New Submission Tool for Rejected Photos on Shutterstock
New Submission Tool for Rejected Photos on Shutterstock

[Speaking] Hey everyone! it’s been a while since I’ve
done a Shutterstock video. the last one I did was just before the new year –
this one right here and if you’re interested, I will put the link to it in
my description below so you can check it out. but in this video, I want to talk
about a new feature that I’ve noticed and I’m really happy about it. I’m gonna
tell you why in a minute, but this new feature makes it a lot easier to
resubmit photos that have been rejected or not approved by Shutterstock
reviewers. so if you’re like me, then whenever you submit some pictures and
then you see that some of them were not approved, you like to try to fix the
image (whatever they say was wrong with the image) and then go back in and
resubmit them. so this is a lot easier now because before you could see the
images that you previously submitted that were rejected, however you couldn’t see what you put in your submission. so for instance, you wouldn’t be able to see the
description you used, the keywords you used, the category you selected; but now
you can log into Shutterstock and if you go under ‘portfolio’ and look at your
rejected content, now you can see not only your images that you submitted, but
you can also see what exactly you put for your description, your category, your
tags, if you uploaded any releases – you can see all of that in this new
submission tool, and I really like that. and I know some people might be thinking,
“well it’s not that big of a deal. just re-type your description.” but with me, I
submit a lot of editorial images (and I actually have a video that’s been really
helpful to some people where I talk about how to submit editorial images. you
can check that out in my description below) but when you submit editorial
images and I mention this. I mention that you have to be very descriptive
with your title or the description. and so, in this description box, you
have to put the location – so where you took the picture, what date you took the
picture – so when you have a lot of pictures that you’re submitting, it’s
kind of inconvenient to have to remember everything that you put and even when it
comes to tags, your image can be rejected if you don’t use the correct tags. so if
your tags are not descriptive enough, if the reviewer thinks that (you know) some
of your tags are kind of repetitive – I mean your picture can be rejected for
that too, so (you know) with me, I want to see what tags I submitted previously if
I’m resubmitting the same picture and so, it’s just really convenient to now be
able to go in and see exactly what I put for the description, to see what
tags I used, even the category that I selected. for example, yesterday I
resubmitted a picture that was rejected, but it was really nice because I was
able to just copy and paste the description that I used when I submitted
it previously and I used the same description. all that was different was
of course, the picture because I had to edit it and fix whatever the reviewer
didn’t like in the picture but other than that, it was really simple to just
resubmit it. now, it hasn’t been reviewed yet, but I’m not worried about it because
that’s another thing that I’ve noticed (another change) is that at the top of the
page it says that, “pending items will now be reviewed within five days.” so they get
back to you really quickly. so anyways, if you’re like me, this is something that
would really make me think twice sometimes about resubmitting images – was
the fact that I’d have to go back and remember, “okay, where did I take this
again and what date was it?” and now I can see all of that in the page that shows
my recent rejections and so I like that. and actually I took a survey a while
back for Shutterstock. they wanted to get contributors feedback on ways that they
can improve the website and that was one of the things that I submitted in my
survey – was that it would be nice if they had a way that I can see everything that
I submitted before and so it’s just really nice that they took the
contributors suggestions into consideration, and now we have this
feature. so anyways, I just wanted to share that with you. if you have some
rejected images and you want to see some quick ways that I’ve found for you to
fix those images, you can check out my video below. I’ll put a link to that. and
also, if you’re a new contributor and you’re still trying to make your first
sale on Shutterstock, I have a video titled, “how to make money on Shutterstock,”
and hopefully if you want to look at that video, it’ll help you to start
making some money. so anyways, thanks for watching this video and again, I’ll put
all of those links in the video description below and you can check
those out as well. talk to you later. bye.

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  1. Gary Craig says:

    I really wish you could edit the submission and resubmit it from this page With any corrections or forgotten model release that is needed. I made a mistake on several photos that should have been editorial not commercial. A simple fix but I have to reload everything and copy / paste the text.

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