Neo Noir Photography in Euljiro
Neo Noir Photography in Euljiro

Today we’re at Euljiro, now if you don’t know
Euljiro is one of the more older districts in Seoul. But I love it alot because you can take alot
of awesome like Neo noir photos here. And if you are into black and white, this
is the place for you. Now I come here at night, but you can come
here during the day and catch photos of all the metal workshop workers doing their thing. It’s great, I love it. And actually this is not my first time making
this video, this is my second time making this video. But the first time around was on my old channel,
and I don’t think the quality is as good enough so I wanted to make this video again. So please enjoy and if this is your first
time on my channel, please be sure to subscribe, leave a like, and a comment cuz it helps my
channel alot. Like the main allure of Euljiro is the alleyways. You know there’s lots of little alleyways,
that kind of weave in and out of each other. And I don’t know if you can see behind me,
but there is a lot of people working right now. It’s because this is the metal workshop district. It smells like grease and oil, but you can
take really really awesome photos here. I promise you that. So right now we are just gonna take like a
quick tour, I’m gonna show you guys some of the kind of pictures you can take. And if you’re ever in Seoul, be sure to visit
this area because I love it quite a bit. As you can see the alleyways are like really
dark and gritty, but there is nothing to be afraid of, trust me this place is perfectly
safe. And this is not my first time making this
youtube video. I’ve actually made this video before, but
it was kind of old so I wanted to make like a new Youtube video about this area. Because this is not one of those places that
many people talk about. That building is a very old building. Yeah. That building is 48 years old building. Yeah, so…this area is very old and like
I said, most of Seoul they like to renew things and tear down things and I don’t like that. I like these old style buildings. Yeah me too. This guy, I know he’s right there. Hey, what’s your name name? My name is Paul. Ok, so we’re making a Youtube video about
this area. Oh! Many tourists don’t come to this kind of area,
scared, but it’s actually very safe area right? Ah. yeah. Here’s a little factory. Everybody owns like that. Okay. Can I go inside? Oh, I don’t think so. Ok, I’m just gonna take a quick look from
outside. So, our new friend here is letting us…This
is “boring’ I’ve always wanted to see inside these shops. Youtube, Youtube! Very cool right? Alright thank you very much for showing us
your shop, ah yeah. And I’ll see you around. Okay so, I don’t know if you can hear behind
me, but there’s some people working pretty late right now. You can actually hear the metal work right
now going on. And these people get out pretty late so because
of that there’s many little restaurants just hidden along the alleyways and they are very
delicious. They are very cheap, so if you’re in this
area, I suggest you try them out. So yeah, this is, my take on Euljiro. If you’re ever in Seoul, please hit me up. Be sure to hit that subscribe button, like,
comment, and share. I don’t really ask for much from people, except
that they just enjoy my videos but I am gonna ask you to like it because it really helps
my channel grow. So, thank you very much for watching, and
I’ll see you around.

8 thoughts on “Neo Noir Photography in Euljiro”

  1. Shreya Thakur says:

    Loved it.❤

  2. Teemu Jarvinen says:


  3. sk says:

    That guy was really cool 😀 Great vid as always, really enjoy these area presentations, will defintely check this one out when I come to Seoul!

  4. Calvin says:

    You never know what you can find out there, go out and explore 🙂

  5. TyYann says:

    Very cool.

  6. JJD Chou says:

    seems a good place, is there somewhere like Euljiro?

  7. Noealz - Rain Photographer says:

    ✅ Websites




  8. Michael Bryant says:

    the more I watch your videos the more I want to shoot Seoul!!… I already love the 80's Neon look..(I am a kid of that era) and your videos are just awesome !! I secretly shoot some night photos in the 80's style and until I came across your channel I thought I was just caught up in a time loop!! Thanks again for sharing and you earned a new sub from me …looking forward to seeing more!

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