[Non Copyrighted Music] Sappheiros – Embrace [Chill]
[Non Copyrighted Music] Sappheiros – Embrace [Chill]

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Sappheiros No Copyright Music (Non Copyrighted Music)
Sappheiros – Embrace

97 thoughts on “[Non Copyrighted Music] Sappheiros – Embrace [Chill]”

  1. mustaMMB says:

    He visto un globo

  2. DaVidSon 18j says:


  3. BreakingCopyright - Non Copyrighted Music says:

    Sit down and relax ❤

  4. GAMEPLAYS LUIS :D says:

    Está cool como para un vídeo tranquilo gracias

  5. Nicole Pereira says:


  6. As I Ride says:

    WOW !!!!!

  7. Martillo Verde 033 says:

    Estoy arto de que sí usas estás músicas sin dar crédito, igual te ponen copyright. No me gusta. Deberían estar conformes solo con que la gente use sus músicas. Y no existan créditos porfa

  8. vertun2002 says:

    OMG, can you make like a 10 hr loop of this? I can just listen to it all day long. All the good relaxing feels!

  9. ESMILDA DABAN says:


  10. Melson Gallery says:

    Amazing….love this song

  11. Yair Sol 4k Film&Edition says:

    thank's, you're amazing creator…. saludos!

  12. NX RC Room says:

    Amazing Song I used it in my Rainy Day Impressions Video! Very Nice!!!

  13. CinemaTiki says:

    amazing, could you re upload the song? because i don't want to download it through YouTube converters

  14. OmCogs punyacerita says:

    Brilliant artist

  15. Juan Co says:

    broken download link :v

  16. Kieran says:

    Can't download. Google says No! 😃

  17. Saswati Ganguly says:

    Can I use this music in my vedio?

  18. Jox says:

    Caras vcs não tem ideia do quanto me ajudam aaaah <3

  19. oh yeah yeah says:

    Amazing..love this one😊

  20. Hanter says:

    quá hay

  21. Adventures and Amazing Places says:

    Awsome i am using this😁

  22. Russell Vergara says:

    Hello! Can I use this music for my PSA project in school?? It'll really be a big help, Thank you!!

  23. Nanang Ngapak Chanel NNC says:

    apik kiye lumangyanan

  24. Mili Plays says:

    This is really pretty! Thanks so much!

  25. Tuba Abrar says:

    i made a video using this song. it was about my cousin getting maried, heres the link that you for this song man, my sister said she liked the song i used (your song) so heres the link :') https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivC7B8p3pvk

  26. Haroun Cherif says:

    Brilliant… man this site rocks. Had difficulties finding music for my videos… can't believe the quality. sweet. cheers guys

  27. DAMIAN ANTHONY says:

    I like this so much!

  28. Bruna Mota says:


  29. Shan Iqbal Adviser says:

    so so relaxing…… <3 my music OMG i love you thanks for this music <3 we people love calm music not too much bass everytime… thanx again for this music.

  30. Ozzie Pena says:


  31. KM H Ovi says:

    This is Copyright Music I use this music on my video and copyright Claim Add on my video

  32. El Papus says:

    A 8 copryght no le gusta eso

  33. Gacha Toons! says:

    This song is so sad😪😪

  34. Snap Trip says:

    Amazing song ❤️

  35. Rainbow Strings says:

    THIS ONE IS COPYRIGHTED FOR SOME REASON called I Am Ready (The God Realm Odyssey) – Summer

  36. Abqo Allanqoni says:

    This music copyright😠

  37. Lina Janeth Hernández Del Ángel says:

    Está muy padre está pista, y me parece muy cool que existan canales cómo este!!!

  38. Diversity of Bharat says:

    Copyright music 😓😓

  39. Hyeinfilm. says:

    I love this song

  40. jomaker says:

    is copyright !

    For this song you need a license from TuneCore

    Commissioned by: ShadowSoft Edition

  41. gfdgj fukk says:

    Bro… It was too good

  42. webnet15 says:


  43. DMaster Klein says:

    Thank you BreakingCopy

  44. rene ludick says:

    Hi I will be using this for my Graphic Design Portfolio Video if thats ok? I will tag you, put you in the credits section and share widely is this ok ?

  45. KM H Ovi says:

    I Love BreakingCopyright

  46. Shaheen Educational Club says:

    very beautiful for my educational stuff….

  47. Reddish Monochrome says:

    Did you guys fix the copyright claim that this was getting?

  48. Jiutofu says:

    I was thinking of using this on a video game I have been developing, I was looking for some calm music

  49. NoCopyrightVideoHD says:

    Nice Music Bro I love This Music

  50. Geiza Pereira says:

    Acabei de ouvir o pequeno trecho dessa canção maravilhosa e só consigo pensar como nunca tinha ouvido isso antes.

  51. Artistaan says:

    So beautiful music, can I use this in my YouTube videos by giving credit to you?

  52. Music World says:

    Sir can I use This track for my song.

  53. CaoPhuc SLP says:

    Very romantic music … great, thank you, I registered your channel … like OK

  54. Jesse 2302 SFM says:

    Sooooo chilllllll I love it 🥰

  55. Lonna Martinez says:

    This is such a beautiful soothing song! My #1!!! Thank you for sharing your music.❤🌷

  56. Mr. eccentricities says:

    More sad music to go with my sad music

  57. Youssef Rostom says:

    So Relaxing.

  58. Massive Motion says:

    Make my day

  59. Photographing With Carl says:

    Thanks! I will be using this song in my video.

  60. Subject Gaming says:

    Thanks. Do i still have to copy and paste the link if my video is private on YouTube?

  61. Kaying Vang says:

    Love this music, so peaceful… Can I use your music to monetize? I will credit you… Please let me know.. Thank you!

  62. Byakko Channel says:

    I like calm music

  63. Arul Chandrana says:

    this is so beatiful. so beautiful.

  64. Arul Chandrana says:

    i instantly subscribed to this channel.

  65. Fátima Paulino. says:

    Hola,me preguntaba si se puede utilizar algunas de las canciones que publican en instagram? Obviamente con los créditos.

  66. webnet15 says:


  67. MON Podcast says:

    👍🏻 I used this for my Channel intro😀

  68. Kangla Live Manipur says:

    Thanx for the music

  69. Sana Tajdin says:

    Thanks ….for providing convience.

  70. Sick M says:

    fuck articel 13/17

  71. Razan Joumaa says:

    You my friend just made the perfect music to my vision project. I couldn't thank u enough. You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank u

  72. 燎原火 says:

    Thanks From Taiwan.


    Can I use it freely for video 😁

  74. Sarah Saiyara says:

    Thank you! beautiful music <3

  75. EsSa ART says:

    love this music style..I am listening till the end <3

  76. Gøf Arzy says:

    No Copyright Really?

  77. ItsAdrish says:

    Don't worry those who disliked are not human they are alien. 😊😊😊anyways, Nice music. Thanks!!

  78. Amril Haq says:

    thank you for make this music, great job.

  79. BOB'S WORLD!!! says:

    Hi I'm YouTuber and I'm trying to make a slide show of my brother who passed away shortly and I wanna put it on my channel with this music but I don't know how to do it do you mind helping me?

  80. Yashy Tips says:

    Esta canciones me transporta a tantas emociones encontradas!! 😛

  81. Pam Lambky says:

    Stunningly beautiful!

  82. Một Tý says:

    Oh I love this channel

  83. Jimena Nina says:

    Q linda me encanta esta musica me relaja mucho 💜💜💜💜

  84. SkyHawk Gamer says:

    when you speed it up(on iMovie,not YouTube),Its my theme music for the outro,Thanks.

  85. Jose Santo says:

    Cancion relaxante…

  86. AMWAC says:

    Thanks for sharing these great music. I finally finished editing my contents! 🙏

  87. Cindy MC says:

    Si quiero incluir a mi video esta canción, me dice abajo de la descripción incluir estás dos líneas. Cuáles son esas dos líneas, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏respuesta por favor, GRACIAS. Sólo debo incluir: Título, artista y género? Nada más?

  88. BreakingCopyright - Non Copyrighted Music says:

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  89. Glenda Phillips says:

    I love this music, thank you so much

  90. R D says:

    मन बेचैन असलं आणि असं काही तरी कानावर पडलं की छान मुक्त झाल्यासार्खं वाटतं. रात्रंदिवस ऐकत एकटं पडून रहवसं वाटतंय अत्ता…माहित नाही का पूर्वीचे छान आठवणी येतायंत.

  91. Tasmia's World USA says:

    Thanks for this awesome music. 🙂
    I’m going to use this in my YouTube video

  92. Isuru Max says:

    gta san andras dawonlod karaganna vidio ekeke hadanawada aiya

  93. TheFailedGacha 1 says:

    I want to find music I can use for a dramatic thing I am planning to make I have been looking for 1 hour and can't find anything. I think I have found something perfect but then it changes. Any suggestions? It needs to be dramatic and instrumental. I can't find the perfect one.

  94. Whatsapp Gays says:

    Izin copy master

  95. pizzapoweer joey says:

    look why did you make a playlist with 😪 that emoji this is not even sad (just make a sad playlist)

  96. Yhemmy B says:

    Awesome Job! Thanks for making this video.

  97. Ruba Moghraby says:

    So grateful for your beautiful work and your generosity.

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