[Non Copyrighted Music] Krale – Among Trees [Sad]
[Non Copyrighted Music] Krale – Among Trees [Sad]

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Krale No Copyright Music (Non Copyrighted Music)
Krale – Among Trees

39 thoughts on “[Non Copyrighted Music] Krale – Among Trees [Sad]”

  1. GermánSt 24 says:


  2. Adrian Saldarriaga says:

    Esto es muy relajante :v

  3. Retro Droid says:

    Estaré poniendo su música en mi canal😎

  4. Venxz says:

    Sub to my chanel and say Done for 1 active sub!

  5. Jesús says:

    Cómo que ya falta una música electrónica XD 😂 digo es que las músicas electrónicas de este canal me encantan. <3

  6. Colton Shaner says:

    This is so good

  7. Sara Perez says:

    Llevo mucho tiempo sin ponerte un comentario Breaking, pero te aseguro que he estado aquí escuchando tu música….sólo decirte que esta canción me ha hecho sentir unas emociones que no me esperaba , sigue así eres un crack 🙂 ♥♡♥

  8. Mr. DD says:

    I like the nature sound effects

  9. Rock Blaze says:

    1:36 Game of Thrones =D

  10. KM Vlogs says:

    cant wait to start editing a small documentary just based on this music 🙂

  11. Ailish says:

    Es precioso!!

  12. Pastel Bear says:

    I think I will use this for my intro on Youtube this is so good

  13. FKMLTS BIO says:

    Really thanks a lot to you for this very nice music bro…

  14. Emron Bandung says:

    luar biasa, sangat indah

  15. danyal visuals says:

    I'm using this for a short film 🙂

  16. Devendran Arumugam says:

    Hey! Is this free for profit use!

  17. Noahdet says:

    It's a scam

  18. UnderWaterLove says:

    It’s majestic 😊 please watch my last video I created to your music

  19. Ems LPS says:

    Wow this is incredible thank you I hope to use this in one of my films 😍♥️👏🏻

  20. Premchand kv says:

    How to copy paste credits…?

  21. Marina Papagianni says:

    Is there a version without the nature sounds in the background?? I love this so much but I want to use it in something where these nature sounds to stick. Please let me know!

  22. GameDandT says:

    awesome piano music.

  23. Mr. eccentricities says:

    perfect song to play at a funeral

  24. Barenya Saha says:

    Amazing melancholy in this tune.. ❤️

  25. Anoushka Ghosh says:

    May I use this for a song?

  26. Elizabeth Alvary says:

    i dont understand why in order to dowloud this you have to give a permission to the owner to delete all of your video forever if he wants ..

  27. WILD ANIMALS Mr.Enigmas says:

    Muy buena !

  28. Bigbang Vips says:


  29. mimzZ89 Official says:

    you have an incredible playlist!

  30. Reku Okami says:

    Hey, podría usar música de esta playlists en alguno de mi vídeo? Dejaría tu canal en la descripción. Gracias.

    Hey, Could I use music from these playlists in some of my videos? I would leave your channel in the description. Thank you.

  31. finbarr swann says:

    beautiful piece!

  32. Príncipe Ariel says:

    bien de bien

  33. Nilanjana Haldar says:

    Krale… hello there, this is an amazing music. I am using this for my book trailer. I will send you the book trailer link with your credits at the end of the video. Please keep making more such music 🙂

  34. Marinette Rises says:

    Thanks so much for these!!

  35. Rege Gonzales says:

    Can you do star wars theme ? Thanks

  36. Carapanari Jack says:


  37. GirlonfireforChrist 360 says:

    Can I use this in a song?

  38. azzurra ugolini says:

    So deep <3

  39. Marzia Maniscalco says:


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