity of the scenes and the gentle sound of the falling snow. And you two are awesome funny! Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ!

  51. Mats Sandquist says:

    I wish I had a Tripod carrier. 😊 You maybe don´t think it is not so exciting to show Ontario town but for one from overseas it is always interesting and fun to see other cities.

  52. Jim Tipton says:

    Rachel, your joy for life is infectious! Your side kick is a good man! Love to you both.

  53. Elwyn SMITH says:

    Love the snow-super video ! Thanks for the camera settings that you use !!!!!

  54. Roger Walton says:

    Winter appears to have deserted us here in York, North Yorkshire. I love taking photos in the snow but it's a few years since we've had much. So vicariously sharing yours is a real pleasure!

  55. Stuart Jones says:

    Which park was that? It looks beautiful in the snow!

  56. Ian Ashley says:

    Really enjoyable episode Rachel!

  57. Stephen Myers says:

    Love your stuff Rachel, but that is not a snowstorm. That's what you wish for on Christmas Eve. Your fellow Canuck from the Maritimes.

  58. Libor Krupica says:

    Awesome ….

  59. SRG says:

    so great. Love your videos

  60. Joe Valencia Photography says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I really like the image of the gazebo framed by the two trees – very nice!

  61. Sandra Heroux says:

    Hi – I feel guilty sitting in a warm environment while you guys trudge through the snow.But I love photography, and are inspired.The gazebo looked really nice πŸ™‚

  62. ELTIN JONES says:

    Beautiful πŸ‘Œ

  63. Teresa Melcer says:

    what a lovely shots !!!!

  64. Ontario Hiking Trails says:

    I love that you are both wearing Canada hats. I think I will find an Ontario hat to wear Thank you for this inspiring video. I always stay home on my computer during crappy weather. Now I need to go out in a snow storm lol.

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