1. Peter McKinnon says:

    I HAD SO MUCH FUN MAKING THIS! hope you all enjoyed it! Remember – you won’t get any better if you don’t put in the work to get better. 🙂

  2. The Champ says:

    Please teaching us how to edit like BRANDON… Please please please..🙏🙏🙏❤️

  3. Veek Das says:

    Thank you peter McKinnon for your advice

  4. flipy FLIPY! says:

    Those twins are the merrell twins and I love them <3

  5. Joshua M. Jiji says:

    3:04 aren't they Jess and Gabriel.

  6. Rodrigo Castellari says:

    Man, I'm a hairdresser and that "shoot at dusk" tip help me A LOT. that's true, just because you are scare of something, it desn't mean it doesn't exist anymore. we have to face our fears at work..

  7. Gourmet Trey says:


  8. Mihir shah says:

    Love you for this.

  9. pedro bartolomei says:

    i have to say you are so cool taking other people's work and show it with not a single gram of selfishness. you are just too cool for your coffee LOL

  10. Teresa Castedo says:


    If I underexpose my photos to define a lower ISO, after editing, they will have the same noise as if I did it on camera with higher ISO, so I don't understand how shooting with low ISO can really make a difference….

  11. Kanon Suzuki says:

    The tips were awesome but the MONTAGEEEE is what blew me away!!!

  12. Jo says:

    It’s Lauren!!!!!

  13. Natasha says:

    Natasha Rangkuti
    1 second ago
    When I do photoshoot with my friends, they always complain to me because the results are way too dark, because the ISO I use is 100 and I shoot in RAW

  14. Stephen Tulin says:

    Liked the video! Amazing!

  15. jamal collier says:

    So much yapping 🙄

  16. Romário Roges says:

    i cant go out with my camera at night here in Rio de Janeiro. I'd be probably stolen. not a change i'm leaving my house with my gear at night here in brazil. kkkkkkkk

  17. Tahir Aziz says:

    I absolutely love his guy he helped me pick my camera that now I want for Christmas and when I saw Laurdiy I was superrr happy because I’ve seen her insta pics before and I love her!!!

  18. Mango Media says:

    Brandon is awesome in all ways, it's cool to see awesome people meeting and sharing creativity! As always hot b-roll sections

  19. Nina Morales says:


  20. fjuraa says:

    if I shoot that dark, the sharpness is gone, anyone knows how to go around it? 🙂

  21. naheliegend says:

    Brandon is a god in what he does.

  22. Nana Amoako says:

    Says he won't tell us the photographer's name but puts it in the title

  23. Huy Nguyen says:

    bought myself a prism right after this video! xD

  24. Applefanboy2012 says:

    You’re Roman Atwood

  25. Mitaka WTF says:

    Tanks for making the video helps a lot

  26. AlanaDaina says:

    so I love watching these tutorials but my creative strength is in art like painting and drawing. I just got a camera this Christmas and really want to become good with it even though it's not what I'll be focusing on for the rest of my life. Do you still think it's worth it to spend the money and the time on something I'll be keeping a hobby? I do love the art of photography and would really like to have it be an extra skill. Is it still possible to do even if it won't be my main interest?

  27. Strength and Grace Movement says:

    What camera does Brandon use?

  28. Raul says:

    check my IG: roll1poll1

  29. Thai Le Photo says:

    can you underexpose this much on crop sensor cameras and still get enough out of the shadows?

  30. Maruf-ul Islam says:

    Can you suggest some photographers to follow

  31. Love Ya says:

    wow! I love all your videos!!!! but sometimes, I don't shoot for long periods of time..I mean like for months…and I still haven't lost that touch in photography or editing. I feel like getting better and better…but I agree…just practice and you'll be better…

  32. Daniela Skrastiņa says:

    omg that intro video gave me goosebumps, so cool

  33. Francesco Zappala' says:


  34. Karan Muraleedharan says:

    "these twins" are THE MERRELL TWINS!!!

  35. BIKEHUN says:

    I bet this guy loves the 80's 😀

  36. raajvir mudaliar says:

    Too good.. bro

  37. Tubai Basak says:

    Sir, i want to work to learn photography
    And i want to learn it, sir i wish you to teach me practically with you 😑😑
    Sorry for this type of willing😂, but sir one thing to say that sir, i love you ..

  38. Ryan Tech says:

    subscribe to me

  39. Subhan Shaikh says:

    Anybody after 3 Million subs?

  40. explorecore says:

    Incredibly digging the neon shots! Great tips 🔥

  41. Hernan Ortiz Jr says:

    3:40 Merrel Twins

  42. Felicity Meachem says:

    I wish there was more technical advice 🙁

  43. TheExistentialist. says:

    The echo is cool dude don't fix what ain t broke.

  44. tammy W-W says:

    Please don't say "I'm super OCD" if you don't know what the condition is and don't understand that it is a mental illness – not just being super fastidious or neat.

  45. Chris Tribble says:

    Love love love his art! Thanks Peter for introducing us to these artists that we might not ever stumble upon.

  46. I dunno what I'm talking about but says:

    That prisma is pretty sick but it's like already used right? At that moment I get to know stuff like this it's almost unusable because it's nothing new. What do y'all think?

  47. Jess Cuz says:

    What is the purpose of underexposing? Does that mean the – 1,0,1 or they just mean low ISO?

  48. silbay says:

    Underexpose? LOL right like you can bring back in post what was never recorded on the first place, even in RAW. Where do people get these ideas?

  49. luke bedford says:

    VERY GOOD! Thanks

  50. han c says:

    He is the fuckin goat

  51. Sylvain Coq says:

    my 2 great favorite inspirators !

  52. Rich Wiltshire says:

    How much underexposed does Brandon Shoot

  53. YP says:

    2:00 this is laurdiy 😂😂

  54. FIKRI rahman says:

    peter can you tell us what is your motivation about your job now, i think that will be incridible thing what us can see. thank you😊

  55. Sultan Jusupov says:

    Would a canon 80D be good enough to take shots like these? If so would you be able to get photos like these with the 1.8 50mm lense?

  56. Thunddy says:

    I'm from morocco, and I'm in love with your videos,
    thank you for your advices

  57. Palolo Cisneros says:

    This isn't what I expected…. but I like it some much

  58. Garrett C. Phillips says:

    makes me want to give up photography … 🙁

  59. kyle hamilton says:

    Im more curious about his editing process

  60. William Gumm says:


  61. Jeezus Jr says:


  62. saschafirst says:


  63. Photo S. T. says:

    Girl Superwoman!

  64. Sohaib Mahagri says:

    I got it
    -Take low Iso with Raw
    -Use neon with portraits
    -Choose a time of day to shoot
    -Change angles & Movements
    -Shoot Everyday

  65. Andrew Stormer says:

    That B-roll amazes me every time. Still one of your best sequences ever!

  66. GreenForBetter says:

    This collab is love. All the creatorss I lovee alot!!! 💕💕😍😍

  67. SAMxB Wreck says:

    very dope video and gets the creative juices reinvigorated. but that intro tho?! i can legit feel the spit splashes

  68. Kazunari Yoshikuni says:

    wow… I checked his instagram account and his photos are simply amazing 😱

  69. Anirban Ghoshal says:

    Make a video on how to edit like brandon woelfel pleaseeeeeeee..

  70. Manos Seferidis says:

    I wouldn't call Brandon an artist bur rather a gimmicker. All his pics throughout these years look exactly the same. An artist is supposed to continuously push their limits and create something new.

  71. D S says:

    Twins, Max.

  72. Elena Miller says:

    Your videos are always so helpful !!! Thank you for always putting it in ways I can understand. 💯 percent a fan of your photography

  73. Terrence Rowe says:

    I can’t stop rewatching this video. Definitely a PM Top Ten video. !!

  74. Josh Lee says:

    Another major part of Brandon’s photography is his use of attractive models😂🔥

  75. AlinaOwnlens says:

    Thank you for this nice video 😍It would be really interesting how he edits his photos in this way 🙈

  76. Luke Apted says:

    Brandon's pictures look like a GTA loading screen

  77. Agnieszka Betkier says:

    great tutorial

  78. Christoffer Gavin says:

    i cannot be the only one that are brave enough to say that the models are pretty cute, haha

  79. Md Rabbi says:

    Wow… really osam

  80. Ethan Walker says:


  81. DEMONITY says:

    can someone tell the name of song in the b roll , please!

  82. hhmorar says:

    Loving the videography here! Awesome job! <3

  83. Renee Gross says:


  84. Big Bodi Papi says:

    Ok I get the whole take a picture whenever and wherever by lights but one thing Youtubers miss is WHAT EDITING PROGRAM OR TYPE OF EDIT DOES HE DO TO THE PHOTO, like I WANT that neon plasticy look, Jesus just show me that part of editing the photo and I’ll handle the rest 😂😂 anyways great interesting vid nonetheless !!! Haha

  85. A S photography says:


  86. eksine says:

    Peter talks about constantly moving the model but he completely forgot that it's low light photography, the model cannot move, the shutter is too slow. he should have said various poses, not constant movement

  87. Video Upskill says:

    So many awesome tips, awesome teaching! The directing the talent and shoot tips were great too.

  88. Seaniie says:

    The 🐐

  89. omkar rege says:

    Collab Collab 💕

  90. Holly Gurbisz says:


  91. Camila Mendes Santos says:

    absolutely you are one of the most talented persons i've ever seen. ALL of your videos are great! You are not just bringing information to people, you inspire them! You have no idea how important your videos have been to me in this moment of my life! Thank you for that!

  92. Maria N says:

    Nessa and Roni 😍🔥 3:40

  93. 祝林 says:

    I really love Brandon's work. My motion up when i watch his work. So every time, i feel not good, i view Brandon's work

  94. Sleatren says:

    my 2 legends you are like my parents in photography

  95. chaellExE says:

    @PeterMcKinnon when are you going to collaborate with Jessica kobeissi ?

  96. Loyed Rony says:

    bro make some free preset

  97. SabFilms131 says:


  98. Japheth Jether Bascuña says:


  99. own tech 2.0 says:

    You never see Brandon Woelfel shooting without a cd

  100. yagiaa says:

    Peter : When you think about brandon–
    Me : I think about denims and glasses.

    I just came back to this video to say that.

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